Friday, February 24, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yang Water Horse!

Yang Water Horse Day! Water dilutes fire is a strong combination of energy that bodes best with wood qualities to restore balance. Therefore, make it a point to think about new ways to approach work/business today. Is there a new concept you have been toying around with? If so, today is the perfect day to let loose.

The water horse combination is also fantastic when it comes to business acumen. There is a good level of flexibility with this combination making it that much better to negotiate any business dealings. However, there is also the tendency for this combination to shed doubt when making decisions today. Be consistent today and put into motion good planning tactics.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yin Earth Rabbit Day!

Today the yin earth stem combines with the wood rabbit branch. Yin earth is a softer and quieter quality of earth. You'll feel inclined to move at a slower pace, take in your surroundings and ponder situations before acting on them.

The earth stem is pressurized by the wood branch so there is a tendency to push the body creating tension. Instead, infuse the qualities of fire to restore balance. You can do this by revisiting your game plan, your goals and vision. The earth stem [provides that perfect sanctuary to rediscover yourself.

The earth to rabbit combines for a very practical yet persistent work ethic today. There is a tendency to be calculating and shrewd putting your own interests before others but it is better to do so when it comes to specific tasks. You will know which ones require your full attention and ones that you can delegate.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Monday, February 20, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yang Wood Dog

Happy Monday morning! Today, the yang wood heavenly stem joins the earth dog branch. This is an excellent combination for building relationships especially when it comes to building new business or ideas. Align yourself with powerful people today but also remain independent. The active wood stem may have you jumping from one project to another so it is a good idea to have a set schedule in place.

The dog energy is very trustworthy so don't let your mind run away with thoughts of worry. Instead, focus on wrapping up any outstanding business to make room for new things to come.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Friday, February 17, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yin Wood Pig Day!

Japanese Gardens Oregon - Photo by Mary Jane Kasliner

Happy Friday! Today the yin wood pig is active with bounds of water and wood for growth and vitality to soar. The wood pig is also a manipulative combination wo watch out for others using such tactics today. Business deals and financial backing of such deals is a natural for the wood pig. Placing the right people in the right position is the way to successful measures for business today. Socializing and entertainment is a must for this evening so start making your plans now.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yang Wood Dog Day!

Today there is action with the yang wood stem rocking into motion new beginnings, deals being made and projects taking off. Don't hesitate to slide on your running shoes this morning as the likelihood is you'll be running rom one agenda to another to reach your goals end. The dog influence this afternoon is terrific as the dog is very trustworthy. Furthermore, the hidden stems of earth metal and fire add just the right mix of a strong foundation, mental processing and PR to move your projects into the marketplace!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Daily Astrology Reading - Yang Water Monkey!

Happy Tuesday! Today the yang water stem meets and combines with the monkey branch for a distribution of several elements (water, metal, and earth). This is a perfect blend of energy to open up lines of communication, plan and organize while remaining grounded in decision-making process.

The water stem in its yang form is rather blunt in that pushes forward relentlessly. Therefore, communications today may be rather forceful yet can also influence others to get the job done. Flexibility is a dynamic characteristic of water and that does bode well especially since the stem is yang or very active today.

The water monkey is a cooperative combination but also speculative - sort of if you do something for me I will do something for you. There is also a secretive nature about the water  monkey so you can expect things may be held back today. Just be careful not to vacillate later today. Try to stick to a plan of action or your "to do" list.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yin Fire Rabbit Day!

Today, the fire stem combines with the rabbit branch. Both elements have a softer quality as they are in a yin polarity. The wood rabbit fuels the fire heavenly stem or body pushes the mind mentally. This combination blends perfectly with expressing new ideas that ultimately can lead to a leadership position. Any confrontations today will not be handled well.  The fire rabbit prefers amicable situations and intuitively can sense when things are about to move the opposite way. There is a tendency to seek approval today from others.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daily Astrology - Yang Fire Tiger Day!

There is a great combination of elements today with the yang fire stem receiving energy from the wood tiger branch. The tiger also offers the elements of wood fire and earth. This is a perfect trio of elements to foster growth, change and stability all wrapped up in one package. The focus for the morning hours should be directed towards goals; short-term and for the long haul. How can you market your skills to capture your vision while attracting others to engage with you and what you have to offer? This is a question to ponder this morning.

The fire tiger combination may makes it difficult for you to contain your enthusiasm and boundless energy. Action is the name of the game this afternoon, but the drawback is getting overly distracted from jumping from one thing to another. Try to channel ideas and stay focused. Rely more upon the qualities of earth to keep you grounded.

Mary Jane Kasliner

Monday, February 6, 2017

Yang Wood Rat Day!

Oregon - Olympic National Park

Happy Monday morning! Today the yang wood stem combines with the yin water rat branch. The connection of elements (wood to water), may leave you feeling overwhelmed. The wood stem is in its yang form so you can expect to hit the ground running this morning. The element of wood is about expansion, growing and moving in an upward direction. Your list may grow unexpectedly of things you need to tend to. The water rat branch will continue to push energy into doing as many things as possible today. This combination (wood rat), is progressive and success oriented. Don't be surprised if you find yourself exploring everything and finding good use for almost anything you come across. It is easier to figure out the whys and wherefores today in order to figure out your future. Confidence is easily expressed today and this bodes well when marketing projects.

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Mary Jane Kasliner