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Warmth and Change

Every season has its own special charms and characteristics that we look forward to, but none are considered more spectacular than the fall. As the leaves change on the trees, we are left with some of the most stunning natural scenes as the beautiful gold and brown leaves create a sense of warmth and change. Although often seen as the end, the fall represents the dawning of a new day; a new chapter. Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Get inspired and stay in-spirit as you navigate through this season of transformation.

     November resonates with the energy of earth, as the trigram Kun moves to the center - the axis line of creation. Mother earth is receptive, strong, yet gentle. She compliments father sky, and in doing so, fosters creation. St. Francis of Assisi preached how the whole world is a family connected through Mother Earth as care giver, sister moon, brother fire, and father God above who provide the elements of nature that lead us back to Source.

     The …

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