Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June Feng Shui Garden Tips

June is a fabulous month to navigate your flower garden. Here are some feng shui gardening tips to keep your garden fully energized.

1.Lights:  Energy flows badly in any area that is too dark. You can introduce light with mirrors, reflective stones, garden lights or by simply cutting back plants.

2. Sound: This is a wonderful way to uplift stagnating energy. Introduce chimes, bird feeder or perhaps a fountain.

3. Color: Color stimulates sluggish energy. Infuse bright color flowers, painted ornaments, pots or lawn furniture.

4. Life: Plants are an ideal solution, but you can use a pond with fish in it, or a bird feeder or birdbath.

5. Movement:  You can encourage movement once again with bird feeder or birdbath, fountain, stream or wind chime. Planting an aspen tree is also beneficial as it moves easily in the slightest breeze.

6. Stillness:  Where energy is overactive you can slow it down by placing something still in its path such as a statue or garden urn.

7. Functional Device:  Anything that serves a function such as a sundial, barbecue or garden hose.

8. Straight Lines: Straight lines help to move energy along. This can be achieved with straight paths or by planting straight stemmed plants.

Happy  Gardening!
MJ Kasliner