Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What is the Feng Shui Energy for April 2014?

Flying Star Feng Shui Energy At a Glance:

This is the month of the White 6 star - a star that is very propitious in this current 20 year cycle (2004 - 2024). You can expect to take a leadership position when it comes to your skills and natural talent!

(Month Begins 4/5 and ends 5/5).



Family: The East Portent

Writing and or literature projects move forward this month. This is most likely a new idea that impacts business. This star is receiving assistance from the portent and therefore it can arouse the negative effects (conflicts or litigation) especially since this star has lost its flare in the current cycle we are experiencing (Gen – 2004 – 2024).  There is also a tendency for tension when it comes to family relationships. Best to keep the lines of communication open. Be mindful this month when it comes to social drinking as liver can easily be over worked. Add the element of fire to the east this month to ease the overly excitable wood from this star. Remove by 5/5.

Fortunate Blessings & Wealth: The Southeast Portent

There is unsettled energy in finances this month. It is best if you avoid major projects and decisions when it comes to financial moves. As this star is highly problematic, and in a fighting position elementally with the portent, female energy can be thwarted and vulnerability to pelvic and hips area can occur. Add a sound vibration, bronze metal object and virtual water to ease tension in the southeast portent while diminishing the negative effects of this star. Remove cures by 5/5.


Inner Wisdom: The Northeast Portent

Set your goals for self exploration this month and stick with them. This is a very bright star here when it comes to realizing your highest potential and soul’s path. By following through with your natural abilities and strengths, you are able to naturally serves others and enjoy the rewards. Add fire element to the Northeast this month and remove by 5/5.


Checking in with Career: The North Portent

Career may seem a bit stagnant this month. It will seem like the harder you push the more resistance you will come up against especially since the star and the portent are in a ke (fighting) cycle. Fatigue for males and kidney and bladder systems can also be vulnerable. Add the element of metal to the North this month to abate this problematic star and add flow back to career. You may remove this cure by 5/5.


Are You Moving Towards Your Goals? The South Portent

Promotion in your line of work is likely if you stay true to your passion when it comes to your goals. As the energy is working for you when it comes to connecting with higher self this month, it behooves you to tap into your intuition. Travel and research to further your mission in life is necessary this month. Listen to all opportunities that present this month. As the auspicious star is in conflict with the portent it is necessary to add the element  of wood (thriving plant) to the South and give strength to goals and the cardiac system too. Remove cure by 5/5.

Relationships: The Southwest Portent

This is an unstable energy that enters the portent of relationships this month. Therefore, it is best to be mindful when it comes to interacting with others including those closest to you. Possibilities for new business for female this month, but pay attention to details. This star is in conflict with the portent and therefore the abdomen/stomach may act up. Add the element of fire to the Southwest this month and remove by 5/5.

Creativity - Pleasure: The Western Portent

Show me the money! The more creative you can be this month the better when it comes to your finances. So think about that when it comes to your job and investments. Seek long-term options when it comes to finances and all will be well. The portent is draining to this beautiful star’s energy so it is best to add the element of earth and moving water to the west to capture this energy. You  may remove these cures by 5/5.


Networking - Potential Wealth or Travel : The Northwest Portent

When it comes to travel, networking and assistance from others it can be a bit tricky this month. Listen to your intuition and watch for undermining energy especially from females. The portent unfortunately is giving power to this unsettling energy. Best to add virtual water to the Northwest and remove by 5/5.

The Tai Chi - The Center of Your Life

This month the White 6 star enters the central palace. This is a bright star in this current 8-cycle we are experiencing. It is wonderful to show your leadership potential and your integrity. Perseverance is a key element this month that will open up many doors for the future. The central palace feeds this wonderful energy perfectly. If you want to further the support of this star simply add some earth qualities to the center of your environment.


*Note: The analysis above is generalized. Each structure will receive this energy differently when interacting with that structures unique composition or time built and facing direction.

April Blessings!

Mary Jane



BSA Daily Feng Shui Astrology -

Today is a yang water tiger day. Lots of energy today with water stem fueling the wood tiger branch. Get out there and serve other today with your natural talents. Rewards are the result and financially too. Towards the end of the day be careful of forcing or pressuring others or note if someone is trying to control you. Experimenting with new ideas is on the list today! #astrology #Feng Shui http://ow.ly/i/55HSN

Mary Jane