Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Part 2: 2018 The Year of the Earth Dog

 Ginger - This one is for you!

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog! We all can relate to man's best friend, making this assessment a particularly joyful one. In addition, the year of the earth dog is a welcome change from the volatility of 2017 (fire to metal conflict), to a more subdued (earth to earth ) relationship. 

The 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year begins on February 16th. It is the 4715th Chinese year and the zodiac sign of the Dog. The Solar New Year begins on February 4, 2018. The difference between these two dates is based on the following:

  1. The lunar start of the year must start on the 11th lunar month and is based on a new moon during this period. This is the time of the year when the moon starts a whole new cycle. It can fall either in January or February.
  2. The solar start of the year is when the Sun is at 315 degrees exactly. It usually falls on the 4th of February, but can be on the 3rd or 5th. This is the beginning of the new solar cycle for a year and for Chinese the beginning of the Spring season. Essentially, it marks the mid-point between the winter solstice and vernal equinox.
Earth Strong:

2018 is dominated by the earth element, specifically the yang polarity of earth. Human affairs and concerns take front and center along with the rise of a more conservative approach. Universal values of justice and equal opportunity will be heard from around the world, as the characteristics of the dog leaves no room for selfishness and indifference.

For the first six months of 2018, the earth element is compounded. It is beneficial to move at a slower pace and rely on functional and practical aspirations. Use deductive reasoning  when pursuing anything and plot out your goal in a methodical manner. Concern yourself with reliable pursuits while keeping things in perspective.

Because the dog contains strong earth along with the hidden elements of yin metal and yin fire, there is a combination of fueling source. First off, yang or male earth is associated with the dry soil earth of the mountain. Earth over earth can be interpreted as mountain over mountain. Picture that just for a moment. Sounds a bit precarious to me, and it is. Think about tectonic plates shifting in the earth. What comes to mind? You guessed it; earthquakes. This is something to be especially aware of if you live in an area that is earthquake prone.

The double mountain can also be viewed as obstacles, perhaps something blocking our view and therefore we are unclear about what comes next. Not to worry, albeit strong earth will trigger the "worry syndrome." If you take the slow methodical approach with a tincture of patience and wisdom, then you will see the full picture with clarity.

The yin metal and yin fire hidden elements within the dog, provide a creative or sheng flowing cycle (fire, earth, metal). Metal, and especially if metal is a good element for you personally, means wealth will come to those who choose truth, justice and fairness in business dealings. Those in the industry of real estate and renewable energy will especially reap financial gain. In addition, the fields of health and healing, along with spiritual and religious focus, will also do very well. 

Earth is a transformative element, so we may also find an awakening of consciousness in 2018. A revival of great works of literature and metaphysical topics will feed this collective awareness. Strong earth practices such as meditation, qigong and yoga will prosper in 2018. These are practices that will assist in elevating collective consciousness.

Mountains also relate to stability, slowness, lethargy and stubbornness. Don't fall into the "laziness" trap this year, otherwise opportunities will be missed. There is a difference between being methodical and steadfast in seeking goals and being just lazy.


With strong earth, there is the likelihood world leaders will feel the pressure of citizens acting out for social justice. It will be interesting to note if these leaders take the higher moral ground and seek justice for the greater good, or look to be selfish and keep for the select few. Where is the human spirit? Is it collectively elevated enough to seek the higher moral ground like that of the dog with its unconditional nature? Cultivating the spirit of the dog, namely intelligence, companionship, honesty and loyalty, is there for the taking. Time will tell if our world leaders are elevated enough to make the right choices.

President Trump and the Dog:

The president of the United States was born in the year of the dog. Dogs are loyal to family and friends and are straight forward in their thoughts and words who feel responsible for the well-being of others. Dogs can also be quick to anger, be critical of others and hypersensitive to criticism. Obviously we have seen all these traits in President Trump.

Since a chart has many components to it, you might find it interesting to read more about our President and his energetic make-up. I did an analysis of Donald Trump when he was running for the presidency. Click here if you would like to read more about his energetic profile.

What's your Best Element?

If your 4 pillars chart welcomes the element of earth to assist or strengthen the day stem, then 2018 will be a very supportive, resource oriented, and beneficial year for you. If the element of earth is predominant in your chart, 2018 will be a very stable year for you. For those with water and wood element preference for assistance or strength, you will find 2018 will come with its challenges. To find out what your chart has in store for you in 2018, email me for a discount analysis when referencing this blog.

Key Points to Remember for 2018:

  • Be practical and realistic
  • Avoid making impulsive moves
  • Develop discipline and patience
  • Embody truth, justice and empathy
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Avoid selfish behavior
  • Plan mindfully and be meticulous
  • Be loyal like man's best friend; the dog
Here's to you Ginger. We love you and know you are in heaven!

Stay tuned for part 3 of this series for the Earth Dog Year 2018! Part 3 I will delve into the energetic directions for 2018 including cures to be aware of. 

Mary Jane Kasliner

Friday, January 12, 2018

7 Things to Welcome in the Earth Dog Year of 2018!

7 Things You Can Do to Welcome in the Earth Dog for 2018!
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7 Things To Welcome in the Earth Dog Year of 2018!

Welcome to Body Space Alignment Newsletter. On February 4th, 2018, the solar new year begins. The Earth Dog will rise, as the Fire Rooster of 2017 moves into storage. 
This is the first of a three part newsletter to prepare you for the year ahead. Today, I begin with 7 things you can do to prepare for the changes that are coming. Part two of this series will include the energy of the Earth Dog while the  third segment will review points of interest in your environment and other activities that are beneficial for 2018.
Let's get right to it!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

1 & 2. Organize and Cleanse Your Environment:
In Deepak Chopra's book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, he discusses how to integrate all parts of your life. This includes your environment, As a feng shui consultant and yogi,  I couldn't agree more with him.

Within your physical domain, you have and extended body, and an energetic body. Your extended body is the environment, containing the never-ending supply of energy and information that is available to you. Every sound, sensation, sight, flavor, and aroma you ingest from the environment influences your body and mind. Each breath that you inhale and exhale is a reminder of the continuous conversation taking place between the physical body and your environment. With that being said, it behooves you to take note of what your surroundings are like and how you can improve it. Without getting into a long laundry list of things to do, go for the obvious infractions such as clutter, old and worn out items, tattered fabric or peeling paint. Start big and then refine.

Once you complete the cleaning and organization steps, then cleanse your space. You can do this with herbs, bells  and essential oils. Have fun walking around your home and  removing old suck energy patterns and refreshing it with new active intentions. I have several e-programs and books that can guide you every step of the way to dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. At the end of the day, you need to take responsibility for what is happening in your environment.

3 and 4. Complete Unfinished Projects & Clear Your Mind:
I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have something hanging over their head when it comes to business and projects. Is there a project you've been working on but somehow let it get away from you? Aim at closing any loose ends, the logic is to start fresh and continue what is good, and let the rest go.

Now that you can let go of the unfinished work, you can spend some time to clear your mind. First, make a list of all the good things that happened in 2017. Take some time to also list the not so good. When you review the list, are there any lessons for you to walk away with? Now, make a list of the things you would like to realistically accomplish in 2018. I say realistically, as many times we put so much down on our list we set ourselves up for failure. Break it down in monthly intervals. It will not look so daunting that way. Make sure you include a meditation practice in this process. You'll be amazed what comes up.

5 and 6. Manifest and Welcome the New:
What is it you would like to manifest in 2018? Can you see it, feel it, smell it and taste it? Take a least one action everyday that gets you closer to you year goals. Meditate daily and see yourself living your desires. Especially take advantage when the energy is really high such as a full moon to do your visualization and meditation.

Go ahead and buy something new to welcome in the solar new year. Maybe a nice accent piece for your home or wardrobe. Either way it's always nice to welcome in the new with something that is literally NEW!


7. Feng Shui:
The first of the Chinese month is an excellent time to treat yourself to a feng shui consultation. That can be for your home, office, or maybe an astrology reading to bring clarity for business, home, family, personal and your soul's mission. This is an excellent way to bring in the new year and know exactly where the most powerful points are in your environment and how to open them up to assist you on your goals, desires and manifesting process. Contact me for your personal consultation.

Part 2 of this Newsletter series I will expound on the Earth Dog energy for 2018. This is a generalized approach since personal impact is determined by personal birth data and how it interacts with the Earth Dog for 2018.

Part 3 of this newsletter series I will delve into the feng shui flying stars on a generalized perspective. Once again, for personal impact, the year structure was built and facing direction is essential.
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Eco-Walls and Design

Eco-Friendly Walls

Treating your walls is the easiest and most cost effective way to impact on the look and feel of a space. Using environmentally friendly wall finishes need not limit what you can do within an interior space. 

Light reflective surfaces, such as some recycled plastics, and translucent materials, like glass, can bounce natural light around your home and so reduce the need for additional artificial lighting. Eco-wall coverings, including wood, and natural fiber wallpapers add  impact, character, and texture, while using eco-friendly paints keeps your home toxin free.

Here are some additional wall Eco- conscious paint ideas:

  • Natural paint made from water, chalk, natural oils and clays.
  • Insulating paint that use hollow glass microspheres which trap air , and act as a thermos insulator.
  • Lime plaster allows moisture to seep in and evaporate out.
  • Recycled glass tiles made from colored glass are great for bathrooms
  • Eco-wallpaper with decorative designs
  • Reclaimed lumber or paneling
For more exciting ideas and "How To" design eco-friendly spaces see my easy to navigate Eco-Design Program!

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl: www.fengshuiyoganj.com

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Eco-Conscious Home Tips

Consider the interior of your home as a series of layers, beginning with hard, durable surfaces such as floors and walls, moving on through with furniture, and finishing with fabrics and soft furnishings. Careful consideration of these layers is what makes a well-balanced and eco-conscious home. Here are a few ideas to assist you when choosing fabrics. After all, they play an important role in every interior. In addition to adding color, pattern and texture, fabrics can also reduce heat loss from a room when used to cover windows.

Fun Eco-Conscious Fabrics:

Felt - This has once of the simplest manufacturing processes. Felt is nonwoven textile that relies on small scales of wool fibers. Historically it is made with pure wool, and so its properties and colors can reflect the breed from which it was cut.

Lycocell - This is a man-made fiber created from the natural cellulose found in wood, which makes it 100% sustainable. This fabric is currently used for clothing, bed linens, pillows and quilts.

Organic Cotton - It is made from the soft cellulose fiber that contains the seeds of a cotton plant. This fabric is now being used to produce a whole range of products, from clothes to dish towels, and bed linens. Just make sure the cotton is made from fair-trade organic cotton.

Alpaca - This fabric is amazingly warm and luxurious, and much stronger and lighter than wool. It is perfect for throws. There are up to 22 different shades, from creams, grays to blacks, and even rose.

Linen - Made from flax, linen is highly sustainable since the whole plant can be used. This is a good material for warm climates as the fabric is breathable and adjusts nicely to temperature shifts.

Hemp - As with linen, the entire hemp plant can be put to use. This is a great insulation material. Its porous fibers can take on dye very easily. It also is great to resist mold and offers good UV protection.

Recycled Textiles - This is great when it comes to reducing embodied energy and landfills. You can find reclaimed fabrics in markets, antique stores, thrift shops and online. This is a great option to really reduce the level of outgassing toxins in the home.

This is just a taste of what you can do to design a healthy home for a healthier you. If you want to see how to design every aspect of your home in a mindful way you can learn more from my basic Eco-Conscious E - program .

For a more in-depth view on how to build and design a nature friendly home see my Class 10 : Eco- Living Concepts Program.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Yoga Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com


Monday, January 8, 2018

Japanese Gardens Oregon

Today, from Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie, she talks about letting the universe help you. Many times when we feel stuck we let our mind get the best of us. The stories we create act as a barricade from the wisdom that lies within. If you learn to quiet the mind, you can make space to look within your heart and find the answer is there. By letting go, you connect with the divine and everything falls into place. 

Tell the universe what you want so there is clarity. If that sounds complicated, try writing it down. Be clear and forthright about what you need and want. Talk as if you were talking to a friend. This is a way of learning to own your creative power, your power to help create your life. 

Start today by letting go and go naturally about the course of your life. Listen to your heart. Your inner voice and let that be your guide; not your head. Take note of those you encounter, what they say, how they say it and the experiences you have, even the challenging ones that may arise. These are some of the ways the universe can respond to you.

Be mindful of what you see around you and know you are connected to a magical loving universe, one that will come alive for you. Dance the dance of life and let everything else just be. Sometimes the most gentle, quiet, flickering thought, that awareness of a need or desire, is how the universe prepares us for what it wants us to do or receive.


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl: www.fengshuiyoganj.com

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Water over Earth and the Full Moon in Cancer

Water over Earth - The Yin Water Ox Month

We open the year 2018 with a full moon in the sign of Cancer, the Yin Water Stem above the Ox Earth Branch, and Heavenly metal qi.

Full Moon in Cancer:

Interestingly enough, January will have two full moons. On January first and second we experience the "wolf moon." At the end of the month, we will experience the "super blue blood moon." With two full moons this month, it is best to follow your heart and intuition. This blends exceptionally well with the water qi represented by the winter season. Water is an element that not only invokes emotion, but it awakens prenatal qi handed down to us from our parents.

Since January is a time we tend to find our footing, it is also a time we want to set goals for the remaining eleven months. The full moon sheds some light so we can manifest new things to take root  in our life. What is it you want to manifest? Take time to journal your thoughts and meditate so you can clear the mind chatter and listen to your heart; the voice within that knows the way for your soul.

The full moon in Cancer reminds us of our home within. Our inner mother awaits us to be nurtured. It is a place out of which all of creation emerges. Knowing that we can always return home to our center, to be cradled within, is a powerful notion to take hold of on our path this month and beyond.

Yin Water Stem Above the Ox Earth Branch:

From a five elemental perspective, water and earth oppose one another. Earth dams the water, and in doing so, muddy's it up. Albeit the image that comes to mind may not be a pretty one, the power of these elements together activates the energy deep within the earth and deep within the subconscious mind. It is a perfect opportunity to thin out the kleshas (self imposed suffering), so transformation can occur.

The water element is active this time of year. The weather is cold, the energy is yin, the body hones in on the sense of sight, the kidney meridian, and its partner - the bladder. The kidney stores pre-natal qi inherited from our parents. In combination with the full moon in cancer, emotions may easily arise from childhood, and especially tied to your mother. The intuitive energy of the moon implores us to use our inner vision, and in the process awaken the inner child.

Since kidney qi is activated this time of year, and is associated with the ears and bones, there is a greater tendency for maladies to occur with these body systems. Ear conditions such as infections or ringing sound in the ears (tinnitus), or bone ailments such as osteoporosis, periodontal disease with bone loss can occur. Here are a few suggestions to keep kidney qi balanced:

  • Drink more clear fluids
  • Add more balancing poses in your yoga practice
  • Include more seafood, beans or sea salt to your diet
  • Get at lease 8 hours of sleep per night
  • Keep the north sector of your home in good order with metal and water elemental accents
The yin water stem this month further activates the water qualities of communication and advancing ideas by influencing others. Other people's minds become the vessel for your creative ideas to move into action. Paying attention to detail this month is also beneficial for future potentials. Maintaining a flexible approach while being assertive is a good combination to effectively work with this element.

The yin water stem rises over the oxen earthly branch. This branch symbolizes the attainment of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. The ox is dependable and methodical, tireless worker that sticks to routine. The oxen is fair -minded and a good listener but difficult to persuade. The mind of the ox is resolute and logical with the ability to restore order in any situation. The key to working effectively with the oxen energy is to have an uncluttered mind. Achievement is a definite with the ox energy and it comes by sheer tenacity and dedication. There are no shortcuts this month with the ox energy. Dignity and integrity is how to achieve your goals successfully.

The water ox in particular is realistic, practical and unrelentingly ambitious. Organizing your schedule and activities this month is paramount. Working with others is also a plus this month. It will actually give you the ability to concentrate on more than one goal at a time. This is mostly due to the methodical calmness, patience and unshakable determination of the ox. 

The ox branch stores the hidden elements of water and metal. This alleviates the tension between the earth and water forming a bridge. In addition, with the metal heavenly qi that arrives on the 7th of this month, this bridge is fortified.  

Heavenly Metal Qi:

On the 7th of this month the star 6-Qian metal graces its' heavenly energy for all to benefit. This is the quality of patriarch, the ruler and emperor. Seeking mentors or being a mentor this month is a perfect way to capitalize on this heavenly energy. 

Envision this qi as the pristine white clouds in all their glory, the sun at high noon, and the bright stars shinning in the night sky. Rise among the clouds, the sun, and stars as you gaze across the expanse of this world and beyond. Rely on heavenly messages, guidance and support from the other side of the veil. 

Areas to Note This Month:

  • Bring in lots of activity to the west portent this month to activate the wealth star. Add strong earth and fire elements along with income producing documents.
  • Add water and fire to the southwest to plant the seeds of new business partnerships.
  • Add strong wood (healthy plant) to the south and fuel your vision to reach your goals.
  • Open your mind to knew information that will take you to the next step on your soul's path. Add a healthy plant to the northeast to balance this enlightening energy.
  • Place strong bronze metal element to the southeast this month and try to keep the area quiet to avoid financial instability.
  • Find time to network with like minds even if it requires travel to do so. By moving inward this month, especially with two full moons, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the divine light. Take this light, turn it up higher, and illuminate your soul's path.

Mary Jane Kasliner - feng shui yoga girl: www.fengshuiyoganj.com

Honor the Beginning!

Manasquan Beach, New Jersey

Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. Either way, they hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, old lessons to be recalled and appreciated. Beginnings can be ambiguous and even fearful, but don't let that deterred your enthusiasm for something new. Instead, open your heart and mind to all that the universe has to say. 

Think of this new year as an exploration, a journey to a new place. What will you pack for your journey? Perhaps bring along some lessons from the past that can propel your excitement and curiosity into the future. Whatever you choose, try not to plan out the course, but simply let it organically unfold. Don't worry about the specifics or who you need to meet, the right circumstances and teachers will arrive just when you least expect it. All parts of the journey are sacred, so do not place the emphasis in any one particular area. 

Map Your Own Journey:

One of the best approaches to starting something new is go on your own authentic path. Don't let others influence your direction or judge your choices. We all have the freedom to explore where our soul needs to take us. Get out your map and delve in. Let your heart be the navigator, it knows the way. Listen to the voice within, the quiet voice and see where it takes you.  Trust your heart instead of your head. Unfortunately, the head creates too much noise limiting our ability, vision and opportunities. There is a tendency for the head to see with the eyes of fear. It is the heart that sees clearly and takes into account all things that need to be done. Follow the map drawn from your heart and connect to the Universal oneness of all things.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Yoga Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com