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The Flying Stars of 2015

The Flying Stars of 2015

Finding Balance in the Home

Flying Star feng shui is an analysis between space and time. The relevant indicator is how the structure or home at the time of being built captured heaven’s qi (descending) and earth’s qi (rising).  This residual energy of the earth and heaven becomes encapsulated into the structure once the roof is secured.  Flying star measures the interaction of this residual energy with the ever changing energy over time.  Since energy is in a constant state of flux, then it is determined there is both vibrant and decaying energy we are exposed to.  Vibrant energy allows one to achieve goals while decaying energy will not only hinder us but can cause serious financial and health challenges.  

The goal of flying star feng shui is to determine where the energy is problematic and diffuse it and reinforce high energy so it can be distributed throughout the structure.  As energy is constantly shifting, with the greatest shifts annually and monthly, assessments should be done during these time periods either as a general assessment or personalized assessment (more powerful).

The year 2015 is considered a 3 year in this system. The 3 yang wood star is associated with the body parts of feet, throat, neck, and emotions of anger, anxiety, being temperamental and inflexible. Therefore, these areas of body and emotions are more likely to arise during this year especially since the element of wood (represented by this star) is being challenged by the earth element associated with the center where this star is positioned for 2015. Be mindful when exercising and pay attention to any sore throats that may arise. Furthermore, temper the activity of this star with slower forms of exercise such as Yoga or Qi Gong. Meditation is also a good idea to keep emotions in check.

In terms of business, this star does represent new beginnings and projects that will be advantageous to financial progression. However, things can move quickly and therefore requires thorough review of any and all paperwork, contracts and agreements to avoid legal upsets.

 This star is considered usable in the current 8-cycle (2004-2024), but it can get out of control quickly. Again, patience is the key otherwise you may find legal entanglements arise.
2015 is the year of the yin wood sheep in 4 Pillars. This helps to quiet down the otherwise active 3 star. Albeit the first half of 2015 yields the yin wood element that assists the 3 yang wood star; the quality of yin wood is more inward, less expansive and slower paced then the yang 3 wood flying star. This is helpful in terms of balancing these wood energies.

East:  Family & Health

The 1 white star enters the portent of family and health. This is a wonderful energy that represents promotion, career advancement and travel. It is a star that assists with studies, examinations and research and development. As the east direction is associated with the 3 trigram or in essence the same star for 2015, the aforementioned characteristics are especially so for males and especially for eldest son. Therefore, when it comes to studying for exams in school this year it bodes well for children to spend time in the eastern portent. 

As this star is a travel star, it can indicate a family trip this year. Enjoy this travel blog by my daughter (Christina Garofalo) for inspiring travel ideas in the States for 2015:

This star emotionally points to moodiness so males can become a bit moody this year. The kidneys, ears and blood (body fluids) are slightly vulnerable and especially for males as the portent direction causes this star to lose energy.

Cure: Add metal element here and remove by 2/4/16.

Southeast: Wealth & Fortunate Blessings

The 2 sha black star enters the portent of wealth and fortunate blessings for the year. This star is very problematic. As it is in the house of finances, then take extra precautions when it comes to your financial accounts. Be careful of hackers and scam artist. This star is associated with illness and especially to abdominal area. Females are at greatest risk and especially eldest daughter. As this star is in a challenging element relationship with the direction of southeast, hips and thighs can also be vulnerable this year for females.

Cure: Add bronze metal and virtual water to deplete the sha 2 star and restore flow to wood growth. Remove cures by 2/4/16.

South: Goals & Aspirations

The 7 metal red star enters the portent of goals and life path this year. This star is accusatory and undermining. It can indicate female energy trying to undermine ones goals and direction in life. Use your intuition when it comes to female interactions and beware of undermining activity. This star also indicates theft so make sure the windows are secure in the south sector of the home.

This star represents the mouth, teeth, chest and skin. It is in a direct elemental conflict with the direction, so the aforementioned areas are at risk. 

Cure: Add water (virtual not real) and wood elements here and remove by 2/4/16.

Southwest: Relationships

This is a bright star entering the portent of relationships and the matriarch. The 9 fire star represents success, promotion, completion, celebration and happiness. This bodes especially well for females and especially the matriarch. The star does however lose some energy to the direction and therefore eyes and cardiovascular system can be drained this year.

Cure: Add a strong plant here and remove by 2/4/16.

This is the direction for the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Su for the year 2015. It is important not to face or sleep with your head pointed to the southwest first mountain (202.5 – 217.5 degrees) for this year (2015). Furthermore, try not to disturb this area with renovations, construction or landscaping.

The SW second mountain through the Northwest first mountain or (232.5 – 301.5°) is part of the 3 killings this year. Make sure you do not do any digging or construction throughout these areas.

West: Creativity & Joy

The 5 sha yellow star enters the portent of joy and creativity. This is a highly troublesome star that can cause generalized chaos and issues in general making it difficult to have fun this year. It is a very unsettled energy and therefore best not to engage in major projects and decisions. This star can cause skin rash or dental problems. Luckily the portent helps to drain this negative energy.

Cure: Sound frequency is the best way to diffuse this star. A strong bronze bell rung frequently is beneficial. Remove cure by 2/4/16.

* As mentioned above this is an area of the 3 killings so no disturbance. It is also the area of the San Sha along with 5 sha so keep this area quiet.

Northwest: Travel - Networking - Mentors

The 4 green star enters the portent of travel, mentors and networking. This star is incompatible with this current 20 year cycle and therefore its negative effects may be experienced. Indecision and relationship tension can arise. Therefore, take into consideration these factors when dealing with networking, travel and personal relationship. 

This star represents the thighs, hips, buttock, cold and rheumatism. As the star is in clash with this direction these areas have potential vulnerability.

Cure: Add the elements of fire and earth to abate the 4 star and restore harmony to this palace. Remove cures 2/4/16.

*Note: As mentioned above this is part of the 3 killing areas so try not to disrupt this area with construction.

North: Career & Life Journey

This is a fabulous energy for finances this year. The 8 money star falls in this direction. It represents prosperity and especially when it comes to long term investments and real estate options.  This is a very dependable and stable energy and especially for males.

This star represents the shoulders, arms and hands. This star is in conflict elementally with the direction so these body parts are vulnerable this year.

Cure: Place water flowing here to create movement. Perhaps a metal fountain to link the elements into flow. Place money here as well and remove cures by 2/4/16.

Northeast: Wisdom & Higher Knowledge

The white 6 star enters the portent of inner wisdom this year. This is a powerful leadership star and therefore it behooves one to take charge when it comes to higher self. This star elicits qualities of perseverance, power and strength. There are no ill effect from this star.

Cure: You may add more earth elements to secure this bright energy. Remove cure by 2/4/16.

Center: The Balancing Point in Life

The central palace holds the 3 yang wood star. As mentioned in the beginning of this analysis, the 3 yang wood star is associated with the body parts of feet, throat, neck, and emotions of anger, anxiety, being temperamental and inflexible. Therefore, these areas of body and emotions are more likely to arise during this year especially since the element of wood (represented by this star) is being challenged by the earth element associated with the center where this star is positioned for 2015. 

Be mindful when exercising and pay attention to any sore throats that may arise. Furthermore, temper the activity of this star with slower forms of exercise such as yoga or Qi Gong. Meditation is also a good idea to keep emotions in check.

In terms of business, this star does represent new beginnings and projects that will be advantageous to financial progression. However, things can move quickly and therefore requires thorough review of any and all paperwork, contracts and agreements to avoid legal upsets.

Cure: Add fire elements to ease the strong energy of 3 wood and build the stability of the earth center.

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Mary Jane

Peeking into the Year 2015

Peeking into the Year 2015

Yin Wood Sheep 

It's hard to believe another year has passed. Here we stand at the foothold for progress and development to ring in the year of the Yin Wood Sheep.

For clarity, in the Chinese Astrology Calendar the start of spring is the first day of the Tiger month. It is a time when the sun enters 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. The start of spring in China is February 4th, 2015 at 12:00 noon in China Standard Time. For the United States of America the start of spring Eastern Standard Time is 23:00 PM or 11:00 PM on February 3rd.
The Chinese New Year, many times confused with the first day of spring, falls on February 19th, 2015. This follows the new moon on the first lunar month.

This report follows the aforementioned start of spring or when the sun enters 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. Building the birth chart for the year of 2015 is based on the Chinese Calendar, which is a combination counting system of Yin - Yang, the Five Elements and the 12 Earthly Branches or what is more commonly known as the animals. The five elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The 12 animals are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The year 2015 is the Yin Wood Sheep. Each animal sign contains a variant of the five elements within. Therefore, every animal can be converted into five elements.

The Yin Wood component of the 2015 year pillar is referred to as the Stem or the celestial influence. The Sheep is considered the branch and reflects terrestrial influence or how we on earth experience the celestial energy. The key behind an analysis is to evaluate how the stem and branch interacts in the birth chart for the year of 2015 - or taking into consideration the remaining time pillars (month, day and hour). For the purpose of this analysis I will use the hour of 12:00 noon and day of Feb. 4th in alignment with Chinese Standard Time as there are many time zones depending on where you live in the world. With personal birth chart analysis time conversions are made. However, this is an overview of the birth of 2015 based on Chinese Standard Time.

Yin Wood Analysis:

Yin is a softer energy to its counterpart Yang. In nature, yin wood relates to the young sprouts, plants and flowers that begin to grow during spring whereas yang wood corresponds to the sturdy trunk of well developed trees. This gives us an automatic comparison between the yang wood nature of 2014 where the energy moved at a fast pace, constant action and delving into new things. This year, the yin wood stem along with the yin earth sheep branch will slow things down. It will not be about racing to get things done or starting bigger and better projects rather looking inward, reflecting on what we have and nourishing our very being - like the earth that nourishes us.

Yin wood in the month of February is stage 4 or most timely.  This indicates the first half of the year has good upward mobility overall. The yin wood stem does clash with the day stem of yin metal. Clashes to day stem tends to cause worries and doubt. Therefore, we might see these qualities arise during the first half of the year. However, people by and large come to support one another and assist. This clash also places more pressure on liver and hips and so these body areas can be more vulnerable during the first half of 2015.

The yin wood stem corresponds to dynamic wealth. Therefore, financial focus is notable during the first half of the year. Money may easily be made through unexpected work but is easily spent. This doesn't pose too much of an issue on a generalized level, as there is plenty of wood to assist finances in this annual 2015 chart at 56% and a good amount of resources at 21% to sustain finances. Therefore, diversity in the financial world is likely.  Keep that in mind with your own financial portfolio when it comes to shares held.

The yin wood also represents an emotion of tension and anger. If we look at the directions of wood , they are associated with the east and southeast. Therefore, when we look globally to those directions we may see heated discussions and attitude with Poutin. North Korea will still be an issue and China will add to the mix.

Qi Flow Across the Pillars:

Here, I take a look at how the heavenly or celestial stems correspond to one another from pillar to pillar in terms of there elemental relationship. There is some interference between the year to month pillar involving wealth and resources. Clashes tend to force change and therefore we will see changes globally when it comes to resources and wealth. As we are looking at the elements of wood and earth, then most likely these changes will come from the industries of medicine, research, agriculture (GMO), real estate, building and architecture along with eco-design. As these elements in the natal 2015 chart reflect resource and wealth, then they will move to help metal of the day stem. Therefore, the technology industry will also awaken but especially those companies that use technology for agriculture.

The secondary level of clash in the pillars are between the day stem of metal to wood hour stem. So here we see change that occurs more personally for people in the world with their own finances and goals to achieve long term strategies. Planning and organizing for steady flow of income and seeking others to support individual goals whether colleagues, friends or close personal relationships. It is a wake up call for all to think about their long term life

Stem to Branch Relationships:

Year Pillar: This has the most powerful impact as the main component of this analysis is for the year of 2015. The wood stem uproots the earth sheep branch or controls the earth energy. We can look at this reaction on two levels. First, when it comes to mother nature or the earth itself it will be uprooted with environmental issues such as global warming and farming and their impact to this planet. In addition, weather patterns that cause damages to the earth itself such as hurricanes - due to the wind component of yin wood (Trigram Xun) and earthquakes from the uprooting effects of wood to earth in 5 element theory. Droughts may also be seen around the world as the water element in this chart for 2015 is a mere 7%.

The second dynamic to consider with this controlling stem is the mind punishing the body by driving it to extremes. Therefore, we may witness those in leadership positions pushing themselves to extremes. This never bodes well when it comes to being level-headed.

Month Pillar: The earthly branch of the wood Tiger controls the earth heavenly stem. Here we may notice leaders in large corporations displaying emotions of stress and tension. This can take its toll on employees and investors. Furthermore, as wood continues to uproot earth it magnifies storms that cause earth disturbances.

Day Pillar: Earthly Pig water branch supports the metal stem. This has a nourishing effect and being in the day pillar suggests on local levels right down to communities will feel strong when it comes to voicing their own opinions and setting good parameters for long term financial planning and career focus for steady income growth.

Hour Pillar: The wood stem fuels the fire Horse branch. Heaven nourishes but there is a tendency to be overly generous and taken advantage of. Here we might see small businesses trying to give too much away and lose profit. There will be a tendency to force things when the timing isn't right. Compounded by inconsistent resources, and the small business owner can find himself behind the eight ball.

Earthly Branch - The Sheep:

The Sheep will really express its energy towards the second half of the year. The sheep is a yin energy and thus represents peace and harmonious existence. Albeit the wood stem has flare ups when it comes to certain countries, overall wars will be averted and a period of mending to take hold. It will be more of a nurturing and healing process in regard to past events. A year of banding together in faith and a belief that good will prevail.

On the family front, it is a time to reunite, heal and mend any differences. Using mental abilities over aggression is the way of the sheep. The Sheep activates the root chakra governing the very foundation of humanity. We will all look to our heritage, our beginning and raw potential. We learn to let go of fear and sit with greater patience as circumstances gradually take root.

We may experience the most turbulent times this year during the Dragon month (vernal equinox on March 20th until April 20th) and the period of the Ox from December 22nd until January 20th 2016. So just bare that in mind.

Interest in the arts will rise during the second half of the year. This is a powerful time for those in the creative fields but all should take advantage of this energy. Seeking out art shows, poetry readings or films is a plus and good for the soul.

During the month of July to September there is an inconsistency with resources. This is realized globally. In other words, mixed types of support are given and received. Relationships between countries can be difficult as patience may be lacking and conditions are placed.

From September to November there is aggressive power that enters. Here we will see controlling tactics take hold and power exerted in an abrasive way. Rules are broken to pave the way for those in control. This energy can flow right into the end of the year with an overlay of wealth coming and going easily in global markets.

6 Combinations: The Sheep branch will combine with the Horse hour branch and release the element of fire. Yin fire forces aggressive power tactics once again globally. The fire element will also spark the entertainment industry, so we should see some new box office hits.

The Tiger month branch and Pig  day branch will release the element of wood. As mentioned earlier in this analysis, the wood industries will do well this year (building, architecture, design, fashion, writing and publishing). There will be growth, upward mobility and expansion but at the cost of tension and anger that will be the result of added wood to this already excessive strong wood energy (56%).

Semi Earth Trines: The Sheep year branch will form a semi-trine to the Pig day branch and release more wood into this chart while the Tiger month branch will form a semi-trine to the Horse hour branch and release fire. The wood creative industries (writing and publishing) will fuel the entertainment and book industries during the second half of 2015 so award winning books and movies are sure to emerge.

We may see further aggression rise in the eastern and southeastern countries as previously mentioned during the second half of 2015 from this combination. The wood and fire qualities here will also resource to the earth and secure the medical and real estate communities as well during this time-frame. This all resources to the day metal stem bringing friendly assistance to those in need this year.

5 Melodics: Based on the 60 Jia Zi table, the yin wood sheep year elicits strong metal. Therefore, new rules and regulations and mental processes will be a major focus world-wide.

Karmic Lessons: The world needs to continue to focus on humility and sensitivity towards other nations. We need to become magnanimous and tolerant as a people and trust others. Albeit may feel risky, it can create a world beyond our wildest dreams if practiced.

Golden Carriage & Heavenly Noble: Those leaders who come to together to uphold truth, equity and human rights will obtain good social ranking in the world and become benefactors for those countries in need of help. It is important the United States forms good alliances with those who uphold these beliefs.

Post Horse: Travel can be tricky this year especially by air and water. Less planes and potential for boat disasters.

Death God: We may see more legal issues arise when it comes to marriages nationwide.

12 Stage growth Cycle: Void - The world will be a better place if we can overcome impatience and plan for a better future. Practicing one's faith along with meditation are helpful components to move in right direction.

Health: The weakest systems in this chart are the urinary and kidney or water organs. This is especially so since wood is so strong. Therefore, go after foods that nourish these organs such as seaweed, fish, chestnuts, beans, miso, plenty of water, etc. Get plenty of sleep this year and become more introspective. Choose swimming as one form of exercise if at all possible.

Adding more earth and metal qualities will also be beneficial as it will dilute heavy wood and build weak metal that in turn will support the low water. Earth activities include cultivating a good meditation practice along with yoga or qigong. Take more time with mental processes and organization strategies.

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Many blessings in 2015!
Mary Jane