Friday, January 6, 2017

HealthyOffice Design

More and more people are working from home making this room one of the top four important rooms in feng shui. Since a home office has contact with the outside world, it is best to position it in the yang side of the home (front). However, when it comes to locating this room it is also an ideal opportunity to locate it in your personal ming gua direction for success. See how to locate your personal best location in my book; The Feng Shui Connection to a Healthy Life. If that is not feasible, then aligning your desk to face your personal prosperity point is also very auspicious. It is extremely important however you do not compromise command to door entrance. Below are some simple yet highly effective guidelines for designing a healthy office:

  • Use natural materials for furnishings
  • Incorporate plants to purify the air
  • Decorate on the yang side
  • Incorporate appropriate symbolism pertaining to your career
  • Include a water feature (fountain or fish)
  • Avoid right harsh angles
  • Create a good tortoise wall for behind your desk
  • Avoid sitting under ceiling beams
  • Keep ergonomics in mind
  • Natural light source complimented with incandescent or full spectrum lighting
For more details on how to create a healthy and prosperous environment refer to my book: The Feng Shui Connection to A Healthy Life or any of my Mini Feng Shui Series!

Mary Jane Kasliner