Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yin Wood Snake Day!

Today the yin wood snake combines creating a mixture of elements and possibilities. The morning hours are more about a slow steady pace of creating, throwing around ideas and initiating projects. The afternoon picks up with a mixture of yang fire, yang earth and yang metal. This is a pretty expansive energy that will have you on your toes. Yang fire comes in with a bang. Get on your marketing shoes and hit the pavement with those new ideas that were spinning all morning. Don't forget however to take a mid-day breather and ground so you are able to make sound decisions going forward.  Towards the end of the day it behooves you to organize everything you have sorted through during the day and figure out how best to utilize the information going forward. Make sure you take into account the finances that may be necessary to carry out your venture. Oh, and the issue of trust will arise this afternoon. Rely on your intuition!

Mary Jane Kasliner