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     Your bed is the focal point as it is the most prominent piece of furniture in the room. It is essential you make the right choice when considering a bed, as it is the most used piece of furniture in your entire home. From an environmental point of view, you want to consider both the bed and the mattress.

     Natural wood frames are my favorite as they offer a robust texture and warmth. I also like the look of vintage bed frames. They lend an air of nostalgic romance and a unique look to the overall room design. These types of beds can come in a variety from ornate wrought iron with a princess fairytale feel, to decorative upholstered French style bed. Four poster beds add a touch of colonial charm while intricately carved wooden Art Deco - style beds can give a real vintage look.

     Alternatively, you can construct your own bed frame and take pleasure in making something you will use every day. If you are making your own bed frame, make sure the mattress will be properly supported by building in wooden slats. Be creative when it comes to the headboard as it will stand out and become the focal point.

     Your mattress is an important aspect when it comes to choice. You want to consider both health and comfort. Conventional mattresses are treated with lots of chemicals mainly fire retardants that outgas. Consider buying an organic mattress as it will benefit you and the environment. Organic mattresses simply use natural materials, such as wool and cotton. Natural latex mattresses are also beneficial. They are sourced from rubber trees but tend to be rather pricey and warm to sleep on.

Feng Shui Tips for Placement:

     When it comes to bed placement there are several things to consider:
  •  Place the bed on a solid wall in command to door entrance. Try to avoid the bed aligning directly to the door, as the onslaught of energy towards the feet is unfavorable.
  •  Avoid placing beds beneath windows. If you have no other choice, hang heavy drapes, use a solid headboard, or euro-pillows to buffer the otherwise unsupportive feature for protection. 
  •  Avoid placing beds beneath overhead beams. The right angles between the beam and ceiling cause a back flow of chi resulting in downward pelting energy at approximately 96 feet per second. This is extremely stressful for the body over a eight-hour sleeping period.
  •  Avoid placing beds beneath a sloping ceiling as the energy is extremely restrictive.
  •  Avoid placing beds cattycorner. Albeit a fabulous look, the energy tends to swirl behind the bed and can cause potential headaches.
  •  Avoid placing beds on a wall that has electrical equipment, appliance or hot water heater. These components emit EMF's that are not diminished by walls. A safe distance is three yards away from these sources. Beds positioned near EMF sources can result in headaches, insomnia, allergies and other ailments.
      Take your time in choosing healthy materials for your bed and mattress. Enjoy the process; after all, your bed is where you let your physical body rejuvenate and your spirit body to dream.


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Monday, June 10, 2019

My Favorite Weather is Bird Chirping Weather

Photo by: Martha Geiger

On June 21, 2019, the summer solstice rolls in.  The summer solstice, also known as mid-summer, occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt towards the sun. It happens twice a year in both hemispheres, and when it does, the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and is the day with the longest period of daylight.

It's the time of year our spirits begin to wake up and stretch. There is a yearning to be out, feel alive, move about and celebrate. Click here and explore some ideas of how you can enjoy the energy of the summer solstice. Included in this article are pictures from my yoga hike at Huber Woods and Surya Namaskar video.

Get creative this month and take advantage of the joyous energy that enters through the loshu grid for June. Incredible creativity flows with ease in an orderly environment. Be inspired by your rich imagination and transform your lofty ideas into reality.  With the summer solstice upon us, you can count on clear vision to guide you through the process. 
Your ideas will flow from a point deep within as you connect to cosmic consciousness. Imagine with each breath you take an endless wave of Divine grace and wisdom flowing over you nourishing and invigorating every cell of your being. It is always there for you. Get quiet, be still, listen, breathe and trust. 
In the ancient yogic text, Bhagavad Gita, it is said that whatever one's mind thinks of (sankalpa), for that thing one develops a desire. Whatever you desire, you will make the effort towards it.  This month make the effort to strive for your desire. Keep your creative center (navel chakra) open to receive information from your higher self (3rd eye point). Bringing forth your desire is like the birthing process; expect some pains, but know that you can bask in the joy as you bring forth your creation. Move past the illusion and free yourself of fear. Trust the process and then let go.  
Additional Points of Interest for June

Connect with those who share your vision this month. Discuss ways to offer additional services. Add that creative dynamic to set you apart from others. There is a cohesive relationship between your networking efforts and money realized. You can assist this energy in your environment by adding either moving water (fountain) or plug-in incense burner to the northwest portent, and the elements of fire and earth to the southeast.

Career/Vision: Expect some bumps in the road this month as you are moving through your goals. Albeit the sun is bright and illuminates your ideas, little things can go awry. Moving from one work project to another can create tension between colleagues, especially in work setting. You can manage this by slowing down the pace and taking a pause. In your environment, place metal d├ęcor in the south and healthy plant in the north.

Self-Knowledge/Relationships: Part of the creative process this month is to go within yourself. This requires time spent in meditation. There is resistance in the quality of the elements that interact in the loshu this month. This holds true when it comes to your outer relationships too. By placing a metal element in the northeast and a fire element in the southwest, you can effectively advert this tension. Clear communication and intention is always the best approach whether it is in your meditation session or with another person.

Family/Children/Creativity: Potential chaos when it comes to family matters this month. This requires precise thought process and clear communication to right the wrong. Keep your environment organized, as this can add to the struggle. It is important to spend time outdoors this month. Take long walks, sit in your backyard or explore park trails. The idea is to connect to Mother Nature. This bodes well for your health and can also get your creative juices to flow. You can journal the process in depth by exploring my book Mother Nature A Bridge to Conscious Living.

The combining elements in the loshu for these areas of your life are stressed this month. Ease the tension by placing metal and virtual water elements  in the east and an earth element in the west. Perhaps you can find these elements during your nature walks!
Overall Challenge This Month:

Metal over fire is a destructive combination with June's Metal Horse. You can expect impulsive, stubborn, aloof, distracted and self-centered behavior.
How to Work With It:
  •  Pause before making a decision
  •  Resist impulse spending
  •  Be flexible
  •  Be present
  •  Reach out to others

Health Concerns This Month
There are several antagonistic relationships between the elements this month that can impact certain organ/body systems;
Hips/Pelvis: Tendency for pressure in this area of the body. Be mindful of your exercise routine. Take a few extra minutes to stretch this area of the body. Taking a yin yoga class geared towards the wood organs (Liver and Gallbladder) would be helpful. I have added in several yin yoga postures in my yin/yang classes that target especially the gallbladder (outer hip). An infusion of water poses helps to fuel these areas along with some fire poses to ease the tension. June 29th I'll be subbing in for the 4:15 Yin class at Inlet Yoga Studio. You can count on some of these poses for your practice.

Intestines/Mouth/Teeth: Choose your diet wisely this month. With fire strong, it behooves you to move towards earth foods to drain off the excess heat. Some earth foods include: Fennel, broccoli, carrots, beans, mushrooms, cabbage, figs, dates, watermelon, tofu, and walnuts. Check when your last dental visit was and follow-up if past due. If playing any contact sports, wear a mouth guard.

Shoulder/Wrist: Many yoga workshops will include 108 sun salutations in honor of the summer solstice this month. Be mindful of your alignment and add extra support for wrist and shoulders, especially if you have prior injury to these body parts. If you spend a great deal of time on your computer or other media devices, take a pause and stretch wrist and shoulders. Be mindful of body mechanics when working on these devices.

Feet/Legs: If you are a runner watch for shin splints this month. Wear compression socks during your workout. They really make a difference. Check the mileage on your sneakers. I just bought a new pair myself, as my feet began to act up. If you put serious mileage on your sneakers, they only last for 5 months or less!

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