Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Daily Energy and Feng Shui Tips on Water Positions

Today is a good day to be practical and not engage in any grand activities. It is really best to engage in self reflection and revisit your life goals as the energy combinations for the northeast and south are relatively auspicious opening the areas of your life that pertain to inner wisdom and soul's mission/life goals.

The yin metal stem combines with the water pig branch for a sheng cycle of elements. The metal pig is proud and passionate and values his reputation. Therefore, the aforementioned suggestion of revisiting your goals and soul's mission plays into the metal pig. The metal pig is also very trustworthy so open up to others who may act as a guide on your path. Endurance and perseverance is every important as you embark on your path today. Be positive and utilize your excitement and energy to carve out a new direction if need be.

Water Positions:

Water is an extremely propitious element in feng shui representing the flow of qi or life force energy in and around your environment. From a flying star perspective, the water star represents the wealth and material prosperity of the occupants. It is always best moving water is located in the front of the structure to attract new and vibrant energy to the structure and surrounding land. Albeit, a thorough analysis is always recommended to make sure you are not awakening a negative positioned star.

From a bagua compass position, the southeast bodes well to stir up activity for wealth and fortunate blessings. A beautiful suggestion is earthenware jars that continually overflow with water symbolically representing wealth for generations. It also provides a soothing background sound.

Mary Jane Kasliner