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2014 ~ The Year of the Green Wood Horse



The Green Wood Horse

 The year 2014 is the 4711th Chinese year and the Green Wood Horse is the 31st stem- branch in the 60 cycle system.

The horse is considered the seventh sign of the lunar cycle. The poem "The Horse" from Theodora
Lau's Handbook of Chinese Astrology says it best when it comes to the energy of the horse.

I am a kaleidoscope of the mind.
I impart light, color and perpetual motion.
I think, I see, I am moved by electric fluidity.
I am unshackled by mundane holds,
unchecked by sturdy, binding goals.
I run unimpeded through virgin paths.
My spirit unconquered -
my soul forever free.

Energetic Qualities of the Horse Year:
What we all may experience this year to some degree is unpredictability especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. We may find ourselves meeting people who are very appealing to us and rather perceptive. People will be quick mentally and physically under the influence of the horse. Expect others to respond with agility and especially when it comes to difficult situations. Just be aware that snap decisions are likely but there is a level of flexibility and open-mindedness that also will be present to make up for quickness.
We can also expect to see the young get a running start in life. So for those of you who have children graduating from college this year don't worry about them moving back home for any length of time. They will explore the independent freewheeling nature of the horse by jumping in with both feet. Let's face it adventure is the cornerstone to the horse so be prepared to experience new things this year even if it is not something you normally wouldn't consider. And that goes for fashion too. This is the year the runways will explode with exotic, dressy, and bright colors to a point of being gaudy.
As the horse is a very quick and athletic animal, exercise will be of importance. Everything from physical cardio workouts to graceful yoga flows is on the agenda for fitness this year. The outdoors however is where the horse feels most at ease, so consider taking your routines outdoors as much as possible.
In all of the horse's quickness and agility, we may also experience its impulsive and stubborn attributes. Watch for explosive behavior but know disagreements are forgotten easily. Self-control will be important to practice this year otherwise you may find it can cost you a great deal including credibility and respect.
In business, there will be demands on your abilities. Little tolerance is what you can expect if the job isn't done well and quickly. People may even be rude if things are not done the way they expect it to be. Don't be surprised either when others try to manipulate you to their advantage. Stand firm and be authoritative when it comes to your business goals. Try to emulate the horse by being quick to respond to situations.
There will also be a sense of impatience and especially if you encounter people who seem unmotivated. This is the year for seeking goals and achieving them and therefore little room for the uninspired. I highly recommend you meditate on what it is you want to achieve this year and create that vision board. Place that board in plain view for daily reflection. Better yet, place it in the direction of the horse - south second mountain or between 172.5 - 187. 5 degrees. Here the fire of enlightenment will guide you on your journey.
It is also a year to go with the feel of things or simply trust your intuition. Being "in touch" is paramount in the year of the horse. And don't try to throw intellect into your hunches - just go with them. If you try to over think things it will only bring more chaos to the already rapid fire energy of the horse. All this movement will make for difficulty when it comes to unwinding so insomnia may be a complaint heard by many.
Chinese Animal:
Historically, the horse is a favorite animal for the Chinese. It provided people with quick transportation - that is prior to cars and was the animal of choice in battle. Hence, the horse is a symbol of travel, competition and victory. Expect these dynamics for 2014 as there is a passion to just do -do- do this year. But that can come with a price. If you act like the free-spirited horse, you could end up exhausted physically and financially by year end. If you feel as though the energy is spinning out of control, than move to the sidelines and hang on to what you already have. And by all means make it a point to pay attention to details especially when it comes to business dealings. The horse will deny there is a problem and move on to the next adventure rather than clean up the mess.
Astrological Calendar:
The Tiger month - February is considered the "Start of Spring" which is when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. In China's time zone, the start of spring is February 4th at 6:04. So the first day of the Green Horse is February 4th.
The Horse Elements:
The horse consists of the elements fire and earth. These elements are a continuous feed of energy in the five phase cycle. My personal meditation with fire, and part of my newly released book, "Mother Nature, A Bridge to Conscious Living (available on Amazon and Barne & Noble) spoke these words for all to ponder.

Fire Meditation Revealed:

"Don't conform in life but rather transform self and others."

"Be patient to light the flame."

"Honor and respect my presence. I give plenty but I can take away even  more."

"Dance like the flicker of my flame and feel the joy deep within."

"I am a beacon of light."

"I am the transformer of all things."

"The more I cling to the more I want."

Take time to meditate on these words revealed by the element of fire. How can you apply them in your life. And know they will show up this year as the horse gallops in.

The other element contained within the horse is earth; one of the most stabilizing elements in five phase cycle. Here is what Mother Earth revealed in meditation.

Earth Meditation Revealed:

"I seek to nourish your desires and heal you from the inside out."

"I am more than the soil that covers my body. I am a living being with consciousness that holds the key to evolution."

"You can come to me to rest your weariness and release your suffering."

"I am everywhere. I am the mandala of life, the yin and the yang continually transforming the seeds of life."

"When you connect to me you will find oneness and peace in your heart. It is through nature that the divine spirit lives and breathes."

"Bring me into your life. Spend time with me. Speak to me and I will listen. Respect me as I do you and you shall find peace with self and others."

"Seek me daily for right mind and spirit. I am your father's creation subtle like the breath."

Take time to reflect on the words from Mother Earth. She speaks to us through the horse this year. Cultivate this aspect of the intricate yet simple lessons to bring forth in your life.

Pay attention to these meditations as there is a great deal of fire and earth in the birth chart of the wood horse for 2014. To journal your thoughts and for other nature meditations seek out to read my book in its entirety (Mother Nature, A Bridge to Conscious Living).

A call to Action:
 The horse birth on February 4th, 2014, will call us all into action when it comes to serving humanity. We may find in the process some people we encounter along the journey will present with challenges for us. Take heed of such persons as there will be a valuable lesson learned. This will especially be so in the second half of 2014 (July - Feb. 3 2015).

There will also be a call to action to bring forth your natural talents and abilities and share them with others. We can no longer keep our talents hidden and locked away for only the few to experience. Take the leap, be bold and know the universe will have a net ready to catch you for taking the risk.

The heavenly stem of yang wood for 2014 presents as a nice change from the past two water years. Water, being a introspective element, was a time to let go of many things. A time of deep soul searching and struggle to find the spirit within. It is now time to move into a growth cycle, the powerful bursting buds of spring. Wood is a powerful force that will fuel vision for the future so fruitful harvest can take hold in one's life.

 As this process unfolds know that from time to time resources may seem inconsistent; especially for the first half of this year. Stand strong and stick to your mission as the horse strides gracefully in as the sun reaches its peak and propels things forward.

The double horses combine with the tiger monthly branch for the 2014 wood horse chart and creates a semi earthly trine releasing more fire into this year. Fire is such a transformational element and therefore 2014 will be a year where transformation is likely in all aspects of life and business. Travel will be part of this transformative process. People will venture out to obscure and far off places and have life changing experiences. Just be sure to plan well as there is a combination - "Fast Horse" that can elicit challenges with travel.

The wood horse year will also bring the element of metal into play when looking at the 5 melodotics. The metal will reflect a dynamic action when it comes to income. One may expect improved finances but as long as there is a plan of action and investment process otherwise that money will be spent as if it never processed at all.

There are two important karmic concerns for the year of the wood horse:

First Karmic Concern:

To achieve harmony this year we will need to learn humility, be sensitive towards others and temper our ambitions. We must also become tolerate of other's point of view.

Second Karmic Concern:

Learning to trust will be the second karmic concern this year. Although it may feel rather risky at times, the rewards will be many. Forgiveness is part of the trust process so it will be important to overlook seeming betrayals.


There is a combination in the birth chart of the yang wood horse that points to possible loss of money either dealing with the public -  most likely through networking and business or through relationship with significant other. Be mindful of your finances this year and especially during the second half of 2014.

Red Peach Blossom:

Get ready for steamy relationships this year. There is a possibility of numerous encounters and especially since the 4 relationship star resides in the center of the lo shu this year. If you are single, have fun! If your not, pay attention to your relationship.

General Star:

Politics will be on the rise in 2014 with leaders getting their fair share of media attention. As long as good intentions are in the forefront, it will bode well for reputation in the public eye.

Virtue Noble:

This is present in the birth chart for the yang wood horse 2014 indicating that life changing experiences may be in store this year; as if a guardian angel comes out from thin air.

Global Horse:

The year of the horse will bring in both sides of the spectrum when it comes to economics. Some world economies will be stronger while others will collapse. That's simply the way of the horse - no middle ground. We can expect the same results on Wall Street. Stocks will move to extremes so make note of that for your portfolio.

Because the horse has a potential to become volatile, this might be realized as wars, battles and skirmishes around the world. 2014 will certainly be a wild ride globally. Thank God 2015 brings in the energy of the Wood Sheep, as we will all need it.


The year of the horse can leave the following systems vulnerable:

  • Cardiovascular/Heart
  • Blood pressure/Circulation
  • Small Intestines
  • Eyes

Take measures to keep healthy and especially when it comes to these fire systems in the human body.

Additional Energetic Qualities of 2014:

The analysis of the flying stars for the yang wood horse year is an interesting combination of energy. The information below is a generalized approach. How each of these energies effects a residence depends vastly on the quality of the combination of facing and sitting stars of the property's natal chart. That would require a personal assessment: contact:

Kan 1 white star resides in the southwest for 2014: The quality of this star is water. Therefore it represents the water organs in the body - bladder and kidneys and fluid or blood. It also represents the ears as water reflects communication and part of communicating in listening. Since this star is in conflict with the element of the southwest one may experience ailments to these body systems and especially if there is a bedroom in the southwest. As this star points to career then improvement in career especially with partnering energy can be the result especially so if there is an entrance to the southwest. It is also a star of study and research so if this is something that you will be engaging in whether schooling, your children's studies or research for business the southwest is the area to work with this year. To balance this star's energy to the portent place metal in the southwest.

Kun 2 black star visits the east for 2014: As this is a problematic star the more active the room located in the east of your home the more problems you may experience. This portent reflects health and family. These are the two areas that can be impacted negatively with this star. As this star relates to the stomach then illness to this area of the body can occur. The portent reflects the neck, feet and tendons so these areas can be more vulnerable. Watch for family disputes that can make literally make your stomach turn. Metal is a good element to deplete this star. To connect back to harmony add sea salt here as well and/or virtual water (seashells). 

Zhen 3 jade green star visits the southeast in 2014: This is a very active energy connected with movement and can be even explosive. It represents thunder in nature and that is exactly what can occur with finances - meaning windfalls but there can be legal attachments to it. Add some fire here to tame this very active star.

Xun 4 green star enters the central palace of the lo shu in 2014: A star known for creativity, literature and romance enters the center for the year of 2014. However, this star is not viable during this current 20 year cycle coupled with the fact its wood element uproots the stable earth disharmony can be the result and especially when it comes to romance and relationships. Adding fire here will secure the stable earth and ease the tension in relationships.

5 Yellow Star is located in the northwest in 2014: Luckily the northwest metal quality helps to calm this otherwise problematic energy. However, it is advised to keep this area as quiet as possible. This star can cause all kinds of problems and especially for the patriarch, networking, helpful assistance and heavenly guidance. Metal sound vibration is your best bet along with bronze metal object.

Qian 6 white star of heaven influence resides in the west for 2014: This is a star of leadership and integrity. This bodes well for your career and can have upward movement but just be careful of any backstabbing as in the house of 7 can elicit such events. Headaches can also occur in the year of the horse so just know as you pursue advancement in career with this star a headache or two can be the result.The portent offers assistance for this beautiful star. Add some earth (gold stone) to raise the energy of this star especially for wealth. Most  importantly have fun with those who mean the most to you.

Dui 7 red star activates in the northeast in 2014: This is a tough energy especially when it comes to lies, deceit and robbery. As it falls in the sector of higher self - watch out for losing honesty to self. Fire accident is also a signature of this star so if this direction is your kitchen or furnace room be extra careful! Place virtual water cure here (glass or seashells) will suffice.

Gen 8 white wealth star enters the south portent in 2014: Wealth and prestige is the name of this star and especially when it comes to realizing your goals and dreams. The year of the horse opens this portent freely and actively for you - so go for it!!! This star is also representative for relationships too as we are in the 8 gen cycle and energy is strong. Add a nice crystal and rose quartz stones to the south.

Li 9 purple fire star enters the north portent for 2014: This is future wealth in this 8 gen cycle period and as it falls in the portent of career - good things are on the horizon. Get that business plan in order and ask for that promotion as career success is in like Flynn. Add a nice healthy plant here and enjoy the benefits of career movement.
 Yoga Practice in 2014:

The year of the green horse will prove to be very active. The temptation is to run with this high energy but if everything in the universe is based on yin and yang, then it behooves us to take on a more yin approach in our yoga this year.

Yin yoga works the deeper levels of the body, heart and mind. The connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. One of the biggest differences with this form of practice is the long holds and passive nature of the postures, which gives time for a deeper journey to unfold, a bridge to living life mindfully.

Since the year of the wood horse calls us to be inspired, then the easiest way to find inspiration is through meditation. Unfortunately, the biggest complaint I hear from my yoga students is the difficulties they encounter when attempting meditation. Yin yoga is a perfect answer to such a dilemma. In yin practice the connective tissue around the joints is the focus for stretches. Now this may seem odd but the principle of all exercise is to stress tissue so the body will respond by strengthening. Connective tissue best responds to slow, steady loads. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time, the body will respond by making them a little longer and stronger; that is what you want.

A basic yin practice to facilitate meditation should incorporate forward bends, hip openers, backbends and twists. Focus also on poses such as seal, butterfly, shoelace, and crossed-legged reclining spinal twist. Even if you only spend a few minutes a couple times a week in these poses you'll be pleasantly surprised how different you feel when you sit for meditation.
 Here's to and Amazing 2014!

Mary Jane
BSA Feng Shui Astrology -

Today is a yin metal ox day. Sheep take caution. Allow the body to fuel the mind by taking an earth based exercise program into your schedule such as yoga, tai chi or qigong. The energy this morning is still rather focused on managerial chores. Pay attention to detail as the return will prove beneficial. Expect people to be forthright in opinions today and ultra focused - so much so they may not take into consideration the feelings of others.

Mary Jane - Feng SHui Master & Yogi

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BSA Feng Shui -

Great way to stimulate energy is through plug in essential oil diffuser. It will also excite the olfactory bulbs and send a positive message to the limbic system or ancient brain and activate pleasure for the body. It's always best when you can infuse your space with natural qualities while awakening beneficial qi.

Mary Jane~

Monday, January 27, 2014

BSA Feng Shui -

Clean your windows and let the qi shine through. Any smears or marks on glass may be trivial blemish, but they impose themselves between yourself and the outside world. It is amazing how just the little things can make a dramatic difference.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Thursday, January 23, 2014

BSA Feng Shui Astrology

Today is a yang wood horse day. moving out of retrospection the past two water days into motivation. This is a day to get the ball rolling and move forward with plans. There is flow for the entire day but also a lesson to be learned. Take some time out to appreciate exactly where you are and what you have achieved thus far. The wood stem helps to temperr the otherwise overactive impetuous horse. This bodes well when it comes to being consistent today.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January - The Month of the Ox and Bright Star of Fire

4 Pillars in a Flash:

January 6th starts the month of the Ox in 4 Pillars Astrology. The Ox symbolizes the attainment of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. This is a very dependable, calm and methodical energy. There is great patience that goes into the work of an ox. Routine will be important this month along with a fair-minded approach to things. Expect to be very systematic this month and apply yourself whole-heartily to whatever task you are doing.

Positions of authority and trust may come up this month. Just be careful not to get totally wrapped up in responsibilities. You will expect others to carry out directives to the letter and demand a great deal from not only yourself but from everyone around you too. There will be no shortcuts this month so roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some real work.

The yin water stem for January combines with the Ox branch for a very practical and realistic type of energy. There is a great deal of patience and unrelenting ambition that comes with this type of energy. Noble contributions are likely.  It will be a month about achieving goals in a methodical and calm way.

Flying Star at a Glance:


This is a creative energy that enters the house of family this month and so you may find an abundance of new ideas and especially when it comes to interacting with other family members. However, this star is also problematic and can result in theft and or fire. So if you there is a kitchen or furnace room located in the east quadrant of your home make sure to take measures for fire safety. If there is an outside door entrance here make sure you check the lock system. Add virtual water to the east and remove by Feb. 3rd.

Fortunate Blessings & Wealth

In order to activate the money this month it will require you let ideas spin and share those ideas with others. Be creative in your thought process and look to invest in stock and or land deals. If at all possible, make some shift with your stock portfolio. And be certain to be thankful for your blessings. This will naturally allow blessings to flow. To propel this energy, add bright lighting and movement by way of a water feature to the southeast on January 6th and remove by February 3rd. 

 Inner Wisdom

Through meditation this month confidence builds and with that so does self-respect. It is a time for new beginnings and many new developments are in order. Respecting the word of elders and the wisdom they hold is an important step this month. Add some fire to the northeast to allow this energy to flow with grace. Remove this cure by Feb. 3rd.

 Checking in with Career

This can be a challenging time when it comes to career this month. Little things can go wrong suggesting balance is needed. Make sure you are routine with schedule and appointments and take time to reflect on what changes may be in order. This energy can also arouse potential chaos between employees causing legal issues. There is a tendency also for male energy to suffer with bladder challenges or kidney issues. Add bronze metal and sound vibration with bells to the north and remove by Feb. 3rd.

 Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

To get closer to achieving those goals this month make sure there is a creative flare to your approach. The energy that enters this house will have you reading, researching and writing in order to complete that goal hanging over your head. Just know if you stick with it you will shine and be noticed by many. Pay attention however to significant other during the process as this star can create tension in relationship that can spill over into family dynamics. Add fire to the south portent and remove by Feb. 3rd.


This is a wonderful energy entering the house of the matriarch and relationships. It is a time to experience the bigger picture when it comes to those you interact with. It will broaden your mind and perhaps lead to some travel.  You may also find it is a time to evaluate the spiritual side of your relationships. Add earth to the southwest and remove by Feb. 3rd.

Creativity - Pleasure

This can be a difficult month when it comes to having fun and just letting your heart sing. The Ox month doesn't help matters either. There is a tendency to look more closely at friends and significant other. Those relationships that are not for your greatest good - you will tend to dissolve them. There is also vulnerability for youngest female with intestinal virus this month and for possible miscarriage for female overall. Add bronze metal to the west this month and remove by Feb. 3rd.

Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel 

This is a great energy for the patriarch especially this month. Expect to be involved with more research and study in your line of work. Stick with it as it can lead to increase in networking and potential income. Travel will be necessary this month in order to capitalize on your work position. Add metal object to the northwest and remove by Feb. 3rd.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the star of enlightenment and recognition rises in the center of the lo shu or tai chi point. This can result in positive influences when it comes to promotion or pay rise or being recognized for some talent that you have developed. However, the real recognition and enlightenment of this time is in self-realization of the synchronicity in the patterns of life, leading to upwardly ascending spiral.

*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

Happy January!

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