Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tips for Your Feng Shui Thurdays!

Every season is represented by one of the 5 Chinese elements. October, the season of Autumn, is primarily the element of metal with water building beneath in anticipation of winter's arrival.  Metal is contractive, inward pull, settles, calms, and consolidates. You may notice some, if not all these qualities arising in your body and mind. Working with the qualities of metal with a flowing nature aspect of water on the horizon, bodes exceptionally well in aligning your energy. Keeping your energy regulated during the seasons is a bit easier when your environment and diet are in harmony with nature. Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Clean up and organize the outside landscaping especially in the west, northwest and north areas (metal to fuel the water with winter on the heels).
  • Work with metal and water elements in your indoor environment in the west, northwest and north directions respectively. For more information on what these design qualities are see my Feng Shui Designs in a Flash publication.
  • Become more introspective and contemplative about your life. Seek the truth and justice from self and others.
  • Eat more metal and water foods such as onions, fennel, rice, turnips, garlic, radish, fish, beans, and walnuts are just a few elemental food choices.
  • Take time to get quiet and center yourself as this is the season of air or vatta as well so the tendency is for confusion and anxious feelings.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tell Me the Energy Forecast Tuesdays!

Japanese Gardens Oregon

Welcome to "Tell Me The Energy Forecast Tuesdays." This forecast is based on a combination of flying stars and 4 Pillars Astrology. Let's find out what is in store for you today.

Overall, today is thought to be a balance day. In other words, the energy of a balanced day promotes easy transition in work and other projects. It is a great day for travel and or renovations.

The heavenly stem of fire fuels the ox earth branch so there is a wonderful flow of energy. The morning hours should be spent focusing on your goals, marketing and how to improve your overall reputation in your field of work. Take time to finesse your website or marketing literature. The afternoon hours are aligned for focused, methodical and pin-point accuracy in your work. Forget short-cuts, as this energy combination calls for details.

The daily star for today is the most auspicious 8 money star. This takes position in the center of the loshu and therefore it easily spreads auspicious energy for everyone. This star is great when it comes to finances, real estate, wisdom and knowledge. It is beneficial to carve out some meditation time for today to reap the benefits of this star. 

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Finances: A nice combination occurs in the house of fortunate blessings and finances today. Again, this points to real estate. It's a good idea to check in with your present property and perhaps think about improvements or other options.
  • Goals/Visions: This partners with the overall heavenly stem of fire today. Hone in on your reputation and windfalls can be the result.
  • Networking/Mentors: A great day to network or tap into mentor or be a mentor to someone else needing assistance. The energy combination here is terrific that can yield long-term results.

Happy Tuesday!
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Reading the Energy Wednesdays!

One of my favorite despacho clearing pictures...

Reading the energy Wednesdays! Welcome to my Wednesdays energy readings. From now on I will take each day of the week and bring a different focus tip to align conscious energy. 

Wednesdays are "Reading the Energy Day". 

Today is considered an auspicious day to receive returns and rewards. The energies promote a positive outcome and abundant return when you are expecting or requesting for something. The metal heavenly stem has a tendency to over think things today. This can busy the mind up so much that you miss the point. Utilize the metal stem more effectively through preparation, precision and intuition. The combination to the sheep branch takes on a gathering energy. In other words, you'll do best by combining your efforts with others. The sheep will also pull you to spend some time with family or friends later in the day. It might be a good idea to make dinner plans with those closest to you.

Additional Areas of Focus:

  • It is beneficial to take the advice of a younger male when it comes to new real estate options. Listen to words of advice, as they can bring windfalls especially when it comes to building real estate and new direction.
  • Plan on movement with your finances. Seek financial literature to guide you with the process. Make sure you have enough ready cash to avoid penalty fees from other investments.
  • Continue to shine the light on your plans, goals and visions. At times it may dim causing you to question your direction. Dig in and move forward!
  • Reach out to mentors and network with those who are on the same path. This will propel long-term goals and direction.
Contemplate this:

True friendship is developed when you do things for someone without thinking or expecting of what you will get in return. 

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Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Change Up Your Yoga Practice for the Fall Season!

October Tips From Mary Jane Kasliner
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How to Change Up Your Yoga Practice for the Fall Season!

Welcome to BSA - The Conscious Alignment of Energy
The wind is changing bringing in the fall season. Albeit nature is so colorful this time of year, our minds and bodies aren't always ready for the change in weather and temperature. Change is good provided you can ease into it.

One of the best things to ground our mind and body this time of year is to connect to Mother Earth. It had a tremendous grounding quality that can offset the otherwise heavy "vata," one of the three doshas in the sister science to yoga known as Ayurveda. Vata corresponds to the element of air. With strong vata, you may notice you are more anxious, ringing in the ears, or difficulty focusing. Let's take a look at how you can move into the season of fall with a feeling of stability.

Mary Jane Kasliner

1. Grounding Your Body with Yoga Poses:
If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, try a yoga practice that includes a few grounding asanas, such as forward bends, that allow the mind and body to relax. Forward bends work more with the parasympathetic nervous system that calms the body instead of revving it up. Standing poses are also very good because you feel balanced throughout the body. Twists help to cleanse the body while pranayama and meditation have an overall calming impact.

2. Forward Folds:   Focus on grounding the legs and feet deeply into the earth, also use breath and Uddiyana Bandha (belly pulling slightly up and inward) to allow the body to go deeper into the pose to relax the nervous system.

3. Seated Forward Fold: Ground the sit bones deeply into the earth, use the breath and Bandhas (locks) - squeeze the pelvic floor and lift the lower belly up and back, to go deeper. Better yet, try a restorative version of this pose using one or two blankets piled on the legs to support the torso while relaxing forward.

4. Half Lord of the Fish: This is a great pose to release toxins from the kidneys and liver while also grounding the body. Maintain a lifting action through the entire spine while twisting from the base and core.

5. Head to Knee Pose: This pose grounds and lengthens the body. The west side or back of body is brought to the light to thin out emotional imprints or samskaras.

6. Warrior 2: This pose is not only rooting to the earth but it taps into the solar plexus to move beyond fears and anxieties. Really root down through the padas (feet) and engage the pelvic floor as the arms move out from the heart space.


7. Eagle Pose: This pose pulls inward mimicking the element of metal strong this time of year. The standing leg roots  and grounds the body into the earth, the supporting element of metal. The movement inward represents a journey towards higher consciousness.


8. Breathe: The best thing you can do to relieve stress and anxiety is to simply breathe. Make an effort to spend some time outdoors and breathe with the ebb and flow of the wind. The breath has a remarkable ability to slow down the mind and the physical body.


9. Ground Your Environment: It doesn't make much sense to focus just on ways to ground your body and ignore your environment. After all, your environment is simply the macrocosm of your body and therefore directly influenced by it. Here are a few simple tips to follow:
  • Remove clutter. Clutter has a way to create chaos in the mind and the environment. Roll up your sleeves and really dig into what no longer serves you or your family.

  • Refresh your landscaping by removing dead vegetation, raking the soil and adding rockery. Stones are stabilizing and grounding. Areas that support rockery are the northeast, southwest, northwest and west.

  • Check in on the grounding earth areas of your home (northeast, center and southwest). This actually is referred to as the earth axis  line in feng shui schematics. It is extremely important this line is not undermined by water (bathrooms, laundry facilities) or architecturally missing (odd floor plan shape). If these areas are compromised by water, then offset and restore stability by adding earth elements (earth colors such as beige, tan, brown, terra cotta, etc.) and stone materials (granite, slate, etc.). If a stairwell falls within this axis line, reinforce with earth color hues, mountain scenery in artwork and stone pedestal with stone statue on landing, if the room permits. If the northeast or southwest areas of the floor plan are compromised, add in extra energy through outdoor landscaping. Even strong upward lighting in those areas are very effective.

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Legs up a wall is a perfect way to relax the nervous system!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

What's the Energy for Today?

Today is a day for planning and strategy. The wood heavenly stem is in a yin form so moving a slower and methodical pace is preferable. The ox branch is sure to have you working hard today but to be effective take a bold and outspoken position. This will ease the otherwise tension that exists between the stem and branch elements.

Areas to be mindful of today:

  • Personal family relationships. Make the effort for quiet time with those who are closest to you. This will sure pay ten-fold.
  • Wealth, in terms of daily finances is closely linked to a long-term strategy for your career and life. Review what your intentions are, your goals and visions as this will have a powerful impact to your overall financial picture.
  • Real estate transaction is a focus especially when it comes to partnering relationships. Take into account what needs to be done for a smooth transition.
Tip of the Day: 

In the beginners', mind there are infinite possibilities. In the experts' mind, there are few.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Feng Shui Forecast

Happy Monday morning! Today is a day best to remove unwanted things, whether that is items in your environment or projects that no longer make any sense to continue. The daily star is very auspicious. It's about gathering financial resources and making a move in the direction of new real estate possibilities. However, since the star falls in the center, it is best not to make any drastic moves today. Instead, formulate a plan, write a list, and review your financial status. This is the way you can come from a position of power. Other areas to bring your attention to today:

  • Align your vision for future aspirations by checking in with younger and older male that are close to you and you can trust. Some great ideas may come from this leading to financial prospects.
  • Be mindful of marketing and network strategies today. There is potential for undermining activity.
  • Potential for very active energy for creative projects, children and overall play-time. Just be mindful of keeping things in order otherwise it can easily get out of control. 
Overall, the morning hours are for communication, listening and advancing long-term strategies for life and career. Trust those who are willing to extend a helpful hand.

Tip of the day: There is a difference between personal success and business success!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl: