Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Coming Together - November 2016 Forecast!

Vietnam Caves

Happy November! Time is moving at quite a clip. I guess it's time to slow things down a bit, and just in time for the month of November. This month is all about coming together (a welcome after this election process), spending time with family, close friends and significant other. The matriarch is front and center stage so pay attention to her needs and advice that she may offer. The earth pig swings into action this month as well so there will be plenty of opportunities to indulge in life's pleasures.

The trigram Kun or loshu number 2 takes the center of the flying star map this month. Therefore, everyone is subject to the aforementioned "coming together" energy. This not only pertains to family, friends and significant other but also to partnerships in business. Kun is about understanding that we can do more with others than going it alone. In order for you to feel fully confident in gathering with others it is paramount you connect with your authentic self. How? Make it top priority to spend alone time on a daily basis. Get to know thyself so you can understand and appreciate others. 

Tips on how to know thyself:

  1. Create a sacred space (in the northeast sector if possible) where you can go and not be disturbed. 
  2. Make sure you include items such as comfortable seating, low lighting source (natural/organic candles are perfect), soothing music, essential oils, uplifting and sacred images.
  3. Infuse plenty of earth elements such as a dish of your favorite stones, ceramic statue of either your power animal or being of wisdom.
  4. A journal so you can input your thoughts, prayers or positive affirmations for daily reading.
  5. Meditation cushion or extra floor pillows.
  6. Sit back and relax for 20 minutes a day and enjoy getting to know YOU!

By setting the time daily to get in touch with your authentic self it is much easier to see the divine nature of others. There are ways to enhance and cultivate relationships with others. Here are a few ways you can do so.

Tips on cultivating relationships:

1. Remove any clutter from the southwest area of your home or office environment.
2. Choose fire and earth elements to decorate this area from color choices to furnishings.
3. Include plenty of pairing images signifying partnering energy.
4. Make sure the back of your home is well supported with high enough vegetation.
5. Arrange seating to open up conversation.

The 2 Kun Star:

With the trigram Kun (2) taking the center of the environment, or flying star grid, there are other energies that will surface that should be taken into consideration.

1. The down side to this trigram is the abdominal region of the body. In other words, this month stomach flu or upset stomach due to spoiled food has a higher percentage of occurring. The element of metal is effective (as a general assessment - meaning not personal to your environment), placed in the center of the structure is a good remedy. For personal consulting assessment email me.

2. New business ideas or start-ups require lots of networking and guidance from a mentor. There will be struggles as there is pressure. The more you can listen and communicate effectively the better.

3. Take time for fun time when it comes to your significant other. Furthermore, pull out some good books or go see a good movie and share in the entertainment.

4. Be mindful of shoulders, hands and wrists this month. There is a negative energy that can leave these body parts vulnerable. Furthermore, you will also find your mind to be a bit chaotic this month. All the reason to spend time with self and meditate.

5. Be lofty with your goals this month and take on a leadership position to pursue them. Sky is the limit with heavenly guidance assisting you on the journey.

6. Be creative in your approach to work but keep new developments under wraps around those you intuitively do not trust.

7. As you connect to authentic self you will attract the right person or people for long terms success financially. Seek real estate this month and listen to the advice of elder female.

8. Family and elders will have great ideas for your goals to flourish, so tune in!

9. Let abundance flow like water. Look, listen and feel what is being said on both sides of the veil.

Earth Pig:

The earth pig combination brings the final touches for this month with a combination of outgoing, reliable and realistic ambitions.  Financial matters comes easily in terms of making good decisions. This makes the month of November a good time for reviewing your finances and making the necessary changes, if need be. 

The earth pig doesn't lack for friends or the desire to party it up this month. Just be mindful to do things in moderation. This is compounded by the fact of earth holding back the water pig. Metal is the bridging element, so this month it will also be very important to organize your external and internal environment.

Yoga Practice:

Lots of earth rolls in this month between the trigram Kun and the Earth stem. Earth is a perfect element for the practice of yoga - grounding for the mind, body and spirit. Since Kun is a twinning energy, this is a perfect time to try partner yoga! If you never tried a partner yoga class it is worth it. It's a great way to get closer to your partner or simply get deeper into a pose with the assistance of another yogi. 

Since the pig is a water element it will be especially important to take classes that flow. Generally, any vinyasa style class should follow a flowing theme. So roll out your yoga mat this month and have some fun flowing with your partner or your favorite yoga buddy!

Happy November & Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Jane