Monday, March 3, 2014

Let Wealth Flow In!

Let Wealth Flow In

There will be opportunities to capture wealth this year. The star of achievement and wealth is available to all who are looking to reach their goals. There will be plenty of opportunities if you stay true to your soul's mission.
Wealth, albeit often thought of as cash, stocks or other investments can also take the form of creativity, achievements and recognition. With that being said there are many things you can do to open up your home or office space for wealth to flow in.

Ideas for the Home

1. One of the best things you can do to open up the flow of energy in your home is to clear out all those things you no longer use, wear, like or are broken. There is nothing more energizing then an open clean space. It's like a cardio workout for the home.
2. On a basic level, the wealth portent of the home is the southeast. As a feng shui consultant, I can locate other wealth portals by assessing the year the structure was built and its facing direction but you can use the southeast as a guide. Place symbols of wealth or a thriving plant and keep the area open and active. If you are a writer and looking to publish your work keep a copy of your manuscript here as the literary achievement star moves to this portent in 2013.
3. Make sure you remove any dried flowers or dead plants that may be in the southeast or for that matter anywhere in your home as they lower the percentage of good quality qi (energy) that can circulate throughout the space.
4. Add some flowing water to the north with a live bamboo plant to activate natural creativity in your career.
5. Place moving metal in the northwest such as a pendulum clock to wake up the star of mentorship that finds its natural home in 2013.

Ideas for the Office

1. Go through all your files including those on your hard drive and discard anything no longer a part of your career track or goals.
2. Lighten up your desk. There is a natural tendency for the desktop to be a drop zone for anything and everything. Keep only what is relevant to your mission.
3. Make sure you have inspiring images that pertain to what you do for a living or what you aspire to do. What we view on a daily basis is what we attract into our life.
4. Minimize the number of personal photos in your work space as the focus will turn to family and not the project task at hand.
5. Position your desk in a command position to the office entrance and let everyone know who is in charge.

The year of the Horse is about transformation and growth. Why not start by transforming your wealth!

Mary Jane