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Second Half 2012 Dragon Influence

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Second Half 2012 Dragon Influence

This week BSA would like to discuss the second half of 2012 influence of the Dragon. The year of the Dragon forecast was discussed back in February. I thought it was a good time to review the important points of the Dragon influence for the remainder of this year to help keep us all on track.
Dragon Influence for 2nd Half of 2012
Empty Branch - Dragon:
The second half of this year takes on the energy of the Dragon. Below is an overall assessment of the Dragon influence for the public.

The Dragon energy contains a few dynamics. First, it resides on the celestial clock between 7 - 9 am governing wealth accumulation. Its position of southeast coupled with the water heavenly stem of 2012, and hidden Dragon stems of wood and water, point towards wealth. This is attainable as the hidden stems provide root or an anchor for this energy.So if there are any projects or business dealings you are still waiting on they should come to fruition during the Dragon's time.
Secondly, Dragon is the 5th sign of the lunar cycle with a fixed element of yang earth in stage 9 storage of qi energy. This is noted by wet climate and that we shall see in 2012. We all should be prudent around water this year as there is a tendency of wet weather conditions. Albeit the earth will do its best to contain this water as it refills its water tables, but it will cause saturation and destabilization.Be prepared for heavy water saturation coming our way.
Third, the Dragon archetypal energy, if balanced, will exude an enthusiastic, creative, confident, noble, pioneering and magnanimous qualities. We will witness this only if there is balance of mind, body and spirit and a move out of our limited ego. If not, we will discover the Dragon's unfortunate characteristics of arrogance, egoism, overbearing and dogmatic approach to things. This can occur in families, local communities or in the world at large.
Collectively there are still plenty of resources available this year that can bring about prosperity. There is a powerful wood source for the 2012 chart that suggests potential for friendly assistance so we (individually and as a nation) can reach our potential. However, there will also be underlying stress and pressure felt by many that is attributed to a growing dependence on government. Because of this, leaders will feel as though they alone are the main influencing factor in the world and this is dangerous. The karmic lesson for us all is to become more independent and let government know we have a voice; "We the people."
As a nation and personally we must manage our finances otherwise we will lose our independence even more so and feed the current downward spiral. Because of this, there will be an agressive nature to force things to happen even if the timing isn't right. As a result, it will cause great tension among people and nations. This is coming from the core of man himself and exacerbated by a 6 combination occurrence in the 2012 birth chart that points to aggressive power. The public will feel this tension and therfore it is better to allow things to unfold in due time.
There will be much arguing in families this year and this stems from business/finances. Again, the key is for balance and to let go of ego driven limitations. The lesson here for all is to slow down, smell the roses, experience life and discover true self through meditation practice.
The urge to travel still remains as the heavenly trigram Qian takes center position. This travel will involve for many to visit places that have spiritual energy especially since the star of enlightenment sits to the higher wisdom portent. Just keep in mind that all should take caution traveling towards the southeast or the northwest as difficulties may arise.
The Dragon energy also awakens the areas of the pelvic, hips,  and thigh muscles making these areas more prone to injury. Take note of this in exercise routines.
The later part of 2012 offers options. The best approach will be to progress as an honest nation with honest citizens who will listen to their neighbors. If we do this we will gain respect globally. This is a transformative year that can lead us to an evolutionary leap of consciousness. Let the inner philosopher emerge!

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