Thursday, December 13, 2018

Energy Forecast - December 13, 2018

Rishikesh, India
Practical, serious, persistent and hard work is the name of the game today. With this combination setup, it behooves you to start your day with a centering practice such as meditation, qigong or yoga. Be prudent in your business interactions and avoid getting involved with arguments and disputes. Remain behind the scenes instead of taking the lead. This will bode better for the overall outcome of any situation you are dealing with.

Rely on your intuition in terms of being in the right place at the right time. If it feels right, it is right. However, use your practical sense and be level headed.

There is a powerful axis line of energy today on the loshu grid that has the potential to create excellent financial possibilities. It requires the following:

  • Focus on what your main goal and vision is. Write it down and visualize it. Clarity is of the utmost importance.
  • Review resources you may need. Don't forget to consider input from elders. 
  • Network with those who share your career path. In other words, seek out those who can assist you with your long term plans.
Feng Shui Elements to Assist:

  • Metal element placed in the Northwest
  • Wood or fire placed in the center
  • Fire placed in the southeast


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga GIrl -

Friday, December 7, 2018

Taj Mahal - Agra India

Today, December 7th, the energy shifts to the Yang Wood Rat and Lo shu Xun trigram (4). This is a reminder of where to energetically place your focus this month.

Phase 1: Yang Wood over Water Rat:

The month of December holds wood over water. These two elements work in a sheng cycle whereby the Rat  water branch fuels the heavenly stem of wood. Water is in its prosperity point this month. Therefore, it behooves you to be more introspective, measured, adaptable, resourceful and flexible.

Water relates to the kidneys and the emotion of fear. There is a tendency for vulnerability to the kidney/urinary bladder system this month in addition to feelings of angst. Breathing techniques to relax the mind, and activities such as swimming or yoga to keep the joints supple, bode well for this month.

There is a direct correlation with career and long-term plan of action. This is the time to ponder your direction, With the element of wood in the heavenly position, there is a natural tendency to create and act on your new ideas. However, this time of year wood is in stage 2 and needs care. Think of it as a new born baby needing assistance with everything. How does this translate into everyday life? Take your time with your ideas/creations and nurture them before sharing with others.

The combination (wood/rat) is progressive and success oriented. There is a tendency to explore everything this month and find good use for almost anything. This energy combination is terrific when it comes to corporate systems and making them work for you. Set your priorities and work hard to achieve your aims. Security is important and why the underlying theme this month is to determine your long term plan. The wood element this month can show up as stiffness in joints/musculature, and or liver and gallbladder vulnerability.

Rishikesh, India
Ganges flowing from the Himalayas

Phase 2 Energy Pattern for December

The trigram Xun rotates into the central position of the loshu grid this month. 
In nature, this trigram represents the gentle breeze of late spring. It is receptive, as it is associated with yin or female energy. Essentially, the hard work is already done by its male counterpart (Zhen). Therefore, keep your focus on how you can eventually promote your ideas and realize the benefits they can potentially bring. Spend time nurturing your ideas. Treat them like your baby and then watch them grow and mature.  
Xun trigram also represents fortunate blessings – all those things we are grateful for and continue to want in our life. This includes material aspects such as cars, home, clothing, etc. It is important we practice an attitude of gratitude and give freely. Such behavior increases the energy frequency around us generating more blessings. 
Xun is indirectly associated with relationships. Therefore, it is important to nurture those around you this month. Make a concerted effort to spend quality time with friends and family.  Plan something special and enjoy every moment. This trigram is associated with the hips, thighs and pelvic area. Be mindful of these body parts, as they can  be vulnerable this month.

Other Areas of Attention:

The energy is strong in three additional aspects this month:

1. Resources are readily available to you this month as long as your vision matches your soul's mission.Take time to create a vision board and keep your energy in alignment with it. During meditations this month, see yourself already accomplishing your desires. See it, feel it and know it is already yours!

2. Listen carefully to partner when it comes to long-term planning for career/life journey. Include those closest to you in the process, as their advice is invaluable. Be willing to be flexible and mindful of how you take this advice. Employ good organizational skills and think things through before proceeding.

3. Keep the ideas flowing this month when it comes to your career. Make certain they are in complete alignment with your highest mission. This is the way to ultimate success. Remain grounded and organized for best results.

Yoga Poses and Foods This Month:

Beatles Ashram - Rishikesh, India

With double wood and water fueling, fire is needed to balance the flow. There will be a natural tendency to want to flow like water in your yoga practice this month and that is fine. However, to keep the cycle of flow moving and balanced, fire is needed. Check in with poses that will stimulate manipura (solar plexus) to build heat (agni) and restore balance.

  • Plank Pose
  • Warrior 3
  • Bow Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Sun Salutations A & B
  • Seated Twists
Foods for Balance:

Water Foods: Fish, chestnuts, carrots, cabbage, sea vegetables

Wood Foods:  Squash, beans, cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruit, sesame seeds

Fire Foods: Brussel sprouts, celery root, beets, buckwheat, flaxseed, asparagus

Fire Recipe:

Breaded Celery Root

2 organic lemons, 1 celery root, 8 ounces unsalted butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup flour, freshly ground pepper, sea salt, 1 bunch fresh basil, 1 clove garlic, 1 shallot, 2 tablespoons small capers or cranberries, dash of paprika, 1/2 cup virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon mustard, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 2 tablespoons heavy cream.

* Note: Vegans use egg and butter substitute!


Grate and zest lemons and squeeze juice. Put lemon zest and juice in large bowl.
Peel and quarter the celery root, then cut into thin slices and mix in bowl with lemon juice. Mix well.

Put a skillet over medium-low heat and add unsalted butter and let it melt. Skim off white foam as it rises to the top.

Beat the eggs and put flour in separate dish. Drain celery root slices, and dip first in beaten egg, then in the flour, and fry until crisp and golden in the hot butter. Season to taste with pepper and sea salt. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

Finely chop basil and peel and mince garlic and shallot. Mix capers, paprika, olive oil, garlic, and shallots, and pepper to taste, sea salt, mustard, water, vinegar, and a little more paprika. Stir in basil and the cream. Serve the sauce with fried celery root slices.

Happy December!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Thursday, December 6, 2018

10 Feng Shui Tips to Improve Finances for the Holidays!

Let's face it, this is the time of year when money seems to fly out of your wallet with purchase after purchase. Wouldn't it be nice for every dollar that goes out, two more float in? Let's take a look at some simple feng shui finance tips for this holiday season and all year round. 

10 Basic Feng Shui Tips for Finances:

1. Declutter your environment inside and out. Clutter creates chaos and that is what we are trying to avoid for obvious reasons. It's a good time to release things in your life with autumn ending - the energy of vatta (air) and metal are waning. The combination of these energies creates movement in an unpredictable way (vatta), and over processing of information (metal). The element of water will soon peak with the winter solstice right around the bend. It is essential to let go of what you no longer need to prepare for introspective and contemplative behavior. This sets up for transformation. 

2. Assess your color palette for rooms located in wealth areas. New opportunities can elicit potential income building. This is associated with the Northwest direction. Rooms in this area should be either in the colors of either earth or metal hues. To support and assist daily finances, choose wood and water hues in rooms located in the Southeast. Choosing proper colors will support and assist these feng shui money points tremendously. After all, walls take up a great deal of square footage and therefore have a substantial impact.  

3. If appropriate, place a water feature or fish bowl in the southeast. The movement of clean water propels energy, and when it comes to finances, who couldn't use more movement here!

4. Place images of generosity in the finance directions (Northwest and Southeast), or in an area you pass through often, such as the kitchen.  It is in the giving that we receive. This is the underlying basis of triggering the Law of Attraction.

5. Incorporate lush plants in your d├ęcor. Healthy plants are a symbol of vitality and growth. They are most impactful for finances when positioned in the southeast portent. Be mindful if this direction is the location of a bedroom by placing only one plant, as too many plants in the bedroom can drain your energy while sleeping. Plants do not emit oxygen in darkness, only during sunlight hours.

6. Make sure there is good support to the rear of your home with tall trees, hedging, rockery or fencing. Inside, create support on back walls with heavy furnishings and powerful artwork such as mountain ranges. Good support to the rear of the structure (fu wei), directly impacts finances and health. After all, if you are not healthy, it becomes extremely difficult to produce wealth.

7. Spruce up the front property and entrance to your home to invite healthy energy to circulate. This means trimming back overgrown vegetation and adding landscaping to areas that are barren.

8. Hang a movement device outdoors in the Northwest (metal chime), and Southeast (bird feeder), to attract wealth from outside sources. 

9. Refine, Refine, Refine. This refers to finer points of wealth such as the sheng qi (up to 4 points), the Fu wei (up to 4 points), flying star and 4 Pillars. These refined points will require the assessment of a professional feng shui consultant.

10. Meditate before you head out to make your purchases. This will keep your energy focused so you are not distracted by unnecessary items 

* For assistance to the aforementioned tips tap into my Feng Shui Designs in a Flash PDF Program here! Just scroll down my store page and you will find it!

Om Shanti,

MAry Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Friday, November 30, 2018

Where Should Your Focus Be Today?

  Beatles Ashram - Rishikesh, India 
One of my favorite places in Rishikesh

Today is a day of balance. It's all about keeping things on an even keel. 

The element of fire is strong during the morning hours. Seeing things for what they really are is important to set the tone for the rest of the day. This will assist in clarifying your goals, and in doing so, will lead to the right path for you to pursue. Be careful of clinging to any specific desire. Grasping for things will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Instead, take a carefree approach and be open to what comes your way. This may be more challenging then anticipated as the tendency for strong fire, being further fueled by the Tiger wood branch, is to overindulge. This can have a negative impact on mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Everything in moderation is the key to a balanced day.

The afternoon hours spins the energy to favor the Tiger branch. Patience may be lacking and the need to dominate situations is strong. No task or challenge is too great. You'll expect a great deal from yourself and others. Stick to a strategy, avoid competitive behavior, and all will turn out well.

Additional Areas of Focus for Today:

  • If networking is on your agenda today be creative. Think outside the box and you'll make great connections that will lead to leadership position with potential financial gain.
  • Keep communications open with partner. This is an excellent strategy for career building.
  • Create a vision list today. Note resources you may need or those that are available to you. Meditate for clarity and note what comes up. Partnership is strong, so heed the advice given from those closest to you.
  • Windfalls are likely from work already completed. Heated discussions may arise as a result. Ease the tension by being straight forward.

Tip of the Day:

True friendship is developed when you do things for someone without thinking or expecting of what you will get in return.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

When Life Surprises You!

When Life Surprises You
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Let's face it, life will surprise you no matter how organized your plans may be. Sometimes things don't go according to schedule. That's when Plan "B" comes into play. In other words, if we find a way to go along with the Universe's plan, then we will have resilience and transformation in our lives. Plan B helps us grow.

I personally have difficulty when things don't turn out the way I expected. Right now I'm feeling challenged with planning for my upcoming trip to India. The funny thing that has my mind doing cartwheels is figuring out the appropriate clothing to navigate through action-packed days. Sounds like I need to free up the "monkey mind" and just let things unfold. Phew; okay, I said it!

Let's find out why November is a month to have plan "B" in place. 

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Phase 1: Receptive Water over Receptive Water brings forth a few things to consider this month:

1. Persevere and be diplomatic.

2. Be perceptive at discovering people's hidden desires.

3. Be resourceful and use bargaining tactics when you can.

4. Believe in miracles. Remain peaceful yet earnest.

5. Socialize with family and friends but be mindful of overindulging.

6. Communication this month is about advancing your ideas by influencing the thoughts of others.

* Yin water over yin water nourishes. Therefore, it behooves you to nourish self and others this month. The sense of sight and the kidneys are most vulnerable. Take precautions to drink plenty of fluids and protect your eyes. Engaging in activities that keep the joints supple such as swimming or yoga bodes well this month. Guided meditations and a diet rich in fiber and foods like garlic, leek, sea vegetables, cabbage and turnips are also a good idea.

 Phase 2: Centering Earth
The month of November returns the loshu grid to its home. What does that mean? All the trigrams align to their natural position within the grid. For this to occur, the center is pure earth. This pure earth does not represent a trigram but rather the center whereby all things rotate around it. Think of the planets of the solar system revolving around the sun due to the force of its gravitational pull. The center of the loshu grid, represented by the number "5", is like the sun, whereby all the other trigrams revolve around it. In this system of feng shui, each trigram, and the number 5, goes through cycles of potential positive and negative influences. In this current 20 year cycle (2004 - 2024), the number 5 is considered chaotic. Here's comes "Plan B." 

1. It is preferable not to engage in any major decisions or activities whereby there are lots of moving parts... And I'm travelling to India! Okay, it's all about intention. Take the time to double and triple check your plans, and make sure you have a "Plan B" available. Let's face it, life goes on. Be the warrior and go with the flow. Heed advice, look over contracts more than twice, and take out travel insurance. That was a reminder for me!

2. Keep strong ties with family this month. Be mindful of diet and exercise to keep healthy and vibrant. Windfalls are likely, so stay focused to navigate all the activity.

3. Take time to read and journal this month. Spin ideas and work with the Law of Attraction. This means you have to have a vision and goals to work with.

4. Be creative and playful this month. Try to view things from a child's perspective - like seeing things for the first time. It will reveal new information that otherwise may be overlooked.

5. Mentors, mentors, mentors! This is a month to seek them out. It may require travel to seek out who the Universe wants you to meet.

6. Be flexible and fluid like a serene waterway. Think of how water freezes when the temperatures drops. This is the type pf resistance that can occur if you are not mindful of speech.

7. Accept resources offered to you this month. Rely on your intuition if your plans fall apart.

Food to Incorporate This Month:

To remain balanced this month, it's a good idea to add some wood, water and metal foods.

Sample Wood Foods: 
  • Parsley - Leeks - Apples - Spinach - Hazelnuts
Sample Metal Foods:
  • Ginger - Curry Powder - Kohlrabi - Peaches
Sample Water Foods: 
  • Eggplant - Cabbage - Miso -  Cinnamon - Pumpkin Seeds
Raw Shoots and Seeds Salad: One of my favorite salads from Vegan … made simply
In a large mixing bowl add the following:
  • 2 - 3 cups mixed seed and bean sprouts (alfalfa, mung beans, soybeans, adzuki beans, chickpeas and radish seeds)
  • 3 tablespoons pumpkin seeds
  • 3 tablespoons sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup of dried apricots or peaches
  • grated rind and juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts
  • 2 tablespoons vegan omega - rich oil

You can make a lemon juice dressing by mixing lemon juice with the oil. Stir the dressing in the salad and enjoy!

Serene water in this landscape. This is how you should feel this month with receptive water over receptive water!
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