Thursday, December 3, 2015

Keeping Calm During the Flurry of the Holidays

In the flurry of the holiday season, waves of emotions may arise. Remember to breathe, let go and to meet all that arises with loving awareness. Easier said than done perhaps but here is a powerful concept to consider; Take One Minute for Yourself!

It is the self that we need to take care of because when we take good care of our "selves," we are healthier and happier and are more able to help other people.
How do you take care of you in one minute? Make a point several times a day to STOP and ask yourself this question: "Is there a way, right now, for me to take better care of myself? You have the answer within exactly how to nurture yourself but here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Simplify your life
  • Change your attitude
  • Tap into the power of self observation through prayerful meditation
  • Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you

  • Encourage others to take better care of themselves
  • Be loving
  • Give yourself a daily hug

When every person in the world takes better care of themselves, everyone in the world will feel better taken care of and then we may finally begin to care more about each other.

December is the Month of the Rat
Trigram Xun (4) Wood

This month rely on being resourceful when it comes to your job. Take on leadership roles whenever you can. Trust your ability to interpret information especially when it comes to financial matters, career goals and vision for the future. Practicing yoga or meditation is advantageous since the Rat has a tendency to elicit feelings of anxiety.

It is also very important to set aside time for family, personal and business relationships this month otherwise friction will arise. Perhaps arrange for a movie night with the family or dinner with your partner. Anything that says YOU CARE is the point. Get creative and take the lead here especially when it comes to paying attention to the patriarch and eldest male, as the energy is pretty difficult for them both this month.

Feng Shui Tips for December

Water is strong this month peaking on the 21st. Water has a downward flow that stifles elevated fire as a result of festive decor and entertainment. In order to balance the conflict place wood elements in and around your environment and temper with some earth.

Simple ways to infuse these elements while decorating for the holidays:
  • Christmas tree
  • Real garland
  • Pine cones
  • Plants
  • Ceramic ornaments or decorative objects
  • Burlap or cotton ornamental bows or fabric
*Most of all...Create a zen-like room so you can take care of yourself!
Items to include:
  • Candles
  • Favorite essential oil or incense
  • Favorite stones
  • Soothing music
  • Meditation pillows or cushion
  • Images of nature or higher being

Yoga Pose for December

What better pose than savasana to relieve tension and recharge the batteries!

Happy December!

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