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Mercury in Retrograde and What to Focus On!

Mercury in Retrograde and What to Focus on!
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Mercury Retrograde 

What to focus on!

I hope everyone is finding some peace during the flurry of the holidays.  If you didn't get a chance to read "In the Flurry of the Holidays,"    click here for simple things you can do to ease the chaos.

Right now Mercury is in retrograde until December 23rd. Additionally, there are only a few days left to autumn. What does that all mean? 
Let's delve in and take a look. Also, don't miss out on my Holiday Sale below!

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Mercury in Retrograde:
 As the solar system's smallest planet appears to reverse through the sky, you'll hear it blamed for a wealth of frustrating situations, including overspending on new purchases, poorly planned projects, and the feeling of taking two steps back for every step forward. 
In reality, mercury' s back-tracking is a matter of perspective. Its orbit is smaller and faster than the Earth's. When its orbit catches up and passes the Earth, it creates the illusion that it is back-tracking, or moving in reverse. 
Mercury in the Waning of Air and Metal Autumn Season:

Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as in Mythology. It not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How we convey and express our thoughts during mercury retrograde is very different than when the planet is direct. In addition, with mercury retrograde falling within the season of vatta (air) and metal, it sets the stage for how we can successfully navigate through mercury's back-tracking effects.

What to Focus On:

We are approaching the end of autumn with the winter solstice just days away. However, there is a combination of elements coordinating with one another. Air and metal are still active with undercurrents of yin water that birthed in November (Pig month). The air or vatta corresponds closely with the throat chakra and how we choose to communicate with others. It is the voice of reason, authenticity, and truth. The qualities of metal are contractive, precise, organized, thought provoking, and honest while the qualities of water have an ebb and flow, introspective, and persevering impact.

During mercury retrograde, it behooves us to slow down, turn inward and listen. In doing so, it provides the opportunity to reflect on 2017 and intuitively acknowledge the lessons we were served. Listening to others, including our guardian angels, is extremely powerful during this retrograde, as mercury is known as the messenger of the gods. Tune in and listen to the subtle messages from the heavenly realm and don't worry about plotting out your plans for 2018. Instead, tie up loose ends and reflect on all you accomplished in 2017. The peaking yang water Rat branch arrives in full swing next week so stay tuned for what you can expect! 

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