Monday, December 11, 2017

Power day for Success!

This is a power day for success! First off, there is a great deal of water flowing in the month pillar with an assist in the day stem and fueling from the day metal branch. What to do with all that water? Get the lines of communication wide open for business strategies. The metal day branch not only fuels this process, but brings clarity, precision, organization and overall know how to any business negotiations today. It is exceptionally powerful as the northwest portent, which is all about networking and potential opportunities, is flooded with a double money star that not only grounds and supports new business ventures, but has the blessings of heaven. This has the potential for automatic increase in finances as long as there is good leadership skills. Few things to do for today:

  • Add virtual water element to the southeast to regulate flow of finances
  • Strong metal sound vibration to the east to ease negative energy
  • Metal element to the south to break up any obstacles with daily goals
  • Fire element to the southwest to secure partnership energy
  • Earth element to the west to stabilize your future vision for today
  • Movement to the NW to activate resources and opportunities
  • Fire element to the north to ease work tension
  • Virtual water element to the center to ease tension between females
Have a great afternoon!
Mary Jne Feng Shui Yoga Girl