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What is The Energy for September?

What's the Energy for September ?

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September 8th starts the month of the Rooster in 4 Pillars astrology. The Rooster brings in an energy that bodes well for future planning and organizational skills.It is also an energy that opens up discussions on any topic point. With that being said, you may find yourself at the center of many communications this month but be aware there is a tendency for a lack of tact. This can be very damaging to reputations so make sure you mind your "P's" and "Q's."
The yin metal heavenly stem combines with the Rooster metal branch for September and sets the energy in motion when it comes to determination and working hard at whatever project crosses your plate. In addition, you'll have a clearer picture of what you want in life this month. Just make sure all your determination doesn't come across in an abrasive manner as it can compromise your plans. If you stay focused this month finances will improve and you will know exactly how to invest your new found money.

Where's the Money this Month?

In order to activate the money this month it will require you to get out and be noticed. If that means giving a seminar or connecting with your clients face to face then do so. Furthermore,  if you are not doing your soul's mission then take some time to think about what makes your heart sing. What is it that you love do do and how can you get paid for doing it. That is truly what the energy abundance is and for this month especially. In order to activate this energy add the element of fire to the south portent via bright lighting source and create movement with either a water fountain, fish bowl, or if you have a pet place their food bowl there.

Checking in with Family & Health for This Month...

The energy in the east is very problematic but luckily being uprooted by the portent direction. With the 2 sha black star residing here for the month there is possible illness in the abdominal area and especially for males. Furthermore, as this direction corresponds to the feet, neck and tendons, they too can suffer ailments.  This energy can also cause tension between family members enough so to cause a stomach ache. Balance this area by placing bronze metal to deplete the sha 2 energy.

Fortunate Blessings for the Month?

The star that graces the southeast brings in a very active energy especially when it comes to new business ideas. It is very advantageous to engage in a new business venture or capitalize on ideas from the past. The portent is assisting this star nicely. Adding the element of water to the southeast will really propel this star, but if you notice things getting beyond your control add a little fire quality to keep things in check.

Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

If you continue on your path of fulfilling your life's mission and meeting your goals financial reward is certain. As previously mentioned, the money star falls in the south portent for the month of September. This is wonderful as the portent ignites this money star so adding additional fire and earth elements are optional but the movement component is a must. Simply refer to the recommendations for this above "Where's the Money this Month."

Relationships This Month Are on a High!

Some great energy rolling in for the month of September when it comes to relationships with others. You'll find flow in communications with others if you place the element of metal in the southwest for this month. The star located here for the month also bodes well for the matriarch when it comes to advancement in career as long as plenty of preparation is done. This can lead to recognition and improved finances as a result!

Advice From Patriarch

The 6 white star is assisted by the metal portent of the west so everything is in alignment when it comes to having help and assistance from elderly male or patriarch. This assistance can catapult you in whatever you do and as a result being viewed as a leader. However, don't lose that edge of creativity and FUN when it comes to your endeavors. Don't be surprised if this help requires you to travel. Adding earth elements to the western portent this month bodes well.

Networking and Helpful Advice:

It will be a bit challenging when it comes to networking this month. The sha 5 yellow star wakes up in the house of networking this month and therefore can present with problems when it comes to your networking. Luckily,
the Northwest portent drains this energy with its metal quality. The head and sinus area can also be compromised, so if allergies are something that tends to haunt you stay on top of them. Place bronze metal with a metal sound vibration in the northwest this month is necessary to abate this energy.

Career Advancement?

And advancement it is! Wow, what a great star to rise in the north this month. It's however all about connecting to that soul's mission and meeting your goals at a higher than usual expectation. The portent of water challenges this beneficial star so ease the tension by adding the element of wood to the north. A healthy plant will do wonders. 

Inner Wisdom

Don't let other fool you or talk you out of what is rightfully yours when it comes to knowing exactly what you need. Trust your higher self and let go of doubt. The portent of the northeast is fueling this problematic star and cal also catapult robbery not only on a physical sense within your environment but also on a higher level or a ribbing of your peaceful state of mind. Adding the element of virtual water (seashells) to the northeast will abate this energy. Make sure you spend more time this month to meditate as well.

It's All About the Center...

September is a 4 month. In this current 8 period this star is untimely and as a result can trigger problems when it comes to relationships and potential break-up of family. This is exacerbated by the 2 black star in the east or family position. The earth association of the center does cause this star to lose energy and that is good. Placing a fire element in the center is helpful.  This star will also tap into creative writing projects for the month of September and especially for eldest female.
Enjoy your September!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi