Thursday, January 28, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Oh, there you are! I was just lounging for a moment but not to worry, I have your daily forecast. Get ready to spin new ideas, start a project that's been sitting, and redefining how you can expand your skills for goal achievement. That is the focus for the morning hours. Just be mindful of high activity level that can leave you feeling scattered. 

This afternoon the energy changes up a bit. Plan on doing things on a grand scale. You may feel as though rules do not apply as you prefer to let your imagination run wild. This bodes well in terms of creating new and original concepts on whatever you are working on. However, resist the tendency to be boastful as it will only turn off others. There is a possibility of new work/clients that come your way and as a result builds strong resources.

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~Mary Jane

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler

Busy day today for me. Feels good to sit with a cup of tea. This evening I would like to point out how still-lifes of found objects, such as driftwood, stones, even pieces of glass, not only make a focus for contemplation - for example on a low coffee table - but also evoke the walk when you found them. Such relics of the world outside help to ground a room in nature - the absolute best feng shui you can do for yourself and your environment. The next time you venture out for a stroll take a look around and see what you can bring from the outdoors inside to connect your sanctuary with the world.

Time to make some dinner. Of course anyone who knows me would say I should stick to the feng shui and get of the kitchen!

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Mary Jane

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Good morning all. I'm feeling some good flow today most likely because of the gentle yin water rabbit. I love when I see the elements flowing with ease - water stem fueling the lucky wood rabbit. A virtuous and prudent nature is more likely to be encountered today. Choosing to stay behind the scenes rather than taking the lead is the better way to go for a successful outcome. Rely on your intuition and take into account the feelings of others. Be precise in your actions and words. 

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~ Mary Jane 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

What's in store for today? Well, let's see. Yang water stem - potential for some wet weather today but nothing to get too uptight about. Communication should be your focus for the morning hours. More important to let others speak and you take the back seat. This will benefit you in the long run when it comes to your job. This is especially important as the Tiger energy will rise during the afternoon hours and indecision will follow. This is essentially due to experimenting with new ideas. Let things flow at their own pace instead of trying to force the issue. Finally, watch your wallet this afternoon as there is a tendency to spend way too much!

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~Mary Jane

Monday, January 25, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...What's up for 2016!

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Alright already with all the feng shui predictions for 2016! Sure, you can peruse many sites or simply Google "feng shui energy for 2016," and come up with a boat load of information. I'll bite and give you my slant about 2016 too. But here's the thing, everything I am about to say below will be very similar to what other feng shui enthusiast have to say. The key aspect I want you to take away after reading my blog is - How does this energy impact ME personally? Well, that's why what you are about to read below is considered a generalized analysis. I hate to say it but you and I are individuals along with the rest of the population in the world. That means this information will only go so far. Let me expound upon this notion...

Your environment can be tailored to generate finances or other beneficial attributes the year has to offer along with helping you to avoid problems that can arise in accordance to the energy layout for 2016. I can give you this tailored information right from my comfy couch BUT only if I know the exact facing direction of your home and the year it was built. Without that information, everything you read is a generalized forecast. Why does that matter? Well, many of these forecasts posted will tell you what element or remedy to place in a specific direction. The problem with that is each home is different and therefore the remedy or element can also be different as there are other elemental energies that WILL interact with the generalized 2016 star energies.  Furthermore, how your destiny pillars ( 4 Pillars of Destiny or Bazi), are impacted by the Fire Monkey entering this year can be very different from the next person sitting right beside you. What your personal forecast for finance, career, relationships, health, investment opportunities, etc. is not only different from the next person's but also different from the Fire Monkey assessment I will share with you in just a moment. Why? Because I devised this assessment based on the year (2016), month February, day (4th), and hour (Rooster), for the whole year. You see, in order for YOU to know how the Fire Monkey will impact you, I need to know the year you were born, the month, the day and the hour. Then I can determine how the Fire Monkey will impact you personally. GET IT!

Let's have a discussion now about the energy for 2016. Like every year, and for that matter every day, energy changes. The greater shifts are realized annually and then monthly. The energy for 2016 is two-fold in terms of how the systems intertwine. Basically, there is a connection between space (our environment) and time.  There is a constant interaction between these two elements and thus how I (and other feng shui specialist), can determine how our living environment is impacted by the events of time. Furthermore, the 4 Pillars or Bazi connection not only investigates the elements of time and space but also includes a third component - the Person!. Ah, that's how a feng shui specialist can give such an accurate reading for his or her client. But I digressed. Keeping with the generalized approach, unless of course you would like me to analyze the year for you personally, let's see where the energy shakes out.

For the next 12 months or from February 4th, 2016 through February 2nd of 2017, the southwest and specifically between the degrees of (232.5- 247.5) is the location of the Monkey. What does that mean? Well, if we tap into a bit of astronomy, the largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter. It is a tremendous gas giant that actually has an impact on our planet's energy. In Chinese cosmology Jupiter is considered to be a powerful, if you will, divine force, and therefore takes on the name of the Grand Duke. You may see it termed on Internet sites as the Tai Sui. I'm with you though, it's a bit easier to remember "Grand Duke." So why all the hoopla when it comes to the Grand Duke? It just means we should respect that direction for the year by not assaulting it with renovations, heavy landscaping,etc. Think of it as you are drifting off into a deep sleep and all of a sudden your neighbor decides to blare his stereo. I can think of an explicative or two that might come to mind. It''s really about a little respect. 

Everything in this Universe is about opposites. If we take this concept and apply it here, then the opposite direction of southwest is northeast. Well, you guessed it, this direction has a name too. The northeast this year is the location of the Suo Po - another fancy name for just leaving this area alone; more so this year as  it is also the location of the 5 yellow star. More about that in a moment. But really, leave this area alone? Let's face it, more than not most people have very active rooms in directions I am mentioning. It's all about balance in life and obviously in feng shui. I tell my clients to tackle problematic areas with specific natural element (s) to abate the situation; and of course those remedies can be very different from those you will read on the Internet. Why? Once again, all those sites are giving a generalized reading. Trust me, there are so many combinations that are created with a chart for each home. But, you know this now, as I already let you in on that secret. 

Do you really think that all these feng shui specialist are handing out free information? Think again! Every home requires a separate analysis for proper cures. Sure, the overall or general information is the same but how you use it and infuse it for each home and person is the knowledge possessed by some in the feng shui world. Furthermore, not all remedies are equal to others and that all depends on where you studied and what culturally makes sense to you. For example, my education has a strong-hold in the elements and cycles of nature. Therefore, form and actual elements (i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal & water) are the remedies I recommend. It;s all about creating balance and using the principles that our universe revolves on. I always tell my clients, if an image or object has no meaning to you then why would you want to use it as a remedy or cure in your environment? There is no power behind that. You shouldn't buy a remedy because people on websites are telling you do to do so to protect you. Do you normally buy or do something someone tells you to do just because? I didn't think so. It's not to say I don't offer my clients the option to take a look, I just make it clear to them it's about what makes sense to them if purchasing a tool or cure. Personally, I don't subscribe to the amulets that are on feng shui sites as they have no meaning to me culturally. If I need protection, I create a protective shield with meditation or use images that make sense to me - perhaps a heavenly image according to my religious faith. 

Let's move on. The third area of affliction so to speak for 2016 is referred to as the 3 killings (San Sha). Sounds terrible doesn't it. Relax. This area is based upon the Monkey year animal for 2016 and its affiliation to the elemental trine. The Monkey happens to be part of the water trine comprised of the (Monkey, Rat, and Dragon). In feng shui the north direction is associated with the water element. Now, since everything is based on opposites, but you knew this already, then south is considered the direction of the 3 killings. Once again, a little respect here and not to get too crazy with renovations. More importantly you will hear chatter about not placing your back to the 3 killings, but it is fine to face it. A little respect once again. I don't get too crazy with this with my clients especially since I know their floor plans and where they are most likely to spend most of their time. For example, if I know they are sitting at their desk all day and their back is going to be oriented to the south, then I suggest for them to make a minor adjustment with their desk to take them off a complete affront to sitting with their back to the south. However, there are several other personal energetic factors that will come into play. I decide what makes overall best energetic sense personally for my client. I can do this as I am in the know of their personal data and charts.

Finally, on the environmental shui of things, there is the flying star location points for 2016. Here we go again with generalized information. First off, the most important out of the 9 stars to assess is the location of the 8 auspicious finance star and the 5 yellow star. This year the 8 finance star falls in the southwest - also the area of the Grand Duke if you recall. Once again, looking at a personal flying star chart there is some room to play to activate this most fortuitous star energy. In addition, the white 8 finance star mitigates the challenging aspect of the Grand Duke - love when that happens. The location of the 5 yellow star was already mentioned previously and that is in the northeast - same location of the Suo Po. Inactivity here bodes best but once again you know the drill, it may not be possible to do this.  That's when I do a little shift on my comfy couch and direct my clients to employ a specific natural remedy, and of course this recommendation depends on the interaction with the others stars in that direction for that specific chart. Yes, when in doubt strong bronze metal and SOUND vibration does wonders to break up that 5 star. 

The next star to locate is the 2 black soil star. This year it sits in the center of the lo shu - that funky little grid that dictates much in the world of feng shui. Albeit in this current 8 time cycle (period Gen - 2004 -2024), the black 2 star can be a  bit of a pain in the stomach, and I mean literally, there are always two sides to a story. For example, the 2 black star or trigram kun is about relationships. Since this star is sitting in the center it becomes very important this year to focus on relationships. Giving and receiving work together as complimentary opposites. When they are in balance it can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a rocky experience. Conclusion, this year we all should take time to evaluate relationships in the home and outside of it. Just remember, there is a famous Cherokee Legend named Two Wolves. It basically says what we feed we bring forth into our life - meaning if we choose to feed the negative wolf then that is exactly what we will experience.  For my clients, I always explain what the star or trigram represents and not just the negative aspect. 

There are other other areas that will bode well this year too. For example, the east has bright energy that is fueled naturally to tap into our soul's mission. The northwest also has good energy and especially when it comes to new ideas to network. The south arises with a powerful white star that helps to offset the 3 killings - ah the universe naturally at work to balance the negative with positive. How those stars can personally help YOU this year is up to your environment, positioning of your home, and the direction facing. Not to mention the Bazi/4 pillars comparison. Yes, that means a chat with me personally to assess your unique situation

So what about this Bazi? Okay, let me shift a bit on my couch first. There we go. This discussion is based on 2016 as a person. Let me expound. If I take the year (2016), month (February), day (4), and hour (Rooster), I can get a sense of what the energy is for the year. But of course this is generalized information for YOU. Remember, your unique birth location and time will have its very own interpretation. Don't worry, I'll make room on my couch to sit and chat about your personal results if you should but ask me.

The Fire Monkey - I'm sure by now, after perusing several sites, you know the Fire Monkey is full of vitality, freedom loving, and definitely challenging when it comes to focusing on one thing. I can go on and on about the personality characteristics of this archetype, but really, is that necessary? Overall, expect to see people being supportive on one front but challenging as heck on another. I was always told to pay attention to the challenging ones, as you can learn the most from them.

In general, in terms of income, it will be gained from unexpected jobs or short term work throughout the year. By and large this will require individual effort rather than collective support. There is also an underlying aggression when it comes to power. Whether this is seen globally or in and around your own community, forcing issues and controlling behavior is likely.

Employers will be rather harsh to employees - cutting up their energy. As a result employees will sense resources are inconsistent from the higher ups but supportive from co-workers, business associates, friends and family members. Proper expression is the theme in business and family affairs - meaning individuals must take the initiative to achieve and gain merit from individual efforts. This energy is exacerbated with a clash between the Monkey and Tiger month branch and therefore will elicit change in the work and family environment.

Since the element of metal is most untimely (stage 10), in the month of February (month this chart is born), then challenges arise overall when it comes to interacting with authority figures in the workplace environment and in the family. Communication will prove to be a key dynamic to ease this tension. This means listening more than speaking.

Employers will also find spending increased during this year. They will opt to hire out for smaller jobs and save on employing full-time positions. Since metal is strong in this chart (2016), then employers will find that albeit money comes in easily, it will go back out just as easily. Investments are possible due to strong percentage (26%) metal, or defined wealth in this chart.

When it comes to relationships between people in the world, there is a glaring issue of trust, intolerance and assertiveness with viewpoints that will lead to difficulties. There is an inability to see things from any perspective but their own and this can result in unsavory consequences. Furthermore, there will be a tendency for people/nations to throw themselves completely into situations in order to accomplish monumental tasks. This can seriously deplete resources. There is a karmic lesson for us all to is learn this year and it is humility, temperance, trust, and sensitivity towards one another. If collectively we are able to accomplish this, the result is support in all important aspects of life. This segues into power expressed in a way for the greater good. This attribute of proper power is magnified as a result of the semi-earthly trine between the Monkey year branch and the Dragon day branch  .

If the aforementioned is successful, all can benefit financially. This is supported through the semi-directional trine between the Monkey (year) and Rooster (hour) branch. Furthermore, the 6 combinations between the Dragon and the Rooster solidifies financial gain. This is a powerful combination as it represents long term wealth with good strategic plans for the future as a nation as as a people.

The yang fire day stem in this 2016 chart creates a Heavenly Noble. This translates as benefactors coming to our aid when in trouble. As this is a generalized chart, then it corresponds to others in the world coming to support us when in trouble. The yang fire stem also forms a combination whereby others will view those in charge as intelligent when it comes to getting the job done. There will also be numerous positive relationships in the business world that join in 2016 - combination of fire stem to Tiger month branch. There is also a possibility of outside affairs that occur in secret.

The chart for 2016 - Fire Monkey is exceptionally strong in its fire component (47%). The world in general will be will not trust all those who claim to support our efforts. Remember however, trust is a karmic lesson in this chart and thus we must come together and take advantage of this natural assistance.

Other Interesting Points:

  • Travel may present with challenges this year and especially when traveling along the counterpoint from northeast to southwest. It is advised to take every precaution when travelling especially in the aforementioned directions. The following times of the year can also be a challenge to for travel:
  1. February 4th - March 4th
  2. May 5th to June 4th
  3. November 7th-December 6th

  • Fire is exceptionally strong in the 2016 chart and therefore we may see in general health issues pertaining to the small intestines. This is exacerbated by the 2 black star residing in the center of the loshu grid and the clash between the Monkey and Tiger branches as intestines/stomach area is a common point. Strong fire can also indicate vulnerability to heart and eyes. Furthermore, earth (stomach/pancreas) organ is very low at 10% in this 2016 chart. Bladder and urinary systems are also vulnerable as the water percentage is 4%.

  • Storms will be prevalent this year as the fire stem melts the metal (Monkey) found deep within the earth. The earth will be literally shaken down to the water tables. Earthquakes will be strong!

I don't know about you but it is time for me to really stretch out on my couch here and relax. I hope you enjoyed my overall impression of the the Fire Monkey year. Here's the thing, it is more powerful to know exactly what YOU need to focus on this year and I mean from every aspect of your life then just an overall view of things!

Contact is simple. Just email me and I will set up a discussion to collect your data. This is the time to make your appointment and ask for my personal discount.

Couch time!

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~Mary Jane

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler

Good afternoon my friends. I'm just sipping my tea awaiting the snow storm. Yesterday, we had a chat about adding a splash of color to your environment. If you took my advice, and did a little painting, I'm sure you'll agree it is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to make a dramatic difference in your space.

Today, I want to give a tip about using furnishings according to their element. For example, let's consider the chair I'm sitting on. This is a perfect earth element furnishing. Why? The shape is square, the muted orange with a splash of gold color, and the plaid design all fall into the category of the earth element! So where is the perfect placement for this chair? Well, it can actually bode well in any room to complete what we feng shui consultants refer to as a sheng cycle, but it is most effective in earth and metal directions ( southwest, northeast, northwest and west) respectively. Knowing your elements and how they work makes for powerful designing and a tranquil environment. 

If you really want to hone your feng shui knowledge, you should consider some of my simple yet highly effective feng shui series.

I'm off for the weekend now. Let's catch up on Monday after the storm. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

~May Jane

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

 Good morning all. Moving a bit slower this morning. Perhaps I need a yoga class with Pie in the Sky Yogini. Before I do so let me tell you about the energy for today. Yang Earth Dog - the earth is getting ready for an impending snow storm here on the east coast. Steady, assured and well grounded is the energy of double earth. That means for those of you in the storm track, you should be methodical in your approach to handle the storm and be willing to offer a helping hand to those around you. 

Approaching business today should come from a trusting, highly principled and morally upright perspective.  Listen closely before speaking and trust your intuition. When it comes to finances today it is best to take the advice from a qualified advisor - this will bode best in the long term. 

This afternoon your focus should be on services you offer to your clients or those closest to you. You'll find plenty of support and assistance that will lead to primary resources for you. There's nothing better than feeling secure in relationships and having support in all important areas of your life - that is exactly what primary resources points to.

Stay warm my friends - I for one will be right back on my comfy warm couch after my yoga class of course!

~Mary Jane

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler

Meet the Feng Shui Astrology Lady's bestie; Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler. Feel free to invite her into your home, with a cup of tea of course, as you delve into some great feng shui tips! So what is Ms. Tea Totaler's feng shui advice for today? How to spark some life into your environment with a splash of color.
 What color is best? Well, that all depends where you want to liven up the energy. Let's say it is your bedroom. Here is her advice:
1. Think seduction. Move to colors that scream romance!
2. What direction is your bedroom located in the overall home? This is important, as different directions mean different color choices. Here is Ms. Tea Totaler's quick reference color guide:
  • East & Southeast: Go for a sensual green.
  • South: You can stay with the sensual green or kick it up a notch with a fire hue.
  • Southwest/Northeast: Fire hues are powerful or maybe move into earth hues (chocolate brown, mustard or tan family). The earth hues bring in a nurturing quality.
  • West/Northwest: Get sassy with metal hues such as copper, bronze, silver, gold or pewter.
Have fun discovering COLOR in your environment and be sure to share your results with Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler!

~Mary Jane

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...

Feng Shui Astrology Lady  Says...

So what kind of energy is floating in the air today? The flamboyant rooster with its colorful personality and high intelligence brings an interesting mix to the table. There is absolutely no hesitation when it comes to speaking your mind and for that matter being blunt about it. It would bode better however to consider the feelings of others as that is the key to achieving success beyond your dreams. 

Organization is top priority for today along with planning for future events. Just be cautious of being overly ambitious as it can work against you. Better to be realistic about what you can accomplish and achieve as in the long run it will prove to be more advantageous.

~Mary Jane - 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daily Feng Shui Astrology

Yang Fire Monkey

What can you expect for today? The yang fire monkey is full of vitality. Expect to be rather resourceful in your approach to matters today. Interests are wide and profitable but distractions come easily. Competitive behavior may be encountered by those you interact with. If things don't work out you may be confronted with strong will and stubborn behavior. Back off and resist the urge to control matters. Stick with what you know for best results.

Mary Jane

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology - Yin Wood Sheep

Yin Wood Sheep 

Yin wood sheep is an energy that moves towards getting involved with a diverse range of activities with friends or colleagues. This bodes well as unexpected financial gain is the result. As long as you are clear with your approach, others will assist and support your efforts. 

There is a difference between the stem element of wood and primary earth element of the sheep branch; therefore,  it is best to infuse the qualities of fire to ease the resistance. If you come from an advertising or marketing approach to broaden your scope of services the results will be positive.