Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follow These Simple Steps To Energize Your Space & Body

Energize Your Space & Body

One of the biggest culprits to low energy is indoor air pollution. Many features in home decor contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), formed by petrochemical products. For example, carpets alone can emit hundreds of carcinogens into the air and theses chemicals can release for up to 5 years. Everything from upholstery, window treatment, bedding, paint, flooring and the list goes on can contain chemicals. This is in addition to the insulation, glues, adhesives and other materials used during the building process.

When you are constantly bombarded by these chemicals from your living and working space it will lower your resistance and leave you feeling lethargic. So what can you do? Follow these simple steps and discover how your space and body can feel more energetic.

Simple Steps to Re-energize Your Space & Body 

1. Add a few healthy plants around your home. Plants have the capacity to absorb toxic chemicals and reduce indoor air pollution levels.

2. Place a salt lamp or salt candle in several rooms of your home. The chemical reaction between the sodium and chloride ion when the lamp is turned on will naturally purify the air.

3. The next time you purchase bedding, drapery or other design features look for natural fibers such as organic cotton, sisal or coir to name a few.

4. Keep your windows open. Fresh air is always beneficial to lower the percentage of chemicals in the space.

5. Get a HEPA-filter system. They are very inexpensive, under $50, and they do wonders for reducing the amount of pollutants in the air.

7. Use low VOC or no VOC organic paints. These are easy to find in any hardware store.

6. Practice deep breathing techniques known as pranayama in yoga. These breathing exercises will increase lung capacity and as a result oxygenate the blood better. The more oxygen circulating through your system the better you will feel. A simple pranayama technique is 3 part dirgra breath. Simply sit upright with spine elongated and begin to breathe through the nose deeply. On each inhale fill your belly up with the breath. On each exhale expel all the air out of the belly through your nose. Repeat this deep belly breathing for 5 breaths. On the next inhale, fill the belly up with the breath and then take a little extra breath and let that air expand into the rib cage. On the exhale, let the air release first from the rib cage and then from the belly. Continue with this format but with each new breath fill the lungs more, mid chest then to upper chest. Repeat this cycle 10 times. The more you practice pranayama the more you will oxygenate your system and the more energetic you will feel.

Here's to having more energy!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master * Yoga Teacher