Thursday, March 22, 2018

MJ's Energy Forecast!

Photo by: Mary Jane Kasliner

Tip of the Day: Relationships are built on solid foundations. Not a dream.

Today is considered an open day to receive others and begin something new. Water over earth is true to the recent spring snow storm on the east coast. Water in the heavenly position is a strong indicator for solid communications. If you combine the "open day" concept, with the flexibility of the water element, it is a perfect day to delve into new projects with an eye towards how you can maneuver through the unknown.

The water ox is more reasonable and flexible then other oxen; therefore, completing short-term goals today without resistance is more likely. This combination allows you to focus on more than one goal at a time with unshakable determination.

Other Areas of Focus Today:

  1. When reviewing your mission today, pull from your roots, heritage and family upbringing. There are many values that will prove to assist you on your path.
  2. Transfer monies from one account to another today to pay off credit cards or other outstanding debt. This ultimately will clear the energy for increased financial position.
  3. Be mindful of travel today. Heed the advice of mentor that will ultimately lead to great success with financial perks.
  4. Partnerships are a powerful resource today for career. Be meticulous with your thoughts and plan of action to reap the benefits.
Mary Jane Kasliner
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

MJ's Daily Energy Forecast!

Metal rises over water today for a balanced cycle of energy. This is a most auspicious day and bodes well for just about anything. Communication is strong as long as you are clear with what you want. Endurance and ambition are two components that rise as well, but it is important you have a detailed plan in place. It is actually is a good idea to set time limits on tasks today. For example, allotting one hour to go through your emails. After that hour is up, move onto the next timed task.

Other areas of focus for today include:

  • Goals and visions takes the center of the loshu today. This is a highlighted energy for everyone. Is it time to ponder your direction? Spend one hour today on this task and see what changes you will make for the future.
  • Communication with mentor or those you are networking with is strong for today. If you map out your thoughts clearly, it will shift the direction of your career for the better.
  • Heed the advice from a partner when it comes to travel, networking and mentoring. The results are magnificent for career.
  • Finances are powerful today. This is money that is readily available. Power up the southeast portent today with activity. Work in this sector if you can, add strong lighting and moving water.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Strong Wood and Your Environment

Spring is on the rise with the support of strong wood. Coming out of the watery energy of winter, there is plenty of action within the earth for wood to rise as new shoots. So, what can you do to enhance your environment? Here are a few ideas to catapult healthy wood.


The most recognizable wood energy are plants, bushes, trees and herbs. Take a walk around your property and note where vegetation looks sparse. Clean out any decay and prepare the soil for new plantings. Plant taller vegetation to the rear and sides of the home, with the tallest to the rear  followed by the right side of the property, then the left when viewed from the street. If you are standing at your front door looking out to the roadway, then the higher vegetation is on the left and lower to the right. It is simply perspective of where you are standing, as they are the same sides.

Make sure this vegetation can withstand the rigors of weather and seasons. In other words, just because the season changes from cold to hot or hot to cold, the plant choice should be able to tolerate the fluctuations in temperature. By choosing sturdy vegetation you avoid an otherwise barren look during the colder months.

Other Landscaping Tips:

There are a number of feng shui landscaping design formulas to follow and can be found in either my Class 7 (Healthy Designs), Feng Shui Designs in a Flash, or Class 10: Eco-Living Feng Shui Designs.
Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Incorporate curves whenever possible
  • Mix up the elements such as gravel, sand, soil, wood chips, etc.
  • Create movement in the southeast with bird feeder 
  • Combine a mixture of heights with seasonal plants against year-round vegetation
  • Create an herb garden in the southeast or east section of the yard
  • Include a water feature in the front
  • Use vegetation as a natural barrier whenever possible 
  • Use landscape lighting (solar is a nice choice)

Indoor Wood Tips:

Rooms that fall within the east and southeast portents of your home are directly associated with the element of wood. It's important to utilize this element, along with the parent element of water, and the child element of fire, as an accents in these rooms. Here are a few examples of how to design wood rooms. 

  • Choose water or wood colors ( blues or greens). However, use very little water if this room presents as a bedroom or kitchen.
  • Choose real wood flooring and furnishings
  • Incorporate real flowing water (unless if a kitchen or bedroom)
  • Choose stripe or floral patterns
  • Columnar shapes in general bode well
  • Free flowing fabrics as accents
  • Plenty of live plants (only one if in a bedroom)
  • Herbs, especially in the kitchen
  • Candles in moderation
For more design tips for every room in your home or office see Class 7: Healthy Designs or Feng Shui Designs in a Flash.

Clearing * Cleaning:

Okay, so who remembers growing up and mom saying; "It's time for spring cleaning!" My mom was big on pulling down all the curtains, washing the windows, cleaning the floors and the list goes on. I remember how good it felt right after all the cleaning and organizing was complete. It literally felt like a breath of fresh air. Mom was definitely onto something with this tradition that at the age of 87, she still abides by. Sure, it takes her much longer to get the job done, but the end result is still the same. It's a fresh start to welcome in the new energy that unfolds from the stagnation of winter.

Before diving into rearranging your wood rooms (Southeast and East) locations, think about cleaning, organizing and clearing the home. This sets the foundation to welcome in the shift from yin (passive), to yang (active), springtime energy. Once all the cleaning is complete, it's a good idea to seal it with a simple space clearing process. That could include burning sage or other herbs, to infusing your favorite essential oils throughout your home. Wrap it up with a few intentions, and enjoy the new sanctuary you created!

For more information on a full space clearing procedure see my Mini-Feng Shui Space Clearing E-Program.

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Spring Rising!

Wood Energy on the Rise for Spring Awakening

The yin wood rabbit is born in the month of March to welcome in the rise of spring. 

The Rabbit's Nature:
There is something quite magical about the rabbit energy. In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is considered to be very social, good conversationalists, and great healer. The most unassuming of types, the rabbit is always very much aware of what goes on around them, especially when it comes to people's motives. The rabbit's great sensitivity and easy-going nature often conceals a very clever and deft mind. You never really know what they are thinking. The rabbit in the Four Pillars grants one the ability to divine the social scene and the prevailing consciousness of the public. As such, the rabbit can take on any role very well. Thus, they can appear as a sort of everyman, with the public.
Everyday Translation: 
This month, prepare for several social events. As the weather warms up, there will be plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and relish in the beauty of nature. People will be  more aware of what's going on around them personally and publically. Leaders locally and globally are not immune to this energy combination; therefore, they will explore friendlier options when it comes to negotiating tactics. 
Healing is the trend for this month whether physically, emotionally, politically or spiritually. By and large, people will sense the need to restore balance to their lives and will seek alternative ways to accomplish that.

Rabbits are Great Dreamers:
Dreams are especially important to the rabbit and their dreams can be quite prophetic, for the rabbit is a prophet and a seer if their insights are given heed. Rabbits find the mysteries of love to be a quest for them, the magical alchemical formula that will transform their life. The rabbit is exemplary of Yin Wood (their native Element). They like 'inner space' and can create huge mental vistas. They are very good at visualization and they are usually quite visionary. 
Everyday Translation:
Dream big this month! Is there something you have been putting off in your life because you felt the timing wasn't right? This is the month to satisfy your dreams. Even if you take baby steps, that is fine. The idea is to move towards your dream to bring it to fruition. Perhaps include a vision board to assist you in the process. Sometimes it is easier to know what your dream is when you can actually see an image of it. Place this image somewhere you can see it everyday so it is imprinted in your mind.

Wood Element and Spring:

Spring is designated to the wood element, and the qualities of spring such as sudden change and volatile weather are reflected in the way the body is associated with the wood element attributes. Changeable wind patterns that are indicative of spring can aggravate the liver meridian and cause arthritic conditions to flare. Keeping this meridian flowing with yin yoga poses such as reclining butterfly, wide knee child's pose and dragonfly pose are wonderful to balance this meridian channel. Holding these poses for at least three minutes will give you the best results.

The wood energy for spring can be rather powerful and is associated with our warrior years during our 20's when we are planning our life strategy. The liver needs to be strong to provide for great foresight. If not, we are likely to stumble and have a rocky start. This holds true whatever stage in life you are in especially if you are looking to take a new course direction. Confident commitment is needed to launch anything new in life and this is evident is the strength of the wood element represented by the tree, but also requires the flexibility of yin wood represented by the trees ability to go with the flow of the wind and its bending branches.

The wood element also has a negative aspect to it such as anger, frustration and depression. Great vision and the ability to plan, and being decisive are the motivating factors that are essential to ward off the negative aspects of wood. Should wood become unbalanced, and the liver meridian stagnate, you may find other symptoms that can arise including:
  • Frustration
  • Feeling stuck
  • Emotional volatility
  • Headaches
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Rib pain
  • Joint pain
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Watery eyes
The gallbladder is also associated with the element of wood and is connected with our ability to follow our path in life, to avoid deviating or being put off by external influences. Too much liver or gallbladder chi forces us to make rash decisions, and when wood is depleted, we experience hesitation and timidity. Some yin poses to keep the gallbladder meridian fluid are: Shoelace, eye-of the needle, and sleeping swan. Again, holding these poses for a minimum of three minutes is best.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl:

What to Focus on Today with MJ's Energy Forecast!

Snow Day

Let it snow! Not surprising weather pattern for today with wood over earth. The wood element positioned in the heavenly stem uproots the earth dragon beneath. As snow saturates the soil, tree roots are weakened, and can pull up from the earth.

The wood heavenly stem is yang; therefore, you may find yourself being rather overzealous when it comes to accomplishing your goals today. As wood and earth do not mix elementally, tensions may arise and especially when working with others. You can take two approaches to settle this tension. First, be more assertive and confident while presenting your position and keep a list of your goals  handy. Second, be methodical and list all aspects that require more attention for success to ensue. Be clear and concise when communicating your ideas. This should be easy as the wood dragon combination is pretty concise and inquisitive when it comes to communication. 

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Take advantage of networking with others today, as the heavenly star for guidance and mentorship receives plenty of assistance today. Don't overlook the obvious when it comes to new opportunity.
  • Real Estate has a big push today. It's a good idea however to ponder your decision before making a final move. Resources are strong as long as you rely on your higher self. That means strong meditation practice today.
  • Partner closest to you is your guide when it comes to enhancing your life mission. Shifting your vision may be advantageous.
  • Review your long term prospects when it comes to career and life path. Write down your plan of action so it is clear and concise. Then, go for the gold!
Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Friday, March 9, 2018

Feng Shui Energy Forecast - What's Up for Today!


Strong metal to water elemental components for today. What does this mean? Truth, justice and methodical approach to your work today is bound to have an impact on communicating your ideas with others. Make sure you rely heavily on your intuitive feelings, as that is what will make the biggest impact. 

The metal rat combination adds a financial angle to the mix today. Discuss investment strategies with advisor to improve your portfolio. Be confident and move forward on financial transactions especially when it comes to business contracts. 

Other Areas of Focus Today:

  • Research, reading and writing are part of the overall combination for today. Utilize information you gather for short term goals.
  • Interaction between older male and younger female in business proves highly successful. Mentoring advice should be heeded.
  • Family has strong connection to possible real estate connection that can turn profitable. Discuss options with family members for best approach.
  • Ask yourself the question today if you are moving in the path of your passion. If not, make adjustments as it will eventually bring windfalls your way.
Tip of the Day:

Do or do not. There is no try.

Mary Jane

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Feng Shui Energy Forecast: Know Where Your Focus Should Be Today!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Today, the Earth heavenly stem rises above the Pig water branch. This combination of elements does cause tension; therefore, it bodes well to infuse the qualities of metal to streamline the energy. What does that mean? Organize your thoughts and plan of action today before delving into anything. Take a systematic approach and make sure you include any information that comes to you via your intuition. The one benefit of this combination is the natural organization it brings to the table. This combination has a tendency to please others and especially those in a superior position to you. Stick to your intuition before making any major decision.

Other areas of focus today:

  • Identify how your business connections benefit your long-term career plans.
  • Think about starting a yoga, meditation or gi gong practice.
  • Be open to creative ideas from partner as well as any networking opportunities they propose.
  • Check in with real estate opportunity and cash flow in daily checking and savings account (s)
  • Assist others within your circle with their short-term goals.

Tip for Today:

Replace negativity with positive actions.

Mary Jane

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Energy Forecast!

Today is a rather grounding type of energy. The heavenly stem of yang earth hovers over the dog earth branch. This is magnified by the yang earth dog year of 2018. The element of earth is powerful, especially when dealing with major decisions, human resources and real estate options. If you have work in any of the aforementioned areas, then take advantage of the stabilizing earth quality for today.

Strong earth does have some negative aspects to it. One of the tendencies is to worry. Therefore, you may find yourself being more anxious than usual today. One of the best remedies against anxiety is to meditate. Another dynamic of strong earth is strong weather patterns that impact the earth. This can range from earthquake to flooding. If you are in a storm centered area today, be mindful of any trees near structures, as earth can be weakened and trees lose their anchor.

Other areas of focus today include:

  • A family member offers some great mentoring advice and/or networking possibility. Tune in to what they have to say!
  • Focusing on business marketing and goals has a powerful edge today. Some resistance may occur. Be forthright in actions and word.
  • Add a creative slant to your career path. Figure out what sets you apart from others and go with it.
  • If you are spending time networking today, keep your goals close at hand.
Today's tip: 

Rejoice and celebrate the good fortune of others.

Mary Jane

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Energy Forecast - Daily Focus Points

Tune in today to mentors, teachers from your past or colleagues you admire, as they have a direct connection to assist you with present and future goals. You may want to consider taking more classes that could require travel to make this connection.

Another area to focus on today is your relationship and/or business partnership.There is a strong financial combination that can include real estate transaction. It is important lines of communication are open and clear. If any paperwork is involved make certain it is organized best outcome. 

Family is another source to tap into today when it comes to your mission and goals. heed their advice as it can directly influence career and ultimately finances.

Enjoy your day!
Mary Jane
Feng Shui oga Girl