Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Reading the Energy Wednesdays!

One of my favorite despacho clearing pictures...

Reading the energy Wednesdays! Welcome to my Wednesdays energy readings. From now on I will take each day of the week and bring a different focus tip to align conscious energy. 

Wednesdays are "Reading the Energy Day". 

Today is considered an auspicious day to receive returns and rewards. The energies promote a positive outcome and abundant return when you are expecting or requesting for something. The metal heavenly stem has a tendency to over think things today. This can busy the mind up so much that you miss the point. Utilize the metal stem more effectively through preparation, precision and intuition. The combination to the sheep branch takes on a gathering energy. In other words, you'll do best by combining your efforts with others. The sheep will also pull you to spend some time with family or friends later in the day. It might be a good idea to make dinner plans with those closest to you.

Additional Areas of Focus:

  • It is beneficial to take the advice of a younger male when it comes to new real estate options. Listen to words of advice, as they can bring windfalls especially when it comes to building real estate and new direction.
  • Plan on movement with your finances. Seek financial literature to guide you with the process. Make sure you have enough ready cash to avoid penalty fees from other investments.
  • Continue to shine the light on your plans, goals and visions. At times it may dim causing you to question your direction. Dig in and move forward!
  • Reach out to mentors and network with those who are on the same path. This will propel long-term goals and direction.
Contemplate this:

True friendship is developed when you do things for someone without thinking or expecting of what you will get in return. 

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