Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Power of Color

The Power of Color

Those of us who practice feng shui or perhaps just dabble with it know the significance color can have in a space. When using color properly one can create a space that is not only in harmony with the elemental directions but empower the occupants within the space. Here are a few insights for how to use color in your space and the impact it can have in your life.

Bedroom: For adult rooms choosing a lighter sensual hue can arouse sexual thoughts and desires. If there is a need to feel more grounded and safe then choose more of an earthy quality especially if the room falls within an earth direction (SW or NE). A child's room, especially females, can take on a more chaste energy of light purples and especially if located in a fire or earth direction of the home. If you feel your children need to take more risks to grow, then move to the green hues especially if the room is located in wood directions of East or Southeast.

Socializing Rooms: You can have some fun with these rooms. Any type of red hues will foster debates and conversation. Just be careful of true red as that can insight arguments. Yellows will inspire optimism while deep violet will build self esteem. Watch out for too much blue as it boost the ego. Whatever color choice just make sure you are working in a sheng or assisting cycle to your direction location.

Kitchen: Your earth qualities move towards healthy meals and encourages cheerfulness. The green family will fuel the fire source of the kitchen while stimulating conversation. Cool whites can be a bit sterile and have you focus too much on metal processes. Try to offset with bright color fruit and vegetable decor. Again, allow the direction to guide your choices.

Other Generalized Color Insights:

Egg-shell or Ivory colors: These colors can temper your emotions and build a sense of security.

Gray: This color tends to be isolating and serious.

Black: This color can evoke a feeling of being empty or void. You tend to take on any energy in the space and this can become depressing.

In general, the darker the color hue the more influences you have on a physical level. Medium hues have a tendency to activate your metal and emotional body while lighter colors move to your intuition and spirit body.

Happy color finding!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yoga Teacher
Body Space Alignment