Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Why Get All Puffed Up?

Double Earth energy today with a Dragon empty branch. So what does that mean? First, with earth being so heavy there is the ability to transform things today. This is based on a theme of truth, fairness and consistency. With those qualities, anything is possible to change for the better. There is however a down side to strong earth and that shows up as worrying about every last detail and being overly controlling. Balance is key if you want to be effective.

The second aspect of the energy today is the Dragon empty branch. The Dragon likes to do things on a grand scale; however, being overly enthusiastic and confident turns into a "show off" mentality or what others look at as being all "Puffed Up" with yourself. This never bodes well in the long run. If, you take advantage of the pure aspects of the Earth Dragon energy the results can be very impressive; support and assistance from others, the power to help on a grand scale, and long term goals outlined for success and future career growth.

Happy Tuesday!
Mary Jane
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Illustration by: Ann Curch Gagliano