Monday, April 16, 2018

Open Day for Energy!

Open Day for Energy!

Today is considered an opening day for energy. This bodes well for activities that involve opening yourself to receive. It's a day to set new intentions and plant the seeds for the infinite possibilities that await you. There is a new moon also in the mix, so it is especially important to visualize whatever it is you want to manifest. 

It's important to get grounded with your thoughts and metal processes today to be most effective.  There is a tendency for people to want to do things for themselves rather than in a group effort. In addition, following a routine may be challenging, but worth the effort. 

There is a conflict between the elements in the day pillar (earth to wood), for today. This can bring about unwanted tension. You can take two approaches to be most effective. Decide if your work/goals for today need fine tuning. This could mean changing things up and becoming more visible to the public. Your second option can take a more behind the scenes approach by constructively mapping out your day and taking the time to go "inward" to decide what will take you through the long haul most effectively. This will require a mindful process including the ability to communicate effectively.

Other areas of focus for today:

  • Make a career move today as financial resources are amazing. Power up the north sector with moving water, strong wood and fire components.
  • Tap into your wisdom body through your daily meditation practice. Be aware that information may come your way about a powerful mentor. This can lead to future leadership position and new opportunities for growth. Strong earth element to the northeast to really capture this energy combination!
  • Flow, flow and more flow of energy to feed possible new business venture. Rely on family or elder support for guidance. Have a long-term plan in place for best outcome.
  • Windfalls can be likely overall today but the energy is a little unstable. Add strong fire element to the center of the structure to ease the otherwise overactive energy.
Today's Tip: 

Remind yourself to let go of false pride.