Thursday, March 22, 2018

MJ's Energy Forecast!

Photo by: Mary Jane Kasliner

Tip of the Day: Relationships are built on solid foundations. Not a dream.

Today is considered an open day to receive others and begin something new. Water over earth is true to the recent spring snow storm on the east coast. Water in the heavenly position is a strong indicator for solid communications. If you combine the "open day" concept, with the flexibility of the water element, it is a perfect day to delve into new projects with an eye towards how you can maneuver through the unknown.

The water ox is more reasonable and flexible then other oxen; therefore, completing short-term goals today without resistance is more likely. This combination allows you to focus on more than one goal at a time with unshakable determination.

Other Areas of Focus Today:

  1. When reviewing your mission today, pull from your roots, heritage and family upbringing. There are many values that will prove to assist you on your path.
  2. Transfer monies from one account to another today to pay off credit cards or other outstanding debt. This ultimately will clear the energy for increased financial position.
  3. Be mindful of travel today. Heed the advice of mentor that will ultimately lead to great success with financial perks.
  4. Partnerships are a powerful resource today for career. Be meticulous with your thoughts and plan of action to reap the benefits.
Mary Jane Kasliner
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