Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Daily 4 PIllars Astrology - Yin FIre Rooster Day!

Today, the fire stem meets the Rooster branch. Once again we have a pressured arrangement of the elements with fire melting metal. Start your day in the quietude of meditation so you can organize your thoughts and get grounded. This will go a long way in being productive in your work. The yin fire stem is a bit more low key than its' counterpart from yesterday. Let things settle before jumping in. Spend more time mapping out your marketing plan before committing to it.

The Rooster awakens more towards the afternoon hours. Justice, righteousness, mental acuity and financial acumen are all qualities of the rooster. These characteristics bode very well with anything you are working on or anyone you are interacting with. Keep an eye open for spotting opportunity this afternoon. You'll want to please others today especially those in your inner circle.

Mary Jane Kasliner