Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Best Way to Handle the Energy for Today!

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There is an interesting combination of energy today that has a tendency to close down and result in stagnation. We refer to this type of day as  "closed energy." What does that mean exactly? It simply suggests it is best not to engage in any major decisions or activities, as you may encounter many challenges. It is far more effective to hunker down and sort through work that is already in progress. 

In terms of the Bazi, the day pillar holds earth residing over wood. This combination can lead to tension throughout the day, as these two elements fight against one another. There are two ways to disarm the tension between the heavenly stem and earthly branch. You can decide to be more assertive when interacting with those around you, but be clear with your intentions and/or goals. Just be mindful however, not to delve in to major undertakings, as the overall energy is "closed" for today. The second approach is more subtle. Keep to yourself and ponder your ideas by communicating them in a yin way; meaning write them down and keep them close to the vest.

The combination of the stem and branch elicits an overall practical, serious and hardworking manner. This is essentially how you should carry out your day being mindful of the aforementioned qualities. From another energy perspective, there are a few areas to be aware of. They are as follows:

  • If you own real estate, and especially if you are a landlord, the energy is very beneficial for rent increase. If you are seeking real estate, the combination bodes best for the seller and not the buyer. Remember, it is a closed energy day, so don't look to sign anything today. If you are selling property, stick to your original price. Do not go lower. Do not sign formal papers today, but lock the price.
  • In terms of close partnership, whether personal or business, raise the discussion of long-term path. It will require some research to help establish the overall plan.
  • Make an effort to accomplish one or two items on your list of "long-term" goals that relate to your career today. Discuss options with partner.
Areas Where Challenges Could Arise Today:

  • Your meditation practice. Inner dialogue could get disruptive. 
  • Possible tension/fighting with youngest son
  • Eldest son and mother tension around finances
  • Chest discomfort for patriarch
  • Overall tension for everyone
Tip of the day:

Tolerance is the key to a healthy relationship and a good life.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl