Thursday, June 22, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast!

We just celebrated the summer solstice yesterday, the longest day of the year with the element of fire peaking. This is the perfect time to hone your skills. We are all blessed with unique skills and talents but the idea is to develop and serve others using them. This is the way!

The southern portent directly influences how we serve others through our skills, and as we do so, the accolades follow. Today, the energy is bright in the south portent. It is a fabulous combination between leading, motivating and networking with others that produces long terms results. It does require time to meditate and contemplate what your next move on your path should be. Take time today to map out those people who would be beneficial for your growth. Then, place strong earth in the south portent along with bright lighting and movement.

To assist in attracting others to help you along, place the element of wood and fire in the southwest. It's important to support good relationships in order for things to unfold properly.

It's never too late to set intentions for this time of year with a fire burning ceremony. Enjoy my Summer Solstice Despacho fire burning ceremony by clicking here.

Mary Jane