Thursday, January 23, 2020

Why 4 Pillars Astrology Assessments Can Help You and Your Business

     Four Pillars is based on your time of birth, date of birth, and your place of birth. It is a system to assist you in understanding how the elements of the environment you were born into impacts your life. It can be used as a tool to navigate your approach to life. How? In this system, there is an analysis of how the elements of the earth at the time of birth melds with your mind-body connection. The combination of those elements are then carried with you throughout your life. Essentially, this body chemistry is like your birthday, it can never be changed. It is your destiny. However, adjustments to your environment in which you reside can give you guidance to make the most of your destiny pillars.

     In this system of astrology, I calculate and analyze the 4 Pillars of birth and other combinations and interactions that impact these 4 date pillars including annual and 10 year combinations to determine the right course of action for all areas of your life.  I can pinpoint the exact amounts of elements (5 in all), that are born within the body. Having an ideal amount of 18-20% of each of these elements is fantastic. However, the reality of having all 5 elements fall within those parameters is rare, or not likely at all. It becomes extremely important to regulate those elements out of balance with other factors within your body or your environment throughout your life. This can be achieved through various ways including activities, environmental changes, foods, people and how you serve others in the world or your soul's mission.

     Think of the 4 Pillar profile as inner feng shui or managing your inner landscape. An over or under abundance of elements in your environment impacts the mind - body connection or your state of being tremendously. Each of the 5 elements holds a piece of the puzzle for your success, health, and living to your highest potential. From a basic perspective, the 4 pillars point to sectors of your birth data whereby the hour pillar represents your inner self and emotions you hold close to the cuff. The day pillar represents your master self - body of true self. The month pillar holds the energy of parental influence, heritage, patterned imprinting and what to learn from these influences. The year pillar is the outer self, how others perceive you, your personality and how they respond to your energy. There are interactions and fluctuations between these pillars with incoming energy each year and larger patterns in 10-year pillars. 

     This is a perfect time to request a 4 Pillars analysis, as the energy is gradually shifting from 2019 to 2020. For more information on requesting a 4 Pillars life analysis email me.

Mary Jane Kasliner is a master feng shui consultant in traditional feng shui principles including 4 Pillars technique. She can be contacted through her website or email.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Living Rooms - Oh My!

Living Rooms - Oh My!

     Living rooms, by and large, are multi-purpose rooms - from relaxation, to family gatherings or entertainment such as watching television or listening to music. How you arrange this room is important for the diverse functions to be supported.

     First off, the living room should be welcoming. This can easily be accomplished through the use of natural materials, color, images, seating arrangement, proportion, and type of furniture utilized. For example, if you have a large open floor plan and high ceilings, it is best to create small groupings or vignettes rather than attempt to make a single room within the space. On the other hand, small rooms should have less furnishings and lower pieces so the room doesn't feel top heavy or cramped. 

     Living rooms are considered yin spaces especially when they are full of comfortable, upholstered seats. Choosing chairs and couches with higher backs is beneficial to create a protective feel when sitting in them. Having arms to the chairs and couches with a small footstool nearby effectively represents the 4 protective guardians in feng shui (Tortoise - high back chairs, Dragon and Tiger - arms, and Phoenix - footstool nearby).

    When possible, position seating so your back is not to the door. Family, and guests for that matter, should feel welcomed and comfortable while spending time in this room. If chairs or sofa can't be positioned against a wall for support, then create stability behind the seating with a sofa table or floor standing plant. The idea is to create a sense of support with other types of décor.


     Since the living room can serve many different purposes and activities, then a variety of lighting is essential. Consider bright lighting for activities or games. Brighter lighting also bodes well if this room is located in the north direction, as little natural light will come in through windows. It is also beneficial to have softer lighting for relaxation or watching television. Bare in mind where the television or stereo is placed. You never want it to be the focal point. 


     If your living room is painted one color hue or without an accent wall, then small areas of stimulation will give the eye and energy a place to travel so the energy doesn't become stagnant. Consider fresh flowers, plants, decorative items on cocktail table or artwork to provide depth. 


     Choose your art mindfully as images have a tremendous impact on your mood. Essentially, the images you choose is a reflection of your thoughts. Your thoughts create a body feeling whereby the totality (Thought + Feeling) is your state of being. That's powerful stuff. If you want to feel uplifted, optimistic and peaceful, then choose images that support those feelings. You'll be amazed how the mind will continue to send you thoughts that will trigger those same types of feelings. 

     Think about grouping your images as it will create a more interesting look and add dimension in the room. It is also a great way to utilize wall space efficiently and effectively. Cast lighting on the artwork to enhance the colors and shapes within the painting. This is a very effective technique and looks amazing.


     Obviously any room will look and feel better when you eliminate the clutter. Newspapers, magazines, videos, fallen plant leaves, mail or any other items that do not belong in this room should be removed and placed in proper filing systems, garbage or cabinet. 

     Clutter will stagnant the energy and change your impression when entering the room. It becomes more difficult to relax or entertain when items are piled up on the cocktail table, end tables, seating surfaces or the ground. Create the habit of discarding papers when you are finished with them, as papers are the number one source of clutter in the home. 

     Living rooms are fabulous rooms and can support the different components of your life. Take time to strategically set up and design this room. I promise, it will be worth the effort.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Fall Into The Moment Feet First

Shed the Past

Last week during my yoga classes I discussed how the energy of yang water "Ren" began to shift to yin water "Gui." For the month of December, Ren or yang water, had us moving at a fast pace, digesting information in a holographic way and pulling resources from every which way. In nature, Ren is represented by water that is above the surface. It is what supports and maintains life.

Gui, or yin water lies beneath the earth. It's deep, slow, methodical and perseveres through the subtle changes that ultimately creates growth.  There is a process of shedding so new seeds can embed into the richness of the earth bed. Since we are the microcosm to the greater macrocosm, we are imbued with this same energy. The time is ripe for the shedding process to take place so the fertile regions of the mind and soul become spacious for transformation. For this process to take root a full release must occur. Ask your self what is hidden away and what kind of a matrix has it created in your life?

To fully experience the regenerative process that is taking place right now you must surrender and let go. It is through the shedding process you can create space to regenerate, grow and eventually blossom and align with your dreams. You must release what holds you hostage. It will be uncomfortable at times as you move away from the familiar, but this is the way to move toward your ultimate vision of self.

Below are some simple strategies to help you release what no longer serves you and to embrace the unknown.

1. Remove unwanted physical items from your environment. This includes furnishings, décor, schoolwork from childhood that is now ten, twenty, thirty or more years old.  For more information on how to clear clutter and change your life, see my downloadable  clutter removal program that infuses the principles of feng shui!
2. Have a fire ceremony party. Invite friends or family and tell everyone to bring whatever they want to release from their life. It can be as simple as writing things down on a piece of paper and then tossing it into the fire. You would be amazed how much energy is attached to things even when they have been hidden away in boxes for decades.
3. Learn to fail forward. Instead of harping on your mistakes, see them as guides that help show the way of creating your future.
4. Give yourself a challenge. Take that class you have been avoiding. Apply for that position you think is above your experience level. Sure, it will feel uncomfortable, but do it anyway.
5. Learn to live in the present. There is no better place to release the past then to refuse to dwell on it. The best way to refrain from dwelling on the past is to keep your attention firmly fixed on the present.

As you move through this journey, know that you are a walking summary of your life experiences everything you 've taken in, the good and the not so good. Shedding the old is to simply let things be. This process creates space as you loosen the grip. It is in the spaciousness that regeneration takes place. Trust and embrace the guidance from your light workers. You will get all the visions, knowledge and wisdom you need. You are not alone.

Om Shanti Peace,
Mary Jane
"Shed the past, forget the future, and fall into the moment feet first."
Gabrielle Roth

Taking That First Step

What you are doing with your time NOW is all that matters. Right now is what determines how you are experiencing life. You can decide to be happy and be grateful for your life, and to do what you want with it.

Taking that first step in a new direction can be the most difficult but the rewards for what's to come are worth it. Your inner journey is the step you are taking right now. Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now, suggests as you become more deeply aware of this first step, you realize that it already contains within itself  all the other steps as well as the destination. This one step then becomes transformed into an expression of perfection, an act of great beauty and quality.

A Brand New Sun

The Navajo teach their children that every morning when the sun comes up it's a brand new sun. It's born each morning, it lives for the duration of one day, and in the evening it passes on, never to return again.

The adults take the children out at dawn and say this, "The sun only has one day. You must live this day in a good way, so the sun won't have wasted precious time. Acknowledging the preciousness of time is a good way to live, and a great way to remain present.

Feng Shui Tips for January

January marks the last month for the year 2019 in Feng Shui calculations. This is the month of the Ox that steadily pulls the plow. The ox is strong, dutiful, reliable, determined, well organized and knows how to persevere under any circumstances.

This month also energetically aligns to integrity, illumination, and to be encouraged to follow your bliss. With an open heart you can pursue your path from the light that shines within. This radiance creates enthusiasm, which fans the flames of the heart igniting forth your desires. It is a month to discover your purpose and open the door to your higher calling. When you discover who you are you learn how to live with clarity and harmony. This enables you to utilize your talents to uplift the world.

Other areas that are emboldened by this energy this month are as follows:
Family/New Beginnings: Be open to new and creative things with your family this month. Call forth your rich imagination and be inspired. Lofty ideas dwell in the aethers but can be actualized into solid matter of the world. Expect to feel the labor pains of creating a new endeavor but it will be worth it. Be joyous in the process and trust what the universe has in store for you.
Financial Success: Seek knowledge and discipline and you will cultivate a quiet mind. You will be able to hear the inspirations that move beyond time and space. This is the underpinnings behind true financial success. Release the guilt or blame for your financial picture and allow your true Self to step forward and accept the windfalls that are near. A healthy sense of self is what catapults success. From this place, you are able to draw financial rewards that are always available to you.
Vision/Goals: Like the earth that is filled with pure abundance, this is the month to capture this abundance and manifest it into your life by way of your vision and goals. Engage in healthy choices and practice gratitude whenever you can. Be willing to do what it takes to hone your skills and make wise decisions. Recognize you are the channel of abundant energy. It moves not only through you, but swirls all around you.
Trust: This month is about paving the way for higher awareness in your relationships. Expand your abilities and then serve your community. It is in the giving that we receive. Refine your intentions and trust the right people will enter your life at just the right time. Synchronicity is the foundation to expanding your reach. Trust is the key to all possibilities.

Mentors: Be receptive to those who have taken the path before you. Call forth your dreams knowing there are infinite possibilities. Remain centered deep within so you can experience the core of your being. This is a profound place where your true purpose is revealed.

Inner Knowledge: Root down so you can rise up and connect to your potential. Strong roots enable you to meet with any surprises. Develop strength of character and a productive sound mind. Work diligently this month like the farmer who rises early to tend the land. Everything is new waiting to be brought forth. Cultivate and nurture the seeds of new things to come.

Mindful of Health:
This month the following areas are vulnerable:
  • Muscles, tendons especially in the hips and legs
  •  Kidneys/bladder
  •  Skin irritations
  •  Mouth discomfort
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Happy New Year!
Mary Jane Kasliner