Friday, September 15, 2017

Daily Feng Shui Astrology Forecast

Friday September 15 Forecast:

Today is a very auspicious day for doing just about anything. The yin wood stem makes it perfect for slowing the pace of your ideas. Take time to work things through and test them out rather than forcing the concept. Trust in your intuition for success to ensue. Checking in with your finances today is beneficial. There may be a tendency this month to spend more than you should. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Continue research and study with your whatever you are working on.
  • Rely on family support and guidance with real estate and finances.
  • Continue to let the ideas roll in, especially if they are in alignment with your goals and aspirations.
  • Heed advice from those you network with to build on your goals, as windfalls may be the result.
Daily Tip: 

One must dream even if it is to the extreme!


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