Monday, June 27, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Aggressive Power!

Today the yin earth rabbit combines for an interesting energy combination. It was important to take some time out this morning and meditation or take a yoga class so you can remain grounded for this afternoon. The earth stem moves to the wood rabbit and creates some tension. You may find you are rushing and struggling to catch up with your workload today and as a result you may feel compelled to force things and issues that aren't quite ready to put into action. Don't let others pressure you either. Just do what you can and let the rest move to tomorrow "to do list." In order to ease some of this tension infuse the qualities of metal and water. In other words, be methodical with your approach to things today and try to listen before jumping to respond. Go with the flow and you'll find your day to level at just perfectly.

~Mary Jane - - Elite Feng Shui Education & Consultations!