Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler: Where's Your Power Spot?

Ever wonder if there is a power spot or 8 for you personally within your environment? Well, let's just say there are many potential power spots that you and your family or employees can capitalize on. In order to do so however does require an analysis of the environment and the occupants, otherwise you can miss out on some really great energy.  When it comes to the feng shui of it, it is paramount 24 points are located and balanced via 5 element theory. The next layer is to enfold the occupants birth data and then fly this energy with the time cycles. Now I know this sounds confusing, and rightly so. The aforementioned information refers to more advance feng shui compass methods. However, there is a relatively simple system that reveals 4 power points personally for you and 4 that can be rather troublesome for you. This basic system is revealed in my feng shui design CD. I published this CD for all those who may not have the opportunity to hire a personal consultant. Albeit advance theories are not part of this program for obvious reasons, there is a boat load of feng shui concepts, design techniques and power spots that are. My 6 part feng shui mini-series will also provide this information along with many other aspects of creating a powerful environment.

Have fun finding your power spots!

~Mary Jane - elite feng shui educational programs & home study courses!