Friday, April 28, 2017

Daily ENergy Forecast - Initiate Day!

Today is considered an initiate day. The combination of energy today promotes smooth beginnings. If you are considering starting something new today is the day for it. Best directions for today are the northeast, west and northwest.

Northeast: Add metal for flow to career prospects

West: Let fire take the lead to build happiness in relationships and good money luck

Northwest: Real estate is on the move. Add more earth here.

Wood Rooster:

This is an expansive combination of energy. Contain enthusiasm today and remain progress-oriented. People are open-minded, so it is a good time to pitch ideas. Be careful however of offending others and remain focused on one project at a time.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast

Today is considered a stable day. It is beneficial to plan long term goals or strategies. The energy of a stable day infusing your endeavors to promote continuity, longevity and long term results.

Propitious Energy Stars:

There is an amazing wealth combination to the west today. Add movement, strong fire and earth to capture this interaction of pure earth stars.

Excellent leadership and networking potential is also available today for everyone. Virtual water place in the center today bodes well to tame these metal stars.

Career is more about checking in with your vision and goals today more than anything else. Stabilize with earth and metal qualities to the south.

Strong marketing potential for today but you need to focus on self knowledge for effectiveness. Place earth to stabilize strong fire in the northeast.

Windfall potential with partnerships. Add fire to stabilize the double three combination.

Stem & Branch Combination:

Yang wood monkey is about keeping everything in order today. Curiosity for new ventures and modes of thinking. Intuition is strong and should be followed. Be resourceful today and don't underestimate others including yourself.

Feng Shui Tip:

Experiment with new circulation routes. Break the grip of habit upon your domestic surroundings. Make your home more user-friendly.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast

Today is considered a balance day. When things are aligned and in balance it allows for smooth sailing. The best energy points today are south, west and northeast. How to work with these points are as follows:

South - Add strong plant here and set your intentions and goals for the day. Marketing is a plus for whatever you need to plug.

West - Add bright light source and money to this area and think about how you can creatively enhance your finances.

Northeast - Add fire or earth here along with money and delve deep within to align with your mission.

Yin water stem combines with the earthly sheep so seek out people you can rely on. Take the route of least resistance. If possible go with the wishes of the majority or those who have a strong influence. There is a tendency however to cling to what you are accustom to.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast by Mary Jane Kasliner

Today, the yang water stem combines with the fire horse branch for some spectacular energy. This is a day of abundance. It is best used to support activities and endeavors where more is ideal. Don't waste time in regret today, look ahead and take action.

The west portent has a tremendous combination of energy for finances. Bring movement to this area including incense burner or water fountain. Review your goals set for the short and long term. There is powerful energy in the south sector that directly corresponds to your goals, accolades and soul's mission.

The yang water horse combination is excellent when it comes to business acumen, adaptable to change and can make extensive adjustment without batting an eyelash. You'll be guided by your inspiration today. It is important however to remain consistent.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast by Mary Jane Kasliner

Happy Monday morning! Today is considered a "Remove Day." What does this mean? It is a perfect day to eliminate what no longer serves a purpose whether it is unwanted items in your environment, a relationship, or behavior. Any type of cleansing ritual bodes well to energetically release bad karma.

The combination between the heavenly metal stem to earthly fire snake does call for some grounding decision-making. The metal aspect is perfect when it comes to organizing your thoughts and actions today. The snake component will have you questioning loyalty when it comes to partnerships. The metal snake is calculating and quick to act.  Therefore, it is important to maintain a grounded position for success to ensue. People will also tend to be more secretive today.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast - Yang Earth Tiger

Happy Friday!. There are a few energy combinations to be aware of today. First off, it is an excellent day for celebrations, renovating, opening business or seeking educational pursuits. Energy is strong in the west, south and southeast today. Communications can be a struggle so you may need to really outline specifics to get your message across.

The yang earth stem combines with the wood tiger branch. There is a conflict of interest regarding the elements requiring the element of fire to ease the tension. Therefore, be clear on your intentions and goals for today and do your homework when it comes to marketing.

The earth tiger is practical and realistic with a steady pace of energy. Look for relationships that are useful to your work.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daiy Energy Forecast!

Yin fire heavenly stem above the ox earthly branch. This is a sheng cycle of energy whereby heavenly guidance builds the lessons for today. The ox nature is one of steady work, patience and discipline attitude. With fire building, this makes for a very productive day. People will be drawn to power and performance with determined temperament. It is beneficial to take an objective perspective in business dealings and don't underestimate the abilities of others.

This is an auspicious day to receive returns from anything you are working on. There is a beautiful combination of energy in the center of the loshu grid today. Therefore, activate for finances with movement, earth or strong fire elements.

Mary Jane