Monday, October 22, 2012

The Mind and Its Power Over Us

  The Mind and Its Power Over Us

With the election right around the corner I think many Americans have a level of fear for what is to come. The mind has a funny way of taking over our emotion. By quieting the busy mind messages become clearer and as a result we are calmer and see things for what they really are.

The Mind and Its Power:

Have you ever given much thought to how your mind runs your life? The sages were all very familiar with the power of the mind. Negative mind, positive mind and conscious mind all play a part in how we experience life.

Negative mind is one that lives in fear and what if's. When we live in negative mind we are not living through the soul but rather hiding in the cluttered mind. One tends to repeat patterns in life and then wonder why circumstances do not change. It is easier to stay in a static state rather than move into a conscious mind. Living in a conscious state of mind sees opportunity as a blessing and not a threat. This is something our candidates and the public alike should bear in mind. History tends to repeat itself when we live in fear and the result of a negative mind.

Positive mind is all about finding opportunities and acting upon them. A balanced positive mind is enthusiastic, optimistic and constructive. This is a mind-set we as a nation should move towards to grow and rebuild this great country.
Sometimes, however, a good thing can get out of alignment and when that happens to positive mind there is an over confidence and a forcing nature to get what you want in an over expansive way.  This can be  dangerous and only lead to problems. Obviously on a grand scale this can be very problematic.

A neutral mind is somewhere in between. It deliberates the information from positive and negative mind and makes a conscious decision. The neutral mind sees things for what they really are. In order to move towards neutral mind one should meditate. Through meditation practice one moves towards a neutral mind. This helps you personally open up to your soul and this is a way to change your life and the nation at large. It is then we may all live fully and as one.

Enjoy Your Day!

Mary Jane Kasliner, Feng Shui Master & Yogi