Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea Totaler: Natural Feng Shui Beauty!

At the core of all feng shui lies the subtle beauty of nature; all of its essence exudes a level of harmony and balance unparalleled. The age-old principles of feng shui are based on these laws and acknowledge the ever-changing interaction and connection between human beings and their environment.This powerful connection is the key to experiencing good health and prosperous living.

Architecture and design materials determine the energy flow pattern and synthetic out gassing that occurs within a structure. The fine-tuning of color, sounds, scents and nature’s elements are the defining details that impact our emotions. Our senses process these subtleties within our space and synthesize it in the hypothalamus and limbic system of our brain.

Our environment is a direct reflection of who we are. It represents a snapshot of our inner self or “landscape.” We automatically resonate to our environment; therefore, if it is unbalanced than this becomes our perpetual state. If we shift our level of consciousness to include more of our subconscious intuitive mind, our innate intelligence will take over and we will be drawn to healthier spaces.

Working with nature’s essence in our building and decor is feng shui pure design. It is the healthiest way to align body and space for harmony to ensue. Here are three ways to incorporate nature in your designs:
  • Sacred Geometric Shapes: Nautilus shell, spiral designs or plants follow the Golden Mean Ratio and the Union of Opposites explained in the famous Fibinocci sequence. These natural laws imbue an environment with divine harmony creating a vital new energy.
  • Natural Building Materials: Homes contain a vast amount of synthetic materials in their construction and design. Waterproofing, insulation, flooring, adhesives, paints, and fabrics are just a few examples of potential irritants. Incorporating natural materials, plants, real hardwood, bamboo, stone, cotton or silk fabrics, organic paints and healthy plants are just a few ways to counteract the negative side effects of synthetic emissions.
  • Location of Rooms: Through feng shui directional analysis and birth data from occupants you can determine the best energetic location for rooms and especially rooms you spend a great deal of time in such as the bedroom and home office. This is a wonderful way to trigger an overall feeling of calm and personal energy balancer.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & School Director

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Resources!

Yang wood rat is a fueling combination whereby body pushes the mind. This can be stressful so make sure you take periodic breaks today. You'll need it as the yang wood stem pushes for new ideas and projects with an imaginative spin. Resources are very strong this afternoon so tap in to those who may have offered you support in the past as their offer will most likely still stand.

~Mary Jane


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