Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Stable Day For Energy

Blooming Flowers

This is a day used to initiate a long term activity, plan or strategy. The energies of a Stable Day infuses your endeavors to promote continuity, longevity and long lasting results.

Auspicious Activities
Energies of the day make it suitable for:
+ Worship

+ make plans

+ business

+ start work
+ Strategy

Bazi for the Day: 

The day pillar is the element of yang water over the metal monkey. 

Water deals mainly with the area of communications; therefore, it is important to hone your listening and speaking skills for the day.

The element of water directly aligns with the urinary bladder and kidney meridians. Water can insight fear or wisdom. It depends on how you are able to navigate through challenges that arise. If you employ good communication tactics, wisdom is the result. 

As the monkey branch fuels the water stem, your body will work overtime today fueling your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it bodes well to take in some form of exercise today. Think about flowing movements for your body such as swimming, cycling or qigong, 

The monkey branch will have to darting from one activity to another. Resist the urge to scatter your energy otherwise you will be unable to accomplish very little.

Trigram Strength:

  • Career focus is auspicious today. Resources are pure and supportive.
  • It's important to take time in your day to meditate. Set the intention for your meditation to seek clarity for long-term goals and life mission.
  • Take action for new business approach with partner. The energy is fast and can result in windfalls.
  • Take action with creative financial solution to portfolio and or investment opportunity.
Tip of the day: 
Speak of your plans, not of your toys.

Mary Jane