Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yang Fire Tiger Day!

There is a great combination of elements today with the yang fire stem receiving energy from the wood tiger branch. The tiger also offers the elements of wood fire and earth. This is a perfect trio of elements to foster growth, change and stability all wrapped up in one package. The focus for the morning hours should be directed towards goals; short-term and for the long haul. How can you market your skills to capture your vision while attracting others to engage with you and what you have to offer? This is a question to ponder this morning.

The fire tiger combination may makes it difficult for you to contain your enthusiasm and boundless energy. Action is the name of the game this afternoon, but the drawback is getting overly distracted from jumping from one thing to another. Try to channel ideas and stay focused. Rely more upon the qualities of earth to keep you grounded.

Mary Jane Kasliner