Tuesday, March 20, 2018

MJ's Daily Energy Forecast!

Metal rises over water today for a balanced cycle of energy. This is a most auspicious day and bodes well for just about anything. Communication is strong as long as you are clear with what you want. Endurance and ambition are two components that rise as well, but it is important you have a detailed plan in place. It is actually is a good idea to set time limits on tasks today. For example, allotting one hour to go through your emails. After that hour is up, move onto the next timed task.

Other areas of focus for today include:

  • Goals and visions takes the center of the loshu today. This is a highlighted energy for everyone. Is it time to ponder your direction? Spend one hour today on this task and see what changes you will make for the future.
  • Communication with mentor or those you are networking with is strong for today. If you map out your thoughts clearly, it will shift the direction of your career for the better.
  • Heed the advice from a partner when it comes to travel, networking and mentoring. The results are magnificent for career.
  • Finances are powerful today. This is money that is readily available. Power up the southeast portent today with activity. Work in this sector if you can, add strong lighting and moving water.
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