Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Winter Solstice 2017!

The Winter Solstice and the Energy it Holds!
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Winter Solstice

The Energy Patterns!

Winter officially begins on Thursday December 21, 2017. The winter solstice represents the birth of the sun - both universally and personally. The rising sun on the winter solstice, out of the darkest day of the year, echoes the birth of light from the dark void on the first day of creation.

The ancient Egyptians understood this connection between creation and the winter solstice as they aligned the Karnac Temple Complex to the rising sun of the winter solstice.  This complex was never completed, as successive Pharaohs kept making additions to it as a living example of the process of creation. These additions were built according to the famous Fibonocci sequence (mathematical sequence) found in growth and expansion of life.

The birth of the sun as the light of the first day also represents the birth of our own spiritual light. The physical sun brings light to the world, the spiritual sun gives spiritual life to the individual.

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

December 21st:
The day of the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, meaning we experience the least amount of sun light. It is also a time the sun reaches its southernmost point in the sky
There is a gradual cooling process of the earth over the next few months, albeit the earth still does retain some of its heat from summer and fall.  
Astronomical Influences:

There is an interesting alignment on December 21st in terms of Saturn and the sun. The sun is going to move into the astrological sign of Capricorn, and as a result, the sun and Saturn will line up. The last time the sun and Saturn aligned was in 1664.

What it Means:

Saturn is a planet that depicts the qualities of personal  awareness and experience. It represents the finite  limit to our own perceptions, capabilities and life. Since Saturn is slow moving, taking 29 to 30 years to orbit the sun, it is associated with old age, low energy, and overall lack of ability to move forward.

Saturn has natural rulership over places and conditions that are cold, dark and oppressive. Hard physical labor is the cornerstone to this planet's energy. With that being said, try not to start anything new on Thursday, as it will take you three times as long to complete the task. You may feel tired, limited  and constrained from this alignment.

The Element of Water Peaking Through the Rat Branch:

Winter is represented by the element of water in 5 phase theory. It is associated with the sense of sight, the bladder, and the kidney meridian. Therefore, these areas are more vulnerable this month, and especially on Thursday when the energy peaks. This includes the hamstrings too, so be mindful in your yoga practice to open them slowly with these poses.  Click here for my short blog on a great pose for the winter Solstice!

Water's Tendency:

Water has a tendency to move fast or be still. Active or yang water pushes forward relentlessly and fearsome to reckon with. Gentle water, on the other hand, is like the dew that nurtures and seeps into the soil of the earth.

Communicating and advancing your ideas by influencing others is a powerful sign water is in motion. Other people's mind becomes the vessel to help carry creative ideas into positive action. Tune in, as this water energy has a way to accurately gauge future potentials. Persistence is the cornerstone behind reaching your intended goals this month by propelling instead of compelling others into motion.

The Rat branch falls on the 24 mountain template North second mountain with peak of the winter solstice. It is the self-proclaimed acquisitor. It is a yang stem or male energy that is resourceful and practical. Taking a forthright and inquisitive approach to matters for the rest of this month, into early January, is the best way to act on this energy, especially when it comes to your career and life goals.

Taking time to cherish friends and family is also inherent to the Rat's personality. That should be easy since we are in the holiday season of light and joy. Just be careful of gossip and criticism, as the Rat loves to engage in this type of behavior. 

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