Monday, January 30, 2017

Energy for the month of February 2017!

The month of February 2017 is  loaded with some terrific energy. Let's first take a look at the monthly energy whereby the 8 earth star moves into the center of the loshu. Then, don't forget to check back in with the year forecast (Yin Fire Rooster!).

8 - Gen Triagram: Northeast Direction

Self Cultivation - Knowledge - Wisdom - Youngest Son - Shoulders -Arms - Wrists

This star represents the stillness of the great mountain. That same stillness lies deep within all beings, if only we choose to tap in by way of meditation. The art of meditation is at the heart of self-cultivation and knowledge. You'll notice whenever you take the time to get quiet you are able to really hear, truly hear the inspirations from beyond this time and space. This month it is extremely important to dedicate time for quietude so you can really listen to what your inner self is trying to convey.

Let your true self shine through this month by releasing what no longer serves a purpose in your life. When you are free from guilt, fear and any other forms of negativity, it is much easier to hear what your inner self is sharing. Self-discovery is a process that requires meditation, education and self-fulfillment. This is the way through all the noise that constantly invades our true nature. Meditation fosters tranquility and enables us to be grounded. When we are grounded we are more likely to make wise decisions.

This month it is about education, so take that course or workshop you may have been thinking about. You never know where it may lead to. If there are several courses you are looking to engage in but only have the finances to pick one, rely on your meditation to guide you to that right course.

Cultivate the 8 Star:

This star also indicates steady and progressive wealth and fame. It is especially fortunate for younger people. It is a star that gravitates towards real estate making this a good month for land/property investments.

The home for this star is the northeast portent. Therefore, it is beneficial this area is organized and follows a few other feng shui parameters such as:

  • Earth color hues
  • Earth and fire elements
  • Images of wisdom
  • Artwork of mountains or desert scenes
  • Square, rectangular and triangular shapes
Since this star will migrate to the center position of the star grid, then it is important to activate the center of your environment as follows:

  • Movement through water feature, fish bowl or incense burner
  • Bright lighting
  • Earth and fire elements
  • Money
*Note - this is a generalized recommendation as each home does have a full chart of stars that will interact with the 8 star moving into the center grid. For personal assessments email:

Health vulnerabilities this month: The shoulders, wrists and arms are at a higher risk for injury this month so be mindful of that especially during exercise routines and yoga practice.

Where are the other stars:

When the 8 star moves to the central grid the other stars migrate to different directions (8 total). The following are some things to think about this month with stars in migration.

East - It is a good month for starting new business with global efforts - meaning outside your comfort zone and out into the world. Look for strong male to lead. Add virtual water here to ease the tension and control from outside sources in business and family.

Southeast - Prepare for female to back bite this month or steal your ideas. Tension between sisters is probable. Be careful with bank account and doing any online transactions. Place virtual water to drain this star problematic star.

South - Think big and dream big this month when it comes to vision and goals. This is a very active star so windfall can occur. Map out your goals and stick to a plan. No need to do anything here but if you feel you are sluggish with your marketing or goals then add some water to really kick it up a notch!

Southwest - Get ready ladies to take your career to the next level. This month is strong with thinking about what the next step is on your career path. Listen to advice from younger male. Make certain to be flexible and hone your listening skills for effective communication. Add metal to this portent to set this star in flight!

West - Challenges when it comes to tapping into your creative side this month. Expect Murphy's Law no matter what angle you take. Mouth and teeth can present with an issue this month as well. Strong bronze metal and metal vibration sound is necessary to halt this star.

Northwest - Write down your vision and goals for this month and then put on your networking shoes. This is a fabulous star for growth in future finances if you can tap into others with your vision. Add strong plant here for the month.

North - Literature and writing is very effective this month especially if you are a female journalist. However, relationships can be tense this month with co-workers. Add fire source to tame this energy.

Northeast - Tap in to relationships this month especially when it comes to northing your higher self. There is a tendency for stomach flu and especially for male. Add strong metal element here to abate this tense abdominal star.

Yoga Practice:

This month it is best to take a slower more meditative approach to you yoga practice. Sign up for some restorative classes and unwind your body and mind so you can tap in to higher self. The following are a few poses that are perfect before spending time in meditation:

  • Cat - Cow
  • Mountain pose with shoulder rotations
  • Remain still standing in mountain pose for 10 full breaths
  • Standing side bends
  • Chair pose
Once you are finished with the short series above, come to a comfortable seated position, close your eyes and bring your attention to your nostrils. As you breath notice the sensation of cool air passing in through the nose and warm air releasing out. Maintain your attention to every breath and remain relaxed. Try to sit concentrating on the breath for 10 minutes.

Happy February!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Daily Astrology - Yin Fire Snake Day!

Today, the yin fire stem combines with the snake branch. Fire is a powerful element bound for transformation. Pay attention to marketing your services today. What direction can you take your skills to transform what you are doing?

This combination is extremely active for the mind and body. Therefore, you may find yourself at a frenetic pace today. Self- confidence is strong so take on any leadership position that may come your way. There will be a tendency to be suspicious today of others. Let go of this nature otherwise you will isolate yourself. Set yourself with lofty goals as this combination is a power house!

Mary Jane Kasliner