Friday, April 27, 2018

Tune in to the Energy for Today!

Arcadia National Park

Lots of earth quality for today with the yin earth stem above the earth oxen branch. This sets up for a great deal of stability and reliability, which is extremely helpful if you need to make important decisions today. The element of earth is most noted by its ability to provide a strong foundation. There is a sense of security, nourishment and love when you feel supported. Today, offer that nourishment and love to those most in need. It is a day to "receive," so why not be the one to offer this support to others. You will receive plenty in return.

Additional Areas of Focus:

Looking at the energy of the trigrams today, there are a few notables areas to consider:

  • There is a terrific combination when it comes to relationships. This is a perfect day to play hooky with your significant other and have some fun! It is also a good day to join ideas with your business partner or your clients.
  • Those who are Realtors, you have a great combination to work with today in sales. Move forward with contract signings and new listings!
  • Ask family member or elder for career advice. You'll be happy you did, as it will ultimately lead to long-term benefits and bring clarity for your future goals and aspirations.
Areas to be Mindful of:

  • Overall, there is an arguing energy between mother and eldest son today. For you moms out there with sons, take two steps back before reacting to a situation that can easily be resolved.
  • If you are networking today there is tension that exist between older male and younger female. If this is a scenario that sounds familiar to you, you are better off rescheduling your meeting for better results.
  • Tension exist when it comes to ales and marketing today. This can have a negative impact for reputation. Take time to review approach and hold off setting things into motion today. Take the weekend to review your approach and start fresh next week.

Enjoy the energy profile today and work it out the best way for you!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Time for the Outdoors!

Finally, the weather here on the east coast is warming up; and when that happens, we  look to spend more time outdoors. Just like the indoor environment, the outdoors need attention and design to navigate chi to flow freely. Here is the short list to get you started with your own natural environment, the area around your home.

Use Your Intuition:

A certain amount of intuition is always good to help you identify problem areas around your property. For example, an area that always seems to be stagnate would bode well by infusing some yang chi such has a bird bath, or bird feeder. The activity created by life force will help to restore balance in this overly yin segment of the property.

You might want to consider how you prefer to navigate your property in terms of directions. It is very helpful to simply extend the directional points from your floor plans right out to your property to give you ideas of landscape choices. For example, it might be a good idea to create a butterfly garden in the southern portion of the yard. This is a wonderful fire energy to assist with the natural element of this direction.

Simple Garden Remedies:

There are many dynamics that can cause energy to move too quickly or not move at all. For example, chi may be extremely sluggish in any area that is too dark, so this can be remedied by introducing more light with the use of landscape lighting or clearing and cutting back overgrown vegetation.

Albeit nature provides beautiful sounds, areas that are stagnate in your yard can be reactivated with infused sounds from chimes or man-made water feature. This is a fabulous way to generate activity and wildlife. On the flip side of things, sometimes chi is overactive and therefore requires stillness. Placing a large heavy object such as a statue, or garden urn can work especially well and look fantastic.

When chi tends to linger in certain areas of your yard, you can encourage it by using straight paths. You can also use arches and obelisks, or by planting straight stemmed plants. Incorporating functional objects such as a sundial, or barbecue is also a great way to revive sleepy or stagnating energy.


Having boundaries in your garden is very important as it gives you a way to control the energy that reaches your house. Essentially, there are two basic ways to vary the amount of energy that your boundary lets through. You can adapt the height of it via a tall fence, wall or hedge. If you want to encourage more chi from a particular direction, you can do it by lowering the boundary. For example, let's say you want to encourage chi to enter your wealth area, you might consider a low boundary with a gazing ball or bird house to pep up your finances.

You can also alter the density of your boundary. More chi flows through an open trellis verses a solid wall. If you have an open trellis and you want to slow down the movement of chi, then plant close-growing climbers up it, such as ivy or Virginia creeper.


This is one of the most important features of almost any garden. Keep in mind straight paths encourage energy to flow down them, and to flow fast. This bodes well if you are trying to navigate chi to an overly yin (stagnate) area. If the chi is already flowing well, your paths should curve gently.

When creating pathways, mix up the materials you use. For example, in a shady area, a light colored path such as gravel will create a contrast and bring light to the area. Use darker materials for those areas that are too bright and need toning down.

Beds and Borders:

Flowerbeds can be an extremely attractive feature in any garden. Generally speaking, the edges of beds and borders should follow gentle curves rather than straight lines. Wide flowerbeds also bode better than narrow ones, with the ideal width to be between 3 and 6 feet. This of course will depend upon the proportions of your yard.

When constructing beds, consider varying heights of vegetation, as the change in height encourages chi to flow from higher to lower parts. If space permits, island beds are wonderful. They give you the opportunity to infuse lots of different materials, pathways and vegetation.

Have fun this spring restoring your yard and garden. Enjoy the essence of nature and live consciously!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to Best Work With The Energy For Today!

The element of fire is strong today as it is found in its yang form in the daily Bazi stem position, and yin form in the hidden stem of the Dog branch. With that being said, it behooves you to reconnect with your goals and vision. Make sure you are clear with your direction. Are there any changes or adjustments you need to make? If so, today is a good day to make those revisions. 

Spending some time outdoors today also bodes well for fire energy. Think about taking your break with a brisk walk through the neighborhood or local park. Exercise is a must with strong fire, as flow of chi within the body via the circulatory system and meridians naturally aligns to this element.

Fire over earth provides a free flowing quality of energy today. Therefore, you may find things just move according to plans. Stick with a check-list and move through it with grace. The combination between the stem and branch in the day pillar is excellent when it comes to meeting new people and engaging in public relations. You may find lots of ideas flowing in and out of your mind today. This is good, but stick to your goals making those adjustments where needed.

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Younger male influence is beneficial when it comes to resources and financial gains. This is especially so when it comes to real estate. Heed the advice for positive outcome.
  • Research, including reading and writing for future aspirations and opportunities. This comes directly from networking or mentor advice. It's worth taking the time to listen and then move to your own research for best results.
  • Patriarch or mentor has beneficial perspective for eldest son when it comes to career or long-term goals approach. 
*The energy is very positive in the center of the structure today and therefore can grace all occupants. If you would like to spread that good chi, activate it with moving fire such as an essential oil diffuser. 


Maryjane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wood is Strong in the Season of Spring!

Spring is on the rise with the support of strong wood. Coming out of the watery energy of winter, there is plenty of action within the earth for wood to rise as new shoots. So, what can you do to enhance your environment? Here are a few ideas to catapult healthy wood.


The most recognizable wood energy are plants, bushes, trees and herbs. Take a walk around your property and note where vegetation looks sparse. Clean out any decay and prepare the soil for new plantings. Plant taller vegetation to the rear and sides of the home, with the tallest to the rear  followed by the right side of the property, then the left when viewed from the street. If you are standing at your front door looking out to the roadway, then the higher vegetation is on the left and lower to the right. It is simply perspective of where you are standing, as they are the same sides.

Make sure this vegetation can withstand the rigors of weather and seasons. In other words, just because the season changes from cold to hot or hot to cold, the plant choice should be able to tolerate the fluctuations in temperature. By choosing sturdy vegetation you avoid an otherwise barren look during the colder months.

Other Landscaping Tips:

There are a number of feng shui landscaping design formulas to follow that I point out in many of my feng shui programs, but here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Incorporate curves whenever possible
  • Mix up the elements such as gravel, sand, soil, wood chips, etc.
  • Create movement in the southeast with bird feeder 
  • Combine a mixture of heights with seasonal plants against year-round vegetation
  • Create an herb garden in the southeast or east section of the yard
  • Include a water feature in the front
  • Use vegetation as a natural barrier whenever possible 
  • Use landscape lighting (solar is a nice choice)

Indoor Wood Tips:

Rooms that fall within the east and southeast portents of your home are directly associated with the element of wood. It's important to utilize this element, along with the parent element of water, and the child element of fire, as accents in these rooms. Here are a few examples of how to design wood rooms. 

  • Choose water or wood colors ( blues or greens). However, use very little water if this room presents as a bedroom or kitchen.
  • Choose real wood flooring and furnishings
  • Incorporate real flowing water (unless if a kitchen or bedroom)
  • Choose stripe or floral patterns
  • Columnar shapes in general bode well
  • Free flowing fabrics as accents
  • Plenty of live plants (only one if in a bedroom)
  • Herbs, especially in the kitchen
  • Candles in moderation

Clearing * Cleaning:

Okay, so who remembers growing up and mom saying; "It's time for spring cleaning!" My mom was big on pulling down all the curtains, washing the windows, cleaning the floors and the list goes on. I remember how good it felt right after all the cleaning and organizing was complete. It literally felt like a breath of fresh air. Mom was definitely onto something with this tradition that at the age of 87, she still abides by. Sure, it takes her much longer to get the job done, but the end result is still the same. It's a fresh start to welcome in the new energy that unfolds from the stagnation of winter.

Before diving into rearranging your wood rooms (Southeast and East) locations, think about cleaning, organizing and clearing the home. This sets the foundation to welcome in the shift from yin (passive), to yang (active), springtime energy. Once all the cleaning is complete, it's a good idea to seal it with a simple space clearing process. That could include burning sage or other herbs, to infusing your favorite essential oils throughout your home. Wrap it up with a few intentions, and enjoy the new sanctuary you created!

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Best Way to Handle the Energy for Today!

Caves in Canada

There is an interesting combination of energy today that has a tendency to close down and result in stagnation. We refer to this type of day as  "closed energy." What does that mean exactly? It simply suggests it is best not to engage in any major decisions or activities, as you may encounter many challenges. It is far more effective to hunker down and sort through work that is already in progress. 

In terms of the Bazi, the day pillar holds earth residing over wood. This combination can lead to tension throughout the day, as these two elements fight against one another. There are two ways to disarm the tension between the heavenly stem and earthly branch. You can decide to be more assertive when interacting with those around you, but be clear with your intentions and/or goals. Just be mindful however, not to delve in to major undertakings, as the overall energy is "closed" for today. The second approach is more subtle. Keep to yourself and ponder your ideas by communicating them in a yin way; meaning write them down and keep them close to the vest.

The combination of the stem and branch elicits an overall practical, serious and hardworking manner. This is essentially how you should carry out your day being mindful of the aforementioned qualities. From another energy perspective, there are a few areas to be aware of. They are as follows:

  • If you own real estate, and especially if you are a landlord, the energy is very beneficial for rent increase. If you are seeking real estate, the combination bodes best for the seller and not the buyer. Remember, it is a closed energy day, so don't look to sign anything today. If you are selling property, stick to your original price. Do not go lower. Do not sign formal papers today, but lock the price.
  • In terms of close partnership, whether personal or business, raise the discussion of long-term path. It will require some research to help establish the overall plan.
  • Make an effort to accomplish one or two items on your list of "long-term" goals that relate to your career today. Discuss options with partner.
Areas Where Challenges Could Arise Today:

  • Your meditation practice. Inner dialogue could get disruptive. 
  • Possible tension/fighting with youngest son
  • Eldest son and mother tension around finances
  • Chest discomfort for patriarch
  • Overall tension for everyone
Tip of the day:

Tolerance is the key to a healthy relationship and a good life.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Monday, April 16, 2018

Open Day for Energy!

Open Day for Energy!

Today is considered an opening day for energy. This bodes well for activities that involve opening yourself to receive. It's a day to set new intentions and plant the seeds for the infinite possibilities that await you. There is a new moon also in the mix, so it is especially important to visualize whatever it is you want to manifest. 

It's important to get grounded with your thoughts and metal processes today to be most effective.  There is a tendency for people to want to do things for themselves rather than in a group effort. In addition, following a routine may be challenging, but worth the effort. 

There is a conflict between the elements in the day pillar (earth to wood), for today. This can bring about unwanted tension. You can take two approaches to be most effective. Decide if your work/goals for today need fine tuning. This could mean changing things up and becoming more visible to the public. Your second option can take a more behind the scenes approach by constructively mapping out your day and taking the time to go "inward" to decide what will take you through the long haul most effectively. This will require a mindful process including the ability to communicate effectively.

Other areas of focus for today:

  • Make a career move today as financial resources are amazing. Power up the north sector with moving water, strong wood and fire components.
  • Tap into your wisdom body through your daily meditation practice. Be aware that information may come your way about a powerful mentor. This can lead to future leadership position and new opportunities for growth. Strong earth element to the northeast to really capture this energy combination!
  • Flow, flow and more flow of energy to feed possible new business venture. Rely on family or elder support for guidance. Have a long-term plan in place for best outcome.
  • Windfalls can be likely overall today but the energy is a little unstable. Add strong fire element to the center of the structure to ease the otherwise overactive energy.
Today's Tip: 

Remind yourself to let go of false pride.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Strong Triad of Financial Energy Today!

The energy line up for today has a terrific sequence of trigrams that runs across the line of networking, stability and realized income. Here's my recommendations:

  • Do your research, which may include some study-time, to determine who can assists you the most to advance your goals. This energy combination is flowing in the northwest portent that deals with leadership, mentoring guidance, changing perspective of how you see things, and opportunities that are available. Place strong metal element in the northwest today to give assistance to the portent that is doing a great deal of work to fuel this combination.
  • Be secure and committed to you vision. If it is unclear, make it clear! Add more fire to the center of your home or office to illuminate your goals. Write an affirmation or two for guidance.
  • Resources are an amazing aspect to the triad of financial stars that take the root from heaven to earth today. This has a potential to change your financial position. Place strong fire, moving water and money in the southeast today. Keep one finger on the pulse for real estate connections. 
The wood stem is yin today, so there is flexibility when it comes to your ideas and making a move on them. The pig branch sits beneath fueling the source of your ideas and constitution. It's a good idea to remain focused and organized so your mind doesn't get ahead of you today. Only take on what you realistically can.

Have a great and successful day!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Stable Day For Energy

Blooming Flowers

This is a day used to initiate a long term activity, plan or strategy. The energies of a Stable Day infuses your endeavors to promote continuity, longevity and long lasting results.

Auspicious Activities
Energies of the day make it suitable for:
+ Worship

+ make plans

+ business

+ start work
+ Strategy

Bazi for the Day: 

The day pillar is the element of yang water over the metal monkey. 

Water deals mainly with the area of communications; therefore, it is important to hone your listening and speaking skills for the day.

The element of water directly aligns with the urinary bladder and kidney meridians. Water can insight fear or wisdom. It depends on how you are able to navigate through challenges that arise. If you employ good communication tactics, wisdom is the result. 

As the monkey branch fuels the water stem, your body will work overtime today fueling your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it bodes well to take in some form of exercise today. Think about flowing movements for your body such as swimming, cycling or qigong, 

The monkey branch will have to darting from one activity to another. Resist the urge to scatter your energy otherwise you will be unable to accomplish very little.

Trigram Strength:

  • Career focus is auspicious today. Resources are pure and supportive.
  • It's important to take time in your day to meditate. Set the intention for your meditation to seek clarity for long-term goals and life mission.
  • Take action for new business approach with partner. The energy is fast and can result in windfalls.
  • Take action with creative financial solution to portfolio and or investment opportunity.
Tip of the day: 
Speak of your plans, not of your toys.

Mary Jane

Friday, April 6, 2018

What You Need to Know About the Energy for Today!

Japanese Gardens Oregon

Earth over earth can create some instability today. Tree roots can be more vulnerable, so be especially mindful if you are in an area with high winds and rain. Excessive earth can also trigger emotions of anxiety. You may find it more difficult to digest information and distribute it effectively. What will be especially helpful is to map out your thoughts, and then review them before sharing with others. 

You may also find people to be a bit more dictatorial today, a "holier than thou," type of attitude. If you ride the wave, and let them prattle away, you'll end up taking the lead. It requires patience, but it will work.

Other Areas of Focus Today:

  • Stick close to home and your roots when it comes to making career decisions. Clarity with goals is a plus. It may require some reading and research to make your mark.
  • Partnerships are strong today, and especially those who are closest to you. Take advantage of spending time with your significant other today. If you have a business partner, it is wise to review strategy for this month.
  • Strong financial combination in career sector today. It is a good day to ask for a raise or make adjustment to your 401K. Communication is important to make your point.
  • Spend some time in the north sector today to take advantage of good energy that is present there.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dragon Month of April: Make it More Productive Than Ever!

Make The Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!
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3 Strategy Steps for Making the Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!

Welcome all! 
April is the month of the Fire Dragon and Heavenly Star (6) metal Qian. This is an extremely powerful combination that has the potential for great things to happen.

In today's newsletter, I'll review the Dragon and Heavenly Star qualities and how you can make April the most productive month ever!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Dragon - The Archetype for the Month of April:
The dragon is a mythical folklore that never ceases to enchant us or stir our imagination.

The dragon is full of vitality and strength that  demands high standards and an eagerness to perform on a grand scale. Due to the high energy stored within the dragon, it is easy to burn yourself out. Therefore, it is wise to intelligently challenge yourself, but not move beyond what you can realistically accomplish. More about the best strategies to accomplish more this month, by doing less.

The dragon has a tendency to have a volcano of emotions. He would much rather be rough, rude and utterly inconsiderate. The wise choice when encountering this behavior is to sit back and watch the magnificent fireworks. Don't worry, it will fizzle out before you know it. You see, the dragon can't help but to be overly emotional, as the elements of wood (anger), and water (fear), are hidden within the dragon. To exacerbate this, the main element of the dragon is earth; an element that is in clash with both wood and water. To create a bridge, and soften the outcome between these elements, infuse the qualities of metal, or the ability to "think through" things before you take action.

Dragon Pose:
In the practice of yin yoga, there is a pose called "Dragon." This pose mainly focuses on the earth meridian that is in alignment with the major element of the archetype animal of the dragon. The stomach meridian, in particular, is activated in this pose. This meridian is primarily concerned with digestion and distribution. It also fires up manipura chakra (solar plexus), that has a direct gateway to the heart and upper chakras and can manifest a state of higher consciousness. The stomach meridian can also stir up feelings of anxiety or equanimity. So why does practicing this pose for at least a 5 minute hold help? Think about what it does on a physiological level, and then how that can translate to everyday emotions. If you digest information presented to you, and distribute it in a positive and productive way, you most likely will experience feelings of equanimity and elevate your level of consciousness. What happens on a cellular level in your physical body also happens on an emotional and spiritual level. To learn more about the stomach meridian and how to perform Dragon Pose click here.

Fire Dragon:
The month of April, fire rises over the earthly dragon. This is a positive or sheng cycle of elements whereby the heavenly stem of fire builds the root of the earthly dragon. This is the most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all the dragons. Expectations are high, and so is the energy. Superiority plus authority may feel a bit overwhelming at times this month. You may find yourself pushing hard for no reason. Trust you can build your "empire" if you strive toward the supreme order of things. Perform at your highest level this month and you will successfully inspire others to do the same.

The dragon resides in the direction of southeast, more specifically the first mountain (112.5 - 127.5) degrees. The southeast contains the element of wood, the season of spring, and weather that tends to be windy. It's a good idea to keep the elements in this direction in harmony with the primary elements of water and wood in d├ęcor. Be mindful of the outdoors. Plant vegetation that is flexible, or the ability to withstand wind. Moving water  can also be implemented, but only if the southeast direction falls to the front of your home. Water in the rear of the structure can undermine stability, health and wealth. If you are uncertain, it is advised to have a professional assessment, as in some cases water in the front can aggravate any potential problematic energy combinations.

Heavenly Star 6 Qian:
Be inspired and be creative! The greatest mentors in life are said to blissfully reside in this space such as Mother Teresa, Jesus, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak, Chopra, Einstein and Gandhi... just to name a few. These are the people who honored the higher calling to create peace and harmony in the world through their works. They paved the way to higher awareness.

The 6 Qian heavenly star is about listening to your heart and how you can make a difference in the world. Set in motion the intention to attract like minded people, those who can mentor you, or you mentoring others. Move your state of mind and attract synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time. Expand your abilities to do the highest good. This energy reminds us to refine our intentions so we can live in clarity and order.

This trigram resides in the northwest direction. Check in with your design elements and make sure there is strong support of earth and metal to assist. Think about what inspires you and determine if your imagery holds true to that inspiration.

Since the trigram 6 Qian is activated this month, it will also make a move to the center of the home so all occupants can enjoy its energy. The metal meridians within the body will also be activated honing in on the lungs and large intestines. The emotions of sorrow and courage come to the light. It is connected to our ability to encounter difficulty with tenacity. This star is also associated with the head and crown chakra - an opening to higher consciousness. You can activate this chakra point with any inversion of your choice. Headstand  or rabbit  pose are wonderful choices to infuse during your yoga practice this month. 

 3 Strategy Steps for a Productive Month:
Now that you understand the energy you are working with this month, here are three simple strategies to get the most out of your month.
What Happened Last Month?
One of the easiest ways you can be more productive this month is to take in account what you accomplished last month. That's right...The good, the bad and the ugly.  List your accomplishments as well as your failures. See what went right, and see what went wrong, and then determine how to improve on each of them.

List Your Goals for This Month:
Now is the time to list your goals for this month. Using the solar calendar, the month of April begins today. Don't be shy. Create a list as long as you like realizing that if you accomplish even 50% you'll be more productive than you thought you could be. Be precise and maybe even daring.  Don't rush the list. Let it evolve instead.

Track Your Progress:
Make sure you track your progress throughout the month. Are you staying on your path or have you diverted? Perhaps break down the month with weekly goals so it doesn't seem so daunting. Remember, rely on what you did in March to figure out what to do in April!

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