Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June Feng Shui Garden Tips

June is a fabulous month to navigate your flower garden. Here are some feng shui gardening tips to keep your garden fully energized.

1.Lights:  Energy flows badly in any area that is too dark. You can introduce light with mirrors, reflective stones, garden lights or by simply cutting back plants.

2. Sound: This is a wonderful way to uplift stagnating energy. Introduce chimes, bird feeder or perhaps a fountain.

3. Color: Color stimulates sluggish energy. Infuse bright color flowers, painted ornaments, pots or lawn furniture.

4. Life: Plants are an ideal solution, but you can use a pond with fish in it, or a bird feeder or birdbath.

5. Movement:  You can encourage movement once again with bird feeder or birdbath, fountain, stream or wind chime. Planting an aspen tree is also beneficial as it moves easily in the slightest breeze.

6. Stillness:  Where energy is overactive you can slow it down by placing something still in its path such as a statue or garden urn.

7. Functional Device:  Anything that serves a function such as a sundial, barbecue or garden hose.

8. Straight Lines: Straight lines help to move energy along. This can be achieved with straight paths or by planting straight stemmed plants.

Happy  Gardening!
MJ Kasliner 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Leave the Old Behind!

Leave The Old Behind

The month of May energetically is a combination of the Snake archetype and the core of Mother Earth. The Snake is a legendary totem that symbolizes a transformation of energy from lower vibrations to higher aspects of the mind, body and spirit. Snake sheds its skin in a ritual representing rebirth and new beginnings. With the ability to leave the old skin behind, Snake represents a fascinating metamorphosis. Therefore, the month of May can be a time for decisive change. The Snake also represents self-awareness or the power of a clear mind and an open heart. The two go hand-in-hand making it easier to navigate around situations that arise.

The secondary energy fueled by the Snake's fire is the 5-yellow star representing the core of the earth. At the center of earth is a large ball of liquid iron that causes the earth to rotate on its axis. Therefore, it is important to remain fully grounded and centered when making choices and decisions this month. The Snake energy will push for change but it is essential to take a slow and methodically pace. Think what would happen if your core was suddenly agitated. This type of shift would cause instability. Hence, the caution to tread slowly with any major decisions this month.

The 5 - yellow earth star that is active this month represents the earth's axis line. It is the connecting aspect between two portals on the loshu grid (self-cultivation and relationships). Therefore, it behooves you to take time to be still and contemplate things before acting, especially when it comes to partnering relationships including those with your clients.

It is also important to keep your mind and environment free of clutter this month. This is so important, as this earth star has a highly volatile nature in this current 20-year cycle. The negative components can potentially create chaos in every facet of your life.

The 5-yellow star does have related qualities of Mother earth such as being more receptive, supportive and transformative. Think of the center as the driving force of the earth’s rotation and the ability to see all things that revolve around it. Therefore, tune in this month to all parts of your life that revolve around YOU and how you can partake in each area with a mindful methodical approach. This includes your health, as all body systems are activated this month in a rotational movement like that of the earth. Let's take a look at focus points to consider this month as the energy of the Snake and Core of the Earth enter.

- Gain support from those you are closest to
- Maintain a flexible viewpoint
- Accept change is a natural order of all things
- Be supportive to others
- Stave off procrastination
- Practice patience
- Place fire element in east portent for feng shui balance this month

Fortunate Blessings:
- Consult your common sense
- Set optimistic intentions
- Put away, throw away & give away this month
- Set deadlines to complete tasks
- Engage in active exercise
- Increase dark green leafy vegetables
- Place fire element in Southeast portent for balance this month

Goals & Vision:
- Move forth with your heart's desire
- Keep a clear & focused mind
- Let go of what is not essential
- Become familiar with your inner truth
- Don't conform but transform
- Be joyful
- Place healthy plant in south portent this month to meet your goals


- Connect with the outdoors with significant other
- Show mutual love and respect
- Be truthful
- Receive with grace & give with love
- Be kind
- Place metal element in southwest portent this month

- Rely on your inner child
- Think outside the box
- Plan a staycation in your backyard
- Choose your words carefully
- Be upfront
- Place virtual water element in the west portent this month

Helpful People:
- Take the lead in virtual networking opportunities
- Be precise in your business strategy
- Access information from partnering business industries
- Refine your long-term plans
- Look to those who have blazed the path
- Seek your guardian angel and spirit guides
- Place strong earth element in northwest portent this month

- Keep a journal of your dreams
- Be willing to navigate through uncharted areas in your career
- Work and play in the flow of abundance
- Be tenacious
- Practice effective communication tactics
- Update your social media platforms
- Delve into the depths of your profession to see what you can open up
- Place metal element in north portent for the month

Self-Cultivation & Knowledge:
- Listen with intention
- Challenge yourself
- Be steady & methodical with your thinking process
- Embrace a walking meditation practice
- Make a campfire and enjoy the stillness of the evening air
- Place moving water and strong fire elements in the northeast this month

Center - Where All Things Revolve:
- Remain centered and grounded
- Don't be quick to make decisions
- Take a methodical approach to everything this month
- Practice meditation & yoga
- Place strong bronze metal or ring a bell frequently in the center of your home

Vulnerable Body Systems for May:
- Abdominal discomfort so be mindful of take-out foods
- Teeth, jaw, mouth and skin irritation
- Overall, keep a clean diet and healthy exercise regiment 

Be Safe & Remain Healthy!
Mary Jane

Friday, April 3, 2020

April -- Heavens Gate

April is the month of the trigram Qian--Heavens Gate. Be inspired, help others and seek the unknown. 

--Family is the initiative
--Practice effective communication
--Welcome support
--Read & write more
--Engage in outdoor exercise
--Increase your intake of green leafy veggies
--Add the element of fire to the east portent to keep wood energy balanced this month

Fortunate Blessings:
--Practice gratitude daily
--Be mindful & watchful of finances
--Avoid rash decisions of any kind
--Engage in hip opening exercises
--Set a routine & include a check-list
--Place strong metal & virtual water element to southeast portent for balance this month

Goals & Vision:
--Stay on top of your daily career goals
--Discover innovative ways to approach your mission
--Go with the flow of information you receive
--Spin ideas & remain rooted in your vision
--Tap the minds of those who are experienced
--Be humble yet tenacious
--Add strong wood element to south portent to balance the elements this month

--Be flexible with others
--Accept change & allow relationships to morph
--Be supportive
--Embrace new beginnings
--Collaborate with others
--Practice patience
--Add the element of fire to the southwest portent to blend the elements this month

--Let go of the minutiae
--Take time in silence for spark of inspiration
--Tap into resources that are available to you as they can bring financial gain
--Listen to your intuition
--Set up some rest time - chill out
--Add the element of fire, strong earth and moving water to the west portent to open resources

Heavens Gate:
--Be a leader
--Take on a boundless perspective
--Let go of what others may think
--Be in awe of life
--Learn to trust
--Speak your truth
--Place virtual water element in the northwest portent to balance the elements this month

--Respect and honor your virtual co-workers
--Gain wisdom from others
--Develop courage & fortitude
--Assistance brings success
--Add metal element to north portent for balance

Inner Knowledge:
--Self reliance
--Practice non-attachment
--Create a vision board and seek it often
--Be present
--Place fire element in the northeast portent and assist this powerful energy

Vulnerable Body Systems for April:
--Pelvic/hip - especially left side
--Eye irritation - allergies
--Heart irregularities
--Intestinal discomfort - food source
--Ears - clogged/fluid - allergies - dizziness

Be safe & healthy,
Mary Jane Kasliner

Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Little Feng Shui Astrology and COVID-19

     2020 is the year of the Yang Metal Rat. In 5 Element Theory, used in Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui principles, the element of metal is associated with the lungs. The Rat archetype animal, is associated with the element of water. COVID - 19 attacks the respiratory tract (lungs) and can cause mild respiratory symptoms or pneumonia. In severe cases, and especially those who are compromised (elderly and immunosuppressed), fluid can overtake the lungs so breathing becomes difficult or possible death. 

     Fluid (mucus) is associated with the element of water (Rat). In addition to the preventative (common sense) measures, you can increase the amount of fire foods (fire being a direct assault to the elements of metal and water). Here are some examples of fire foods: Pomegranate Seeds, Lemons, Cinnamon, Dandelion Greens, Escarole, Pears, Mustard, Celery Root, Asparagus, Figs, Beets, Brussels Sprouts. And for those meat eaters - Lamb or Chicken. 

     Here is a simple salad (image above), that I love and offers some fire foods:

  • Power Greens: Chard, Spinach, Kale
  • Red Pears
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Fresh Lemon (or lemon infused olive oil)
  • Rice Wine Vinegar

Stay Healthy!!!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Preparing For Spring

Spring is just around the corner. The weather is breaking, the days are longer and you are ready to reorganize your life.

     The best place to start is your home environment. By purging unnecessary items in your home you create spaciousness.  The result is clarity of mind –  a powerful way to attract something new into your life. 

     This can be a daunting process but you don't have to do it all at once. Start with one room or even a closet for each day of the week and before you know it you will have purged your home just in time for the spring season. As you go through each room, keep a bin or laundry basket for items you no longer need. There will be items you will question as to whether or not you want to release them. Take a moment and ask yourself if it is something you have used within the past year, or if it fits your lifestyle and mindset. If you are unable to answer these questions within one minute, then you no longer need it.

     Once you have your laundry bin filled, you'll need to decide how you will dispose of the items. For example, donation, selling, garbage or repurpose. It should be relatively easy to determine which category your items will belong to. For me, I like to donate all my items. I find this approach works best for my schedule. There are many foundations that would love to receive your items. If they are in good condition you can consider the following foundations: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Homeless Shelters, Women's Shelters or your local church. Don't forget pet shelters as they are always looking for towels, blankets or sheets. 

     Once you have purged the unnecessary items from your home, it's time for a good cleaning. Again, take it one day at a time. For example, clean the floors one day, the windows another and bathrooms yet another day. This way you aren't overwhelmed by the cleaning process. It's important to be mindful of the products you use. There are plenty of natural cleaners to choose from that are highly effective while keeping you and your family free of chemical emissions. 

     I like to top off the cleaning process with a final space clearing to lift the energy even more. There are many simple way to achieve this including wafting white sage or spraying essential oils throughout the home. I have a full space clearing ceremony you can follow that is highly effective and fun to do. See more about this clearing technique by clicking here. Scroll down and choose the Mini-Program: Space Clear Your Way to Health and Prosperity.


     Now that the inside of your home is ready for spring, it's time to take a peak outdoors. Start with a thorough inspection of your yard. Discard broken branches or prune them so they will grow properly. It's also a good idea to test your soil. It's important the PH level is balanced with a good mixture of nutrients. You can do this yourself or higher a professional landscaper. Weed control is another factor to consider. If you are going to use a weed control substance make certain is natural. Amazon has a big variety but it might be nice to support your local garden store. 

     Evaluate your planting beds. Rake old leaves and debris from plant beds and create neat natural edges using an edging tool. Mulching is a good idea and acts two-fold. First, it helps to retain moisture in the soil and secondly it looks aesthetically appealing.

     Cleaning your gutters is essential. I know this is a job that is totally unappealing but you don't want water damage to your house. If you're not up for the task then higher a gutter cleaning service. It's well worth the investment.

     Don't forget the garage! Whether your garage is attached or detached from your home it is still a functional space that needs attention. The garage is like a big, cluttered closet -- you throw in all the unwanted stuff you can't find a home for, then close the door and like magic you think it disappears. The garage requires ergonomic storage containers, shelfs, hooks or bins so you can find items easily when spring and summer arrive. It's never fun tripping over the snow shovel when you are looking for your sprinkler.

     Finally, hose down the outdoor furniture. No need sit on dirt or cobwebs. While you are at it, wash down the deck and clean out any planters. It's amazing how your deck will take on a new look and feel with these simple cleaning measures.

     Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. The temperature is most comfortable for the body, the daylight is longer giving you more time to get things done, birds are chirping creating a wonderful sound, animals are frolicking about, you are more creative, green leaves return, plants are in bloom to absorb more carbon dioxide and boost mood, it's easier to find fresh produce, you can move your exercise routine outdoors, you can open your windows and get your vitamin D naturally!

Happy Spring!

Mary Jane Kasliner is a feng shui consultant and yoga teacher. She resides in Ocean, NJ. Her website is: www.fengshuiyoganj.com