Monday, August 28, 2017

10 Feng Shui Tips for Small Spaces

The first reaction to a small space generally sends us into the “triple D’s,” or what I would like to call the Downward, Despair, and Doldrums.  The simple truth is small spaces allow us to be closer to energy, and from a feng shui perspective, that’s golden. Just because the space is small doesn’t mean we can’t balance it. Square footage has no bearing on creating a harmonious and healthy living environment. So, for all of you out there short on square footage, including college students trying to navigate their dorm rooms, have some fun following these 10 simple feng shui tips.

1.      If you live in an apartment building or dorm room, determine what directional position your apartment or dorm room falls in the larger building. This will help you with the overall elemental theme. For example, if your apartment or dorm room sits in the southeast portent of the entire building, then add wood and water elements.
2.      Incorporate floor plants, decorative screens, and curtains for faux walls.  It will look fabulous and give you much needed definable living areas.
3.      Choose a focal point towards which the energy will gravitate.  This can be done with interesting artwork, posters, sculptures, or an exotic pillow.
4.      Keep windows clean and open for natural sunlight and fresh air. Compliment with flowing window treatment and full spectrum track lighting aimed at walls to free up floor space and create an expansive feeling. Obviously if you are in a dorm room there are more constraints but you can hang window treatment and bring in your own lighting source to use instead of the otherwise harsh overhead lighting.
5.      Consider removing closet doors and replacing them with curtains.  This will soften the energy while giving the illusion of more space. This is a fantastic technique that I have used for many clients including in my daughter’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York.
6.      Think less is more when it comes to furnishings and incorporate curved designs. Energy only moves in a sine wave pattern and therefore will be unimpeded.
7.      Note the directions within the space from the center point. Then address each direction with the corresponding natural element and symbolic image to catapult the energetic ba-gua.  For example, place a ceramic dish with some stones and a metal musical instrument in the west. By doing this, you effectively infuse the pure essence of nature and the joyful sounds of music into the space. For more interesting ways to navigate your floor plan use my simply DIY Feng Shui Designs in a Flash CD.
8.      Arrange major pieces of furniture in command to capture qi (energy) for a sense of comfort and eye appeal.
9.      Splurge on tableware and linens. Small luxuries, such as table-top water fountains, go a long way.
10.   Have fun and invite some friends over.  People actually prefer to socialize in small spaces.

About the Author:

Mary Jane Kasliner is a Master Feng Shui Consultant in Compass School Theories. She is certified in Compass Feng Shui from the London Institute and has studied world-wide with renowned masters. She owns Body Space Alignment and is the Director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui ( ). To learn more about Mary Jane and her services visit her website: