Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Daily Feng Shui Astrology Forecast

Deal Beach - New Jersey

The energy for today is rather unstable and therefore best to avoid any major decisions or projects. This is mainly because the unstable earth (5) star resides in the center of all things. Here are areas you can focus on for today.

  • Keep family connections strong. You'll notice how they support your endeavors. Keep moving through the details of projects you are currently working on. In other words, don't use today to sign any contracts or make a major decision, rather fine tune what you already have in progress.
  • Reference those who know more than you do when it comes to your business. Identify tactics they are using for success and see how you can include them to your approach. Sometimes you need the assistance and partnership of others to benefit you most.
  • Reassess your life plan. This includes your career and where your intended focus is. Are there spokes you need to add to the wheel you have created? Again, don't make any major moves today, simply contemplate future actions.
  • Your best guidance will come from within. Therefore, carve out time today for meditation.

Tip of the day: Replace negativity with positive action.

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