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2020 Is The Year of Creativity!

7 Metal - Trigram Dui
The year 2020 reveals the trigram Dui or 7 Metal. This trigram is associated with creativity, intuition, psychic influence, and the innocence of a child. Dui trigram represents young female energy eager to create from a place of true passion. This trigram is deeply enrich with the energy of waterways like the lakes and streams that run along the base of mountains. It's a reminder to live from a place of peace, calmness, and a sense of playfulness while being enriched by the resources that nature provides.  All things operate and have the ability to transform and grow when yin and yang are balanced.  Since the element of metal arrives in 2020 from both polar points, it motivates change, growth and to transform your life by taking the time to pause, listen, hear and connect to your highest aspirations – those things you are passionate about.  Then, take these aspirations and align them to your worldly actions. By keeping your intentions in alignment…

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