Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler: Love Those Indoor Plants!

Ms. Feng Shui Tips Tea Totaler: 

Love Those Indoor Plants!

Indoor plants are fabulous not only for reducing indoor pollutants but add a wonderful feel to any room. Think variety when it comes to choosing your plants to give the home a more balanced flow of energy. For example, ivy has a clinging trailing habit or corresponds to water energy. Therefore, it is useful in an area that lacks sunlight (such as internal bathroom) because, unlike many plants, it grows in shade. North is an ideal position for ivy with its strong water energy and underlying wood qualities.

Dracaena's have a strong upward growth with sharp pointed leaves combines tree and fire energy. This is a wonderful plant to stimulate energy in a corner or under a sloping ceiling. This is a good plant energy for the east, southeast or south areas in your home.

African Violets are a strong fire energy with its vibrant purple star shaped leaves. It is helpful in attracting attention and getting public recognition for your efforts. This plant is very yang or active in appearance and therefore fantastic for low vibrating areas such as corners. The east, southeast and south portents are strong areas for this fantastic plant.

The Money plant with its round thick leaves represent strong metal qi. It provides a sense of stability with finances. Albeit plants by and large are wood energy this particular plant holds strong metal within it. Therefore, adding this plant as a gentle feature in the northwest especially will assist in networking opportunities for financial gain.

The aforementioned are just a few plants that have powerful qualities in the feng shui of your home or office. Using plants can effectively help avoid stagnation by getting the energy moving. Plants can also soften protruding architecture by calming the cutting qi, slow down fast moving energy in long hallways, add natural living energy, improve air quality, and for those plants with spiky leaves adds a sense of security.

~Mary Jane

Feng Shui Astrology Lady says...Good Assistance!

Feng Shui Astrology Lady says...Good Assistance!

The metal rooster brings in the element of strong assistance from others today. This bodes well especially when it comes to organizing projects and getting the wheel in motion. It's important to write a detail list of what needs to be accomplished and adhere to it. Compromise is also an important factor to keep in mind when dealing with others. Albeit this may challenge you as the tendency for the metal rooster combination is to be rather abrasive when it comes to opinions. Financial matters should also be part of your agenda today.

Enjoy your day!

~Mary Jane