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Pure Abundance Blows in With The WInd

Welcome to Body Space Alignment Newsletter. The Feng Shui month began on September 8th and will go to October 8th. It is a time when the wind picks up and the temperature fluctuates between a hot summers day and a chill in the air.  We are in the center of a transition between late summer and early fall.  The element of earth acts as the mediator during this transition period as it prepares to give birth to its child of metal. The air quality (vata) is also beginning to rise this month. It represents movement, change and a creative mind.

The energetic combination between the loshu number 4 that flows with the wind, the grounding forces of transition earth, metal birthing with the creativity of a child's imagination, and vata moving and churning up the waves of change,  will prove to be an exceptional month for Pure Abundance! 
Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane Pure Abundance: Xun or the Loshu number 4 relocates its energy to the center of the loshu grid this month. …

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