Thursday, August 17, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast!

Tip of the day: Try to replace negativity with positive actions.

Today the energy is considered stable. It's a perfect day to initiate long-term activity, plan or project. The energy of a stable day infuses your endeavors to promote continuity, longevity and long lasting results.

There are several areas to hone in on today. In doing so you can capitalize on the beneficial energy combinations.
  • Stay connected to your goals. Perhaps reassess what you have accomplished and what you would like to achieve moving forward. Look to those who are considered guru's in your industry and take notes on what they are doing and how you can incorporate their actions into your plans.
  • Solidify your relationships whether personal or business. The stronger your connection to others the easier success becomes. Meditation and inner knowledge goes a long way in connecting to right people.
  • Take the advice of elders or family member when it comes to strategic planning for your future. This includes your goals and aspirations and any new ventures you are considering.
  • Be mindful of your activities today. In other words, choose one or two things to focus on and resist the temptation to do more. The energy combination from a 4 pillars perspective today is about short attention span. Make a list and stick to it!

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