Monday, September 18, 2017

Daily Four Pillars Feng Shui Forecast!

Monday Morning Four Pillars Feng Shui Forecast:

The combination of energy today is interesting. First off, it is best not to engage in any major activities today. Far better to work on things you may have been neglecting. There are a few areas that you can consider to focus your energy on:

  • Contemplate how your heritage and family values can propel your finances. There is great potential to build a strong foundation for finances if you seek the advice of elders. If you are considering a real estate move, think about what you can do to make your environment more enticing. Obviously good feng shui will do wonders. 
  • Take out your vision board and see where your mission in life may have changed. If you don't have a vision board then get busy making one. Post it somewhere you can see daily. There is plenty of energy fueling you aspirations today. You just need to tap in and bring it to fruition.
  • The more creative you become with a joyful heart the more you will attract windfalls into your life. Try rolling around in happy baby yoga pose and see what comes to mind.
  • The life journey today is about heavenly guidance and those you consider to be mentors.
Today's Tip: 

Anger and jealousy are boulders in the fountain of goodness.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Fengshui Yoga Girl
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