Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Kind of Energy Can We Expect for December?

What Kind of Energy Can We Expect for December

4 Pillars in a Flash:

December 7th starts the month of the Rat in 4 Pillars astrology. The Rat has a very clever and resourceful nature. Leadership, power and wealth are the greatest driving forces of energy for this month. Strong and quick mental powers can be expected when dealing with just about anything this month. There is a tendency however for worry to creep. Let it go and engage in meditation and yoga practices. This will bode well to balance the otherwise yang energy for this month.

The yang wood heavenly stem combines with the Rat earth branch for December and sets the energy in motion for great mental acumen. This will prove to be very powerful when solving problems that may arise. The wood energy in yang form will have you running around in many directions during the beginning of the month. Ideas spinning and projects coming and going. The tendency is to over extend and this can lead to an undoing of the results of your labor.

Flying Star at a Glance:

Where's the Money This Month?

In order to activate the money this month it will require you to delve into new things and stay motivated to make things happen. The 8 earth star moves into the house of family and health (east) and when it arrives it brings improved finances. However, for this to occur, it behooves you to do some research on long term investments whether in the stock market or land deals. This energy bodes especially well for males and especially if younger male looks for advice with finances from elders. This realized income can also be the result of family inheritance. Add fire to the east on December 7th and remove by January 5th. 

 Inner Wisdom

The 4 green star enters the northeast this month and this catapults literary interests. You'll want to explore areas of higher self whether reading or writing about this topic. This star can also place tension between male and female impacting family. Add fire to the northeast and remove by January 5th.

 Checking in with Career

This is a great energy that moves into the north portent for this month. The 6 bright white star is wonderful for male when it comes to career. This star shines bright when it comes to leadership skills that propel you towards achievements. This bodes well as the 2 sha star placed a bit of a damper on patriarch when it comes to networking deals. In order to capitalize on this energy it will be necessary to engage with others in your business circle and let them know how skilled you really are. Add metal to the north for the month and remove by January 5th.

Fortunate Blessings

Cause for celebration this month and especially for females when it comes to career advancement and success as the 9 fire star enters the southeast portent of wealth. Your ideas are noticed by many and as a result this catapults recognition. To propel this energy place a healthy plant in the southeast for the month of December and remove by January 5th.

 Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

This is a tough energy for reaching goals this month as the 5 yellow sha star enters the southern portent. This is a very unsettled type of energy that can also cause problems with authorities, possible accident or stomach virus. This energy is especially powerful for females. The eyes and cardiovascular systems can also be vulnerable to this star. It is essential to place bronze metal here along with a metal sound to break up this problematic 
star. Remove cure by January 5th.


The problematic red 7 star enters the southwest portent that relates to relationships with others. This star can elicit a negative impact through deceit, stealing and other back stabbing type of behavior. This is especially so between females. Any doors or windows in this area should be checked for faulty locks, as theft is also a trigger from this star. Add virtual water cure here such as seashells and remove by January 5th.

How Are Your Creative Juices This Month?

When we are creating we are in-spirit or inspired. The energy this month in the west is very agreeable towards new projects that spark new business as the 3 green star enters here. This arrangement of business is between male and female. Windfalls can be the result but little things can go wrong especially when it comes to contracts of any kind. Add virtual water and fire to the west portent and remove by January 5th.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel 

This is a difficult energy for the patriarch especially as the 2 black star enters the northwest portent. Expect to work harder at achieving things this month especially when it comes to networking with colleagues. Male is also vulnerable to stomach flu this month. Add metal object to the northwest and remove by January 5th.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the beautiful 1 white star rises in the center of the lo shu or tai chi point. This can result in positive influences when it comes to your career leading to promotion and achievements. This career boost however will require travel and study to prepare for new work ahead. Add metal to the center and remove by January 5th.

*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

Happy December!