Friday, December 16, 2016

Office Furniture!

If your office is a shared space, flexibility is key. So many times I see clients combine the purpose for a room. For example, a spare bedroom is also the office. If this sounds familiar you may want to invest in a foldaway sofa which allows you to maximize the office space when no guests are staying. Conversely, you may want to find ways of closing up your desk area when you do have guests. A built-in work space with hinged doors or a decorative screen bodes well. You can also transform an armoire into a study cabinet. This is a fantastic look that you can close up after your work day.


Depending on your office space, your desk size may vary greatly. If you have a designated room for your office, the desk should be standard size. Here are a few types of eco-friendly materials to consider for your desk.

  • Recycled plastic creates a sleek contemporary look
  • Buy or make a wooden desk that uses FSC-certified lumber
  • Reclaim an old steel or wooden desk and make it you own

 Mary Jane Kasliner