Thursday, July 11, 2013

Using Colors Strategically

Using Colors Strategically

Colors have a tremendous impact when it comes to our moods. Depending on the color hue can determine if you feel relaxed, energized or on edge. Here are some simple tips when it comes to choosing colors and how it can make you feel.

Red: Red is powerful and ignites emotions from passion to anger. With that being said, use accents of this color to add a little spice to your life.

Orange: This is a fun color and linked to the chakra point that deals with desires and fulfillment. Adding some orange to your space will awaken your creative side and let the child within explore what brings you joy.

Yellow: The color of the sun and optimism. This is a great color to add to an office space or a kitchen. It also awakens the inner warrior and boost self confidence.

Green: The color of nature, balance and relaxation. Here we connect to inner harmony. Have fun with this color especially in the wood directions of east and southeast and fuel the passion of fire in the south.

Blue: The color of the sky awakens possibilities and endless ideas to be free and tranquil. It aligns to our throat chakra so our voice is heard.

Have fun with exploring colors!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Light it Up!

Light it Up!

Mirrors: Us mirrors to maximize the flow of natural light through your home. Light promotes vitality and mental alertness. It its absence it can cause a host of physical and mental problems. Mirrors are fantastic to illuminate dark corners and give the illusion a space is larger.

Placing potted plants or a beautiful statue in front of the mirror is an excellent way to fragment unwanted reflections and double the impact of the beautiful image.

Follow the Sun: If you follow the sun on its journey around the room on a sunny day you will notice how the light quality changes depending on the angle at which the sunlight flows through the window. Plan your interior decor to make the most of daily and seasonal changes.

Sheer Fabrics: Use sheer fabrics as curtain or shades to diffuse and soften the light where it is exceptionally overpowering. This will effectively create an ethereal mood. 

Artificial Lighting: Opt for artificial lighting of either full spectrum or incandescent at different heights in every room. The ideal is to have a choice of lighting including individual light source over chairs or artwork.

Picture Lighting: This can be done with small uplights within a picture frame or as a floor standing spot light. This is a great way to enhance a landscape and allow the image to exert its relaxing influence.

Candles: These offer a wonderful source of mood lighting. Seek natural candles to avoid out-gassing of toxic chemicals and place them in interesting holders. You can also float candles in interesting bowls filled with water to establish another level of relaxing energy.

Happy Lighting!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi