Friday, July 26, 2019

Coming Back to Center!

Japanese Gardens - Oregon

The Feng Shui month begins on August 8th. The energy for this month is interesting. On one hand it restores the center point where all things revolve and flow from, and on the other hand, it can create some chaos if you are not methodical about your choices and decisions.

The energetic combination between the 5  earth central star for the month of August, and the 8 Earth star for 2019, aligns towards resources, real estate, land proposals, knowledge, and meditation practices.

August is also the month of the Monkey in Chinese Astrology.  The Monkey has an inventive quality about it. So let your ideas fly this month and see what comes up! Read on and discover how the feng shui energy impacts other parts of your life.

Roots: The energy is strong this month for growth. This can show up as a deeper connection to your roots, family, and elders. Heed the advice that comes to you by those who are experienced and know the way.

New business opportunities may arise that can result in windfalls. Be mindful however not to rush into anything, as the overall energy for this month requires due diligence and centering of your thoughts before making any permanent decisions. .

There is strong male influence when it comes to initiating family events or business tactics. Go with the flow, be flexible and receptive to the information provided. Temper it however, by being clear in your vision and goals for smooth sailing ahead.

Finances: Review your bank accounts and other financial documents. Pay close attention to your investment strategy. It may require some reading and research to make the best decision on stocks/investments. Remember, this month calls for clear attention to detail as mistakes can easily be made that can result in a boat load of issues. Best to review your accounts, but not make any major moves until next month.

Goals: Things are out in the open and fully illuminated. This is the time to take stock of your short-term and long-term goals, aspiration, and vision. You don't necessarily have to delve into anything new, or be dramatic about it, rather temper your immediate actions by constructing a clear vision of what you desire. Set that image first, then move from that point forward.

Relationships: This is a great month to gather with friends, especially those you haven't seen for a long time. Keep the lines of communication open so there is no confusion about meeting up. Think about planning a "date night" with your special someone. Use your imagination and explore the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Fun-Time: If you could do anything, what would it be? Get creative here and see what comes up. Spend time this month enjoying your hobbies. Many times we get caught up in the "work-mode" and come to realize there isn't any time for some simple fun. Balance between work and play is the secret to healthy and happy living habits.

Business: It is a good month to network and align future business. Take a leadership role in your approach and others will naturally gravitate towards you. Travel is tempting this month but keep it close to home, as the overall energy for this month can cause travel mishaps.

Health: The trigrams take their natural home position this month so there is no tension created between the trigram and it's elemental position. This bodes well. Essentially, everything comes back to the center. In other words, it is important to manage your diet and exercise on a routine basis this month. Don't overindulge with either. Get plenty of rest to restore your body and plenty of meditation to quiet your mind and center yourself. Activities such as yoga, tai chi and qi gong are very useful as they are grounding and centering. Being mindful is the best step to preventing health mishaps.

Energy of the Monkey: August is the month of the Monkey in 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology. This is another overlay of energy that can impact you this month. The Monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improvisor, and the motivator. Being quick-witted, clever, flexible and innovative, the Monkey never comes up short when it comes to navigating through information and opportunities. Competitive as the day is long, the Monkey will never settle for less. There is an intensity when it comes to confidence for the Monkey, so if confidence is your sticking point, invite the Monkey in and notice how it feels to trust yourself.

When dealing with this energy, be factual, pay attention to detail, and do your research. No shortcuts, as it will surely backfire. Strategy, strategy, strategy is the ultimate way to use this energy. Overall, the Monkey is playful and enjoys excitement, so remember to bare that in mind as you approach everything this month.

In & Around the Home: Take a closer look at the materials in your home. Are they mostly synthetic and therefore outgassing chemicals? Because everything comes back to the center this month, then all aspects of the home, and as a result you, are impacted directly. Obviously, I am not suggesting you renovate your entire home and design with eco-friendly materials; however, there are simple measures you can take to start the process for a healthier living environment.
Simple Suggestions: 
Take a look at the condition of the paint in your rooms. If they are in need of sprucing up, then choose paint with low VOC or no VOC ratings. Pretty much every paint store has a line of paint that fits that description. Painting is simple and a perfect way to freshen the look and feel of your home. Choosing organic paint is a perfect way to eliminate chemicals in your home.

Take note of your cleaning products. Are you still buying those chemical cleaners? It's so easy to find natural based cleaners, or for that matter, make your own. There are plenty of videos that can guide you in making chemical-free cleaners. Here's one for starters.

Do you have plants in your home? I hope so! Plants are fabulous when it comes to design and purifying your air. Virtually everything in your environment outgasses. Plants are the perfect solution to improve the air quality  making it easier for you to breathe. There are many different kinds of plants. Here is a site that lists plants and what they can do for your air quality.

The aforementioned is a great starting point to freshen the quality of air in your environment. Start slow. The important thing is to be mindful whenever you purchase d├ęcor and other items for your home. If you want to delve deeper and learn Eco-friendly design tactics, feel free to peruse my Feng Shui home study programs. I have a separate program specifically on Eco-Design!


Coming back to the center is the quality of earth. Everything in the universe is driven from the center. In Dandayamana, there is a centering quality drawing the energy to the mid-line, the pranic tube, and the axis line of your power source. All standing poses ignite the element of earth associated with the root connecting you to all things. When you activate earth, you are activating physical matter and your awareness to the physical aspects of YOU.

The Phases: Read more about Dandayamana pose here.

This month prepare foods that invoke the elements of earth and metal. This will temper the heat (fire) of summer, and soften the heavy earth this month that is compounded by the earth year of 2019.

  • Fennel, sweet potato, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, lentils, peas, zucchini, mushrooms, onions turnips, rice, shallots, radishes, rice, barley, quinoa, celery root, leeks, kohlrabi.

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Happy August!
Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Five Elements - A Sense of Harmony

India - The Ganges Surrounded by the Himalayas

     The five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) are the building blocks of the universe as a result of interactions between yin and yang. These elements, from the Chinese perspective, were active processes at work on the Material constituents of the universe, whereas the ancient Greek concepts of the four elements (fire, air, earth, water) were thought to be the actual constituents of the universe. According to James Legge in the book "The Great Plan," the descriptions of the five elements were as follows: 

     "Of the five elements, the first named water; the second, fire; the third wood; the fourth, metal; and the fifth, earth. The nature of water is to soak and descend; of fire to blaze and ascend; of wood, to be crooked and to be straight; of metal, to obey and to change; while the virtue of earth is seen in seed-sowing and ingathering. That which soaks and descends becomes salt; that which blazes and ascends becomes bitter; that which is crooked and straight becomes sour; that which obeys and changes becomes arid; and from seed-sowing and ingathering comes sweetness."

     Each of these five elements was grouped with physical phenomena that influenced and created the five different sets of forces or powers. These forces followed the change of all things in the universe with a more sophisticated version of the yin and yang model of waxing and waning. The five elements represented stages or transformations within the yin and yang cycle whereby each element is said to flourish during its yang phase and decline in its yin phase. Therefore, the rising energy (yang) was given the wood chi representing the morning, spring season, and east direction. The peak and rising point of yang energy depicted the fire chi representing the summer season, noon, and south direction. As the energy slows down there is a building of the yin quality, the consolidation and pulling inward represented the metal chi, the autumn season, late afternoon, and west direction. The yin energy meets its peak and full contraction dissolves representing the water chi, midnight, winter season, and the north direction. The process begins again where the yang energy begins to resurge and the rebirth of spring and morning takes place.

     The fifth element of earth was seen to be central to the other four elemental powers. It was originally seen as representing the ending of each season and the beginning of the next. Hence, early fall may so warm we refer to it as an "Indian Summer" and so forth. Eventually this elemental energy took its place between the fire chi and metal chi representing late summer/early autumn, early afternoon, and the center or ground point. The earth element was also considered to be the controller of the five elemental powers representing the soil chi energy and therefore the core basis from all things being accomplished. It was also seen as a pivotal point where the seasons were to revolve around. 

     The five elements were arranged in a systematic position that has the capacity to create or destroy on another giving rise to a new element. The first order is labeled as birthing whereby the wood dynamically gives rise and fuels fire chi. Hence, wood feeds fire source. Fire enhances the earth energy by reaching its peak  and dies leaving  ash behind which becomes earth. The earth enhances the metal energy with its constant movement and contraction assisting in the formation of metal or ore. Hence, all ores originate from the earth. Metal enhances the water chi energy through contraction and the intense heat beneath the earth. This combination creates a liquid to flow like water. Water enhances or expands the wood chi, as it nourishes and refreshes all plants, trees, a wood source.

     These five elements move through several cycles and align to the human body/ organ systems, foods, and design choices. Understanding the five elements is a basis for enhanced health internally and externally. Read more about DIY health formulas for life from my first book: The Feng Shui Connection to a Healthy Life.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Friday, July 19, 2019

Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces - Oh My!


     Kitchen and bathroom surfaces can be costly, yet being so visible, they form a key part of the overall look of the space. When making your choice of material, consider functionality, style and of course cost. It also behooves you to consider the environment when making your design choice. Choosing organic and sustainable materials not only saves the environment but looks amazing. The following is a s short list of some materials that look great, have a high durability factor, and are eco-friendly.

Bamboo: This product is fabulous looking offering a solid wood surface. From a feng shui perspective, this element bodes best in the east, southeast or south directions.  Bamboo has natural antibacterial quality, which makes it useful for a work surface. Naturally, it is light brown, but can be stained or finished with Danish oil for protection. There is a high cost value however, as most bamboo is grown in the Far East.

Natural Stone: Great look but extremely heavy and often must travel far unless it is sourced from your own country. Try opting for a natural textured stone instead of a high gloss finish. Sealants are necessary to protect the surface, so check there are no VOC's or other toxins that can off-gas into your kitchen. This material bodes best in the northeast, southwest, west or northwest directions.

Recycled Wood: Take a trip to your local reclamation center and see what you find. Persistence can pay off for some real gems. Reclaimed oak or teak tabletops from schools or universities can often be sourced adding an interesting look and durability to your counter-top. This element bodes best in the east, southeast or south directions.

Mosaics: Making use of small fragments of glass or ceramics is a great look. Small tiles can also be used. This is a labor intensive project so the cost on that end can be high. Hiring an artist to design the surface pattern is the ultimate. Keep in mind, small chips of stone need to be firmly adhered to a backing. Glass mosaics bode best in the north, east or southeast directions.

     Alongside looks, durability, and ease of maintenance are important considerations in your design project. Also bear in mind that if you decided to refit your kitchen or bathroom and no longer have use for the surface, the material must go somewhere. Consider these issues from the beginning so there are no surprises once your project begins.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Feng Shui & Yoga Insights July 2019

Long Beach, LI

The Feng Shui month begins on July 8th. The energy welcomes travel, mentors and inspiration.  Focus on creating peace and harmony through your natural gifts and talents. Refine your intentions, create beauty and live in clarity. Pave the way for higher awareness and you will find yourself at the right place in the right time.

The energetic combination between the 6  Metal loshu number for July, and 8 Earth quality for 2019, aligns elementally towards finances, especially when it comes to real estate transactions. Read on and discover how this energy impacts other parts of your life.

Health: Be mindful of pelvis, sacrum and hips this month. There is strain between the elements and therefore these body parts are more vulnerable. Metal vibration such as ringing a bell frequently and virtual water bodes well in the southeast to drain this inauspicious combination.

Eye irritation or cardiac issue could arise this month. Place a healthy plant in the south to abate tension between the elements.

Intestinal discomfort may arise especially for female this month. Add fire element to the southwest and metal to the north to soften the effects.

Relationships: Untimely energy in family sector which can result in disputes and separation. Add fire element to the east to drain these effects.

Strain in relationship between eldest son and mother. Stave off fights by adding fire element to the southwest. This cure is mentioned above to regulate intestinal irritation.

Wealth & Business: It is a good month to forge a partnership with new business venture. The energy bodes well for possible windfalls.

Steady progressive wealth enters the house of creativity. Capitalize on this by incorporating a creative slant to your business model. Sometimes a little adventure is all you need to come up with a creative idea! Add moving water or incense burner to the west to activate wealth.

Promote long term business plan and strategy this month. Taking the time to configure your plan impacts your career and promotion possibilities. Adding vibrant plant to the south bodes well. This cure is mentioned above under "health" section.

Be mindful of credit card hacking and scams this month. They are out there in full force trying to take your money and credit ratings. Strong metal and virtual water to the southeast. This cure is previously mention under health section.

In & Around the Home: Take a closer look at the northwest sector of your home and property this month. Things to consider:

  1.  Clear clutter and trim back overgrown vegetation.
  2.  Incorporate earth and metal elements.
  3.  Images of heavenly realm, saints, angels, travel, mentors, globes, or sky scape.
  4.  Outdoors include curving pathways, stones, metal lawn ornaments, chimes, sundial.
  5.  Square or oval shapes and design patterns.
  6.  Metal and earth paint hues.

Vriksha means "tree" in Sanskrit. The tree pose is a standing balance on one leg. The foot of the lifted leg is placed on the inner thigh of the standing leg, and both hands are held above the head. The legs represent the roots of the tree, buried underground, and the trunk of the tree begins at the trunk of the body, growing all the way up through the spine and the arms, which are the branches.

The Yogi Tree: Since ancient times, yogis have made the forest their favorite place for practice. The trees were their home, providing them with shelter and food in the form of fruits and nuts. In a broader sense, the forest refers to the world, the whole of creation, and we are a part of it.

The tree pose offers an opportunity to meditate on a tree's qualities. The tree is tolerant. It gives shade to even those who come to cut it down. The true yogi gives the fruits of spiritual wisdom as generously as trees offer flowers, fruits, wood and shade. Trees dedicate their lives to the welfare of others. This pose imbues the body, mind, and breath with the qualities of generosity, strength and balance. These are also the qualities of the 6 Metal Qian trigram that arises in the month of July. 
Include tree pose in your practice this month and contemplate the qualities it offers to us all.

See my Yoga Schedule Here!

This month prepare foods that invoke the elements of earth, metal and water. This will carry the flow from summer heat to cooling water chi. Some ideas include:
  • Fennel, sweet potato, beans, mushrooms, avocado, onions turnips, rice, shallots, radishes, ginger, fish, eggplant, sea vegetables, cabbage and variation of seeds.
*Since fire, earth and metal are in a trine this month, also consider practicing yin yoga poses that will open these meridians. Here a few suggestions:

Sphinx, Seal, Fish, Quarter Dog, Child's, Seated Forward Fold, Dragonfly, Dragon, and Saddle Pose. Get the chi flowing and fuel these systems with proper foods, thoughts and movement!

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