Thursday, January 2, 2014

January - The Month of the Ox and Bright Star of Fire

4 Pillars in a Flash:

January 6th starts the month of the Ox in 4 Pillars Astrology. The Ox symbolizes the attainment of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. This is a very dependable, calm and methodical energy. There is great patience that goes into the work of an ox. Routine will be important this month along with a fair-minded approach to things. Expect to be very systematic this month and apply yourself whole-heartily to whatever task you are doing.

Positions of authority and trust may come up this month. Just be careful not to get totally wrapped up in responsibilities. You will expect others to carry out directives to the letter and demand a great deal from not only yourself but from everyone around you too. There will be no shortcuts this month so roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some real work.

The yin water stem for January combines with the Ox branch for a very practical and realistic type of energy. There is a great deal of patience and unrelenting ambition that comes with this type of energy. Noble contributions are likely.  It will be a month about achieving goals in a methodical and calm way.

Flying Star at a Glance:


This is a creative energy that enters the house of family this month and so you may find an abundance of new ideas and especially when it comes to interacting with other family members. However, this star is also problematic and can result in theft and or fire. So if you there is a kitchen or furnace room located in the east quadrant of your home make sure to take measures for fire safety. If there is an outside door entrance here make sure you check the lock system. Add virtual water to the east and remove by Feb. 3rd.

Fortunate Blessings & Wealth

In order to activate the money this month it will require you let ideas spin and share those ideas with others. Be creative in your thought process and look to invest in stock and or land deals. If at all possible, make some shift with your stock portfolio. And be certain to be thankful for your blessings. This will naturally allow blessings to flow. To propel this energy, add bright lighting and movement by way of a water feature to the southeast on January 6th and remove by February 3rd. 

 Inner Wisdom

Through meditation this month confidence builds and with that so does self-respect. It is a time for new beginnings and many new developments are in order. Respecting the word of elders and the wisdom they hold is an important step this month. Add some fire to the northeast to allow this energy to flow with grace. Remove this cure by Feb. 3rd.

 Checking in with Career

This can be a challenging time when it comes to career this month. Little things can go wrong suggesting balance is needed. Make sure you are routine with schedule and appointments and take time to reflect on what changes may be in order. This energy can also arouse potential chaos between employees causing legal issues. There is a tendency also for male energy to suffer with bladder challenges or kidney issues. Add bronze metal and sound vibration with bells to the north and remove by Feb. 3rd.

 Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

To get closer to achieving those goals this month make sure there is a creative flare to your approach. The energy that enters this house will have you reading, researching and writing in order to complete that goal hanging over your head. Just know if you stick with it you will shine and be noticed by many. Pay attention however to significant other during the process as this star can create tension in relationship that can spill over into family dynamics. Add fire to the south portent and remove by Feb. 3rd.


This is a wonderful energy entering the house of the matriarch and relationships. It is a time to experience the bigger picture when it comes to those you interact with. It will broaden your mind and perhaps lead to some travel.  You may also find it is a time to evaluate the spiritual side of your relationships. Add earth to the southwest and remove by Feb. 3rd.

Creativity - Pleasure

This can be a difficult month when it comes to having fun and just letting your heart sing. The Ox month doesn't help matters either. There is a tendency to look more closely at friends and significant other. Those relationships that are not for your greatest good - you will tend to dissolve them. There is also vulnerability for youngest female with intestinal virus this month and for possible miscarriage for female overall. Add bronze metal to the west this month and remove by Feb. 3rd.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel 

This is a great energy for the patriarch especially this month. Expect to be involved with more research and study in your line of work. Stick with it as it can lead to increase in networking and potential income. Travel will be necessary this month in order to capitalize on your work position. Add metal object to the northwest and remove by Feb. 3rd.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the star of enlightenment and recognition rises in the center of the lo shu or tai chi point. This can result in positive influences when it comes to promotion or pay rise or being recognized for some talent that you have developed. However, the real recognition and enlightenment of this time is in self-realization of the synchronicity in the patterns of life, leading to upwardly ascending spiral.

*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

Happy January!

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