Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BSA Feng Shui Tip

BSA Feng Shui Tip - 

The northeast this month holds the 5 yellow star. Albeit gives some of its energy to the annual beneficial money star it can also cause problems for the arms, shoulders and hands. Adding a sound vibration such as gonging bells will help to drain this energy. Mary Jane BSA Feng Shui. www.fengshuiyoganj.com

BSA Daily Astrology

BSA Daily Astrology - 

Yang Fire Dragon day - Dogs take caution in your activities today. You'll be highly motivated this morning, a real take charge energy will be behind you.It will be important to contain some of your excitement in order to develop patience. The Dragon this afternoon knows no limits or rules. There is a grand scale to whatever you take on and people around you will like that. Mary Jane BSA Feng Shui - www.fengshuiyoganj.com