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Gratitude Offering

Gratitude Offering Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude for harvest blessings - a celebration of peace and plenty. It is a coming together to share a gratitude feast with family and friends. Setting the energy of the home, the day and your mood will do wonders to the environment and the experience that others will have while sharing this day with you.

There are many simple things you can do to bring in the sacred to make this day a special one for you and your family. Here are a few suggestions. Hopefully you will find one or more of these ideas to inspire you.

1. Gift to Mother Earth: Make a gratitude gift for Mother Earth as a thanks for the countless ways She supports us. The photo above depicts such a gift. Take a 30x30 natural paper source and lay it flat on your counter. Then, creatively place various grains, seeds, herbs, berries, sweets, and any other foods that come from the earth as part of your gratitude gift. Place two incense sticks as a cross in the c…

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